MST Chapter 205 : Live what you want

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang talked with Teacher Fan for a long time. He talked about everything. After a while, he smiled and talked about the interesting things in school. Later, Teacher Fan explained the principles to Ye Guang and told him some of his experiences.

In the end, it was a patient. After a few more conversations, Teacher Fan was exhausted. Ye Guang saw Teacher Fan’s appearance. It’s not good to keep talking with Teacher Fan, and said goodbye.

Teacher Fan didn’t let him go immediately. Instead, he looked at Fan Qingwen and Liu Chiyan, “Qingwen, you take Chiyan to go around. Dad has something to say to Little Ye.”

Fan Qingwen is puzzled, “Dad, what are you gonna talk? You have to leave us alone?”

Teacher Fan made a stern face, “If I ask you to go, go, why do you ask so much?”

Fan Qingwen shrugged and led Liu Chiyan out of the ward. When she went out, she reminded Liu Chiyan to wear sunglasses and mask.

Both of them went out, Ye Guang looked at Teacher Fan, “Teacher Fan, let me know if you have anything to say.”

Teacher Fan nodded, “Little Ye, Teacher Fan is telling you the last few words, don’t be annoying.”

Ye Guang: “How can it be, Teacher Fan, your words, like ten-year book, how can I be annoyed, you said, I listen.”

Teacher Fan looked at Ye Guang, “Little Ye, teacher is afraid the days are running out.”

Ye Guang: “Teacher Fan, don’t say this, you have a long day.”

Teacher Fan shook his head, “You don’t have to comfort me. I can see it. People have to experience this. When it’s nearing their death, there’s some induction. Perhaps, now the black and white impermanence is is right next to me waiting for me to swallow it. In my tone, I didn’t dare to say these words to Qingwen. I’m afraid to made her worried, but I know it’s over. I may leave someday, maybe it will be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Anyway, this life is about to end.”

Ye Guang is silent, Teacher Fan’s illness is indeed not optimistic, doctors are helpless, basically one foot has entered the yellow spring.

“Teacher had a dream last night.” Teacher Fan suddenly turned to the topic, “I dreamed of a lot of things and dreamed about you.”

“Teacher Fan, what did you dream about me?” Ye Guang asked.

Teacher Fan didn’t immediately speak, with the deep turbid eyes looking at Ye Guang. Teacher Fan said slowly, “I dream you stand on high platform. Under the platform, numerous people worship you. They call you as Holy Master, but you stand on high platform, the six gods have no masters, as if there is no soul. I saw the blue sky above your head, there’s a big hand hanging down and holding a few threads. The end of thread connected to you, and the thread in the big hand gently pulled. Then you waved to audience like a puppet.”

Ye Guang pupils contracted and waves surged in his heart.

If you change someone else. He might just smiled after hearing Teacher Fan talking such bizarre dream, but Ye Guang was shocked.

Holy teacher! The only main character of his system is Eternal Teacher Of All Era! And system is exactly what he wants to do in this direction. It’s not exaggeration to say the system is manipulating Ye Guang.

Marionette? It’s indeed a bit like that. Ye Guang couldn’t help being a little bit self-deprecating in his heart, but what makes Ye Guang even stranger is why Teacher Fan inexplicably dreamed of these things.

Teacher Fan said again, “I also dreamed of another you. Another you, in the universe, transformed into a giant, surrounded by darkness. Your feet in the void, and you carry a huge continent on your back. One hand is shining, pointing to the place in the depths of the universe that is shining with the same light. Sound of reading and laughter sounded from your shoulder, the children chasing and playing on your shoulder. You smiled and looked like the past. Your eyes are shining like the sun, warm and gentle. Then you hardly carry the continent on your back and march toward that light in the darkness.”

Ye Guang didn’t talk, and I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at Teacher Fan.

Teacher Fan also looked at him, “It’s a strange dream. I dreamed two of you, Little Ye. Don’t be embarrassed by teacher. I have to tell you even a dream, because teacher has a voice in his heart telling me that I should tell you about the dream, I think this is the last point God gave me.”

Ye Guang resisted the surging shock in his heart. He forced to calm down and said, “Teacher, what you said is too mysterious. How can they worship me, and how can I be a giant. Teacher, don’t you believe in science the most? Today is the black and white impermanence and the guidance of God, this is not your style.”

Teacher Fan smiled softly, “The person will die. I can always see or feel something that I couldn’t see. I have to believe it, Little Guo, are you right?”

Ye Guang was startled, “Teacher Fan, what did you call me?”

Teacher Fan waved his hand, “Hey, when people are old. They often confused.”

This made Ye Guang puzzled. Little Ye and Little Guo, can this be confused? Suddenly, Ye Guang remembered something, his pupils shrank, and the uncontrollable panic screamed out of his eyes. With a grunt, Ye Guang swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Teacher Fan saw Ye Guang’s look, didn’t say anything more, and quietly looked at Ye Guang, “Teacher doesn’t know where you stand in the future, but teacher knows you will stand high in the future. I’m very optimistic about you. You mustn’t let teacher down. No matter what achievements you have in the future, you must remember to serve country and people and to never forget your original intention.”

Ye Guang said nothing, quietly listened to Teacher Fan teaching to him.

“Life is impermanent, the road is rugged. There will be countless bumps and thorns in the future. Don’t be afraid, don’t back down, and don’t pay attention to the chirping bugs that laugh at you along the way, rush past, and one day, you will stand where they look up.”

Ye Guang thought about it and finally spoke, “Teacher, I want to be a giant, but… It’s hard, I… don’t know how to do it.”

A gleam of light flashed in Teacher Fan’s eyes, “You don’t need to force it. There’s a certain destiny. Someone will keep pushing you forward, but teacher hopes you don’t become that puppet.”

Ye Guang: “Teacher, what shall I do?”

Teacher Fan: “You always have the light in your eyes, and you can live what you want, not just to live like others or live like what others want.”

Ye Guang got up and bowed deeply to Teacher Fan.

Not long after, Liu Chiyan and Fan Qingwen came back. The conversation between Ye Guang and Teacher Fan was over. Teacher Fan was tired. He fell asleep before Fan Qingwen and Liu Chiyan returned. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan bid farewell to Fan Qingwen.

After leaving the hospital.

On the way back, Liu Chiyan said, “Ye Guang, your teacher is very wise. When he chatting with you. What your teacher said makes sense. You should come and chat with your teacher more.”

Liu Chiyan was talking about what Teacher Fan and Ye Guang said when she was there. And Ye Guang thought of the things Teacher Fan said to him when Fan Qingwen and Liu Chiyan were absent and he sighed lightly.

“Yeah, teacher, he is very wise.”

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