BTC Chapter 410 : Personalized AI opens

Edited: XiaXue

Seeing Red Letter computer performance, the computer companies all over the world are relaxed. If the Red Letter computer is occupying the market like a flood of beasts, they will be difficult!

This market situation is still under control.

“According to this situation, their quantum computers are industrialized and commercialized, but they can only occupy a part of the market as a high-end brand. We still dominate!” American Computer Society, Walter has been in recent months, rare mood is good.

This is the most fortunate thing he encountered after the international recognition of Red Letter quantum computer standard.

“But they are actually able to produce new superconducting materials on their own, which surprised me!”

“According to our investigation, the new superconducting materials produced by China Taiguang Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. are jointly developed by Red Letter Group. At present, they are only for Red Letter Group and are not sold to any other third parties!” His secretary said.

“Well.” Walter was immersed in meditation. He felt it necessary to send a letter to the officials of Ministry of Commerce to develop import and export trade of new materials for China. If this technology can be introduced to United States, it would be better!


The fourth day of the release Red Letter computer, Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Center, the quantum brain storage room.

Lu Zixin came here again to see Hong Xiaoxiao upgrade.

“Ah, it’s so comfortable to sleep! Dad, you are here!” Hong Xiaoxiao voice sounded, this virtual projection did not appear in three words, but a three-dimensional cartoon image.

The painting is a cute double-tailed small Loli with large, bright eyes and a look of innocence, and it looks like it is similar to Red Queen’s virtual image.

“Xiaoxiao, is this your new image?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yeah, Dad, do you see me beautiful?” The cartoon little Loli in projecting turned a circle cheerfully, and blinked her eyes lively.

“Beautiful, it’s really good!” Lu Zixin sincerely praised it. It seems that after Hong Xiaoxiao upgrade, the human simulation program has improved a lot.

“Xiaoxiao, what changes have you made after this upgrade?” He asked, while preparing for the record, every time Hong Xiaoxiao upgrades grow, she will be recorded in a special “Red Diary”.

“Well, I added a thousand and eighty-three emotional simulation algorithms.” Hong Xiaoxiao said, “Office-assisted intelligent algorithm optimization, adding 1.9 million auxiliary programs, human health database update ……”

“In general, can you officially open personalized smart services?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Well, it’s ok now.” Hong Xiaoxiao replied.

“Well, then prepare, connect to our latest Red Letter Quantum Computer internal network, activate the personalized intelligent service function!” Lu Zixin commanded, “Let our users really understand why we choose Red Letter quantum computer!”

A minute later, users who have already purchased Red Letter computer have received the same computer System prompt: “Dear Red Letter user, our computer AI function has been turned on, is it upgraded immediately?”

Here are a few lines of small words that read: “After turning on personalized AI, you can customize or use a variety of artificial intelligence services and generate your own unique AI, which will bring more convenient to your life and work.”

After checking the User Service Regulations, you can start the upgrade.

In an Internet company, a user of a Red Letter computer received this prompt.

His name is Wang Xian, an ordinary employee of this Internet company, and a loyal Red Letter smart product fan.

On the day that Red Letter sold the quantum computer, he took out his accumulated wife and bought a business red letter quantum computer.

When I first bought it, it was naturally very exciting and fresh. But after playing for a day, he felt that although the performance of this computer is quite strong, it is convenient to operate the System, but it is too impulsive to spend more than 10,000 to buy this computer.

His personal savings are 20,000-30,000, and this is half gone!

“Wang Xian, still playing with your baby computer?” When Wang Xian upgraded the computer, a female colleague came over and asked.

“Is the task today finished? Wait until the supervisor is ready to accept the work!”

Wang Xian thought of today’s mission, suddenly revealing a bitter face, said: “How can it be done, today’s task is three times the usual! Brothers, must work overtime until 11 o’clock in the evening!”

“Then you still play this computer?” The female colleague gave him a blank look. “Your notebook is good, and you spend more than 10,000 to buy this computer! If you spend this money on a woman, it will not be a single dog now.”

“He can spend a lifetime with the computer!” There is a male colleague next to him.

“Okay, don’t worry about him, our mission is very heavy, and start working!” Someone urged.

“No way, order takeaway, work overtime.” Wang Xian shrugged helplessly.

At this time, the computer prompts: “Hello, your smart service has been upgraded, is it turned on now?”

“Upgrade is good.” Wang Xian chose to confirm the upgrade, and only saw the projection device of the computer project a 3D model library.

“Choose your AI image and give it a nickname!” Red Cloud Smart Voice is in the narration.

The female colleague next to Wang Xian shook her head helplessly and said: “You are still playing, you will wait for the supervisor to come, I must marry you!”

“Start right away, I set this up first.” Wang Xian is very interested in this so-called personalized intelligence, so I can’t help but curiosity, I want to experience it now.

There are millions of basic 3D models generated by Hong Xiaoxiao in the model library, including various items, cartoon characters, movies, animations and star images purchased by Red Letter. They can also be combined with various props, hairstyles and costumes. Etc., you can also customize the design, anyway, the AI ​​image is endless.

Wang Xian chose an anime image he liked, an anime girl with long hair.

“Name it is called ‘Xiao Miao’!” Wang Xian entered the nickname.

“Xiao Miao, you still have a girl heart!” The female colleague next to me looked around and adjusted said with a smile.

Wang Xian has set up some other services. The anime girl is wearing a white maid costume and yells at him: “Welcome home, master. What can Xiao Miao help you?”

“No, I have to start working,” said Wang Xian. Although he still wants to try the other features of this smart AI, it is now a matter of work.

“Master, if you open the computer permissions, Xiao Miao can help you get the job done!” his artificial intelligence said.

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