MST Chapter 206 : Teacher Fan Passed away

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Next day.

Ye Guang are still busy recording the Journey to the West storytelling program.

“Stop here first, everyone rests.”

After another episode was recorded. Ye Guang stopped and let the employees take a break. He himself was a little tired.

Going to the cloakroom and took the cell phone, Ye Guang took a look, 6 missed calls.

When recording the show, Ye Guang needed to change clothes and didn’t bring his mobile phone. He placed it in the cloakroom with the clothes, so he didn’t know when the call came.

The 6 missed calls were all dialed by the same person – Fan Qingwen.

Ye Guang suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

He quickly called Fan Qingwen back, the phone rang for a while before the other party picked up.

Ye Guang already heard bursts of crying on the other end of the phone when he was connected.

Ye Guang’s heart has guessed, I’m afraid Teacher Fan.

Sure enough, Fan Qingwen whimpered and cried on the phone. “Little Ye, my dad, he’s gone.”

Ye Guang didn’t say much on the phone, hung up the phone, change clothes, and confessed to studio staff that today wouldn’t continue recording program, then said hello to Liu Chiyan, rushed to the hospital, he had to go to hospital to see Teacher Fan for the last time. After today, the world will be separated forever. Teacher Fan will never see him again and he can only remember him in his memory.

Liu Chiyan was surprised and saddened to hear Teacher Fan passed away. This person was fine yesterday, but he left today, and the world is impermanent. It’s really elusive.

Liu Chiyan wanted to go with Ye Guang, but Ye Guang thought about it and refused, “Forget it, I will go. Your identity is too sensitive. There are too many people, it will inevitably cause trouble if you are recognized. I think let Teacher Fan go safely.”

This is the reason. If Liu Chiyan went to the hospital and was recognized, if it caused crowds, Teacher Fan had just passed away, and a group of people gathered around Liu Chiyan to take pictures and ask for autographs.

After arriving at the hospital, Ye Guang didn’t wait for the elevator. He ran upstairs and went to the ward where Teacher Fan originally lived.

There are quite a lot of people in the ward, all of whom are Fan’s relatives in Nanchang.

Fan Qingwen’s eyes were sore and red, still sobbing, Teacher Fan wife sat in front of Teacher Fan’s bed, heartbroken and burst into tears.

Teacher Fan was lying on the hospital bed, the head was covered by a white quilt.

Fan Qingwen saw Ye Guang coming in, choked and shouted, “Little Ye.”

Ye Guang nodded. “When did Teacher Fan go?”

Fan Qingwen: “About half past one. It was fine in the morning. After lunch, fell asleep.” Fan Qingwen cried again.

Ye Guang looked sad and said, “Sorrow.”

Fan Qingwen nodded slightly. “Go and see your teacher Fan.”

Ye Guang walked through the crowd and walked to hospital bed with a sad look. Teacher Fan’s skinny face that had been tortured by the disease appeared in front of Ye Guang. Teacher Fan passed away in his sleep. Maybe it was happy dream, the corners of his mouth are still rising, and he walks fairly peacefully.

Ye Guang felt relieved, and gently wiped the wetness from the corner of his eyes. He didn’t cry, but the tears leaked out.

Teacher Fan kept him yesterday and said the last few words to him. Unexpectedly, those words would really become the last words Teacher Fan said to him.

Teacher Fan said that he was over and he might leave someday, but Ye Guang didn’t expect it to came so fast.

Teacher Fan unfortunately passed away. Ye Guang couldn’t help much except to come to see Teacher Fan for the last time. Fan Qingwen and the relatives of Teacher Fan’s family had to deal with Teacher Fan affairs. Ye Guang couldn’t help. He can’t interfere. After all, he was an outsider.

When Ye Guang left the hospital, Fan Qingwen followed and said to Ye Guang, “Little Ye, thank you for coming. My dad has already left. The medical expenses you paid haven’t used up. The hospital will refund it. You go back with me, I will return the unused money to you first.”

Ye Guang waved his hand, “Sister Qingwen, what are you talking about? I said I didn’t pay the money, so why did you give it back to me?”

Fan Qingwen’s eyes were red and swollen, and she didn’t want to argue with Ye Guang, “Little Ye, you admit it. My dad and I know it was you. My dad just left, sister doesn’t want to fight this thing with you. Don’t hold on, okay?”

Ye Guang sighed and finally nodded, “Sister Qingwen, I did pay the money, but you don’t need to give it to me. There are more places to spend money on Teacher Fan affairs, you leave it to handle it Teacher Fan funeral.”

Fan Qingwen shook her head, “No, I have to give it back to you. This is what my dad explained repeatedly before he go. He is watching in the sky now. If the money isn’t returned, he will be uneasy.”

Ye Guang saw what Fan Qingwen said resolutely, and thought for a while, “Well, sister Qingwen, even if I lent you the money, you will slowly return it to me in the future. Teacher Fan spends more money on funeral affairs. You don’t have much money for Teacher Fan to handle it, right? And you still have to ask relatives and friends to borrow it. Just think you borrowed from me. I can’t help in Teacher Fan funeral, but I don’t want, because money the burial matter became hastily. Just as my last thought for Teacher Fan, let Teacher Fan go more calmly, will it succeed?”

Fan Qingwen looked at Ye Guang for a moment and finally nodded, tears in her eyes. “I thank you for my dad, Little Ye, you can rest assured that I will pay you back.”

Back to studio.

The first sentence Ye Guang said was, “Working overtime today.”

The employees are a little puzzled, what kind of overtime is it? The show didn’t catch up? There’s still 20 episodes left in the follow-up story of Journey to the West, and it will over in three days.

However, none of the studio employees raised any objections. In the afternoon, Ye Guang hurried out and came back with a gloomy face. There must be something unhappy. Although the employees didn’t know what happened, but on his face written his mood. They will not choose to touch Ye Guang’s mold at this time.Work overtime if you work overtime. It doesn’t matter if you work overtime occasionally.

During the normal off-hours in the afternoon, all the employees who had nothing to do with the recording all got off work. Liu Chiyan didn’t wait for Ye Guang and went back first.

“Don’t work too late, otherwise the employees should be unhappy. Come back early, I will give you food.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t want Ye Guang to work overtime, but she also knew that Teacher Fan passed away today. Ye Guang was in a bad mood, and she didn’t want to face him, so she followed him.

Ye Guang proposed to work overtime. It’s really not because Teacher Fan matter and he was in a bad mood to numb himself with work, but just because he wanted to quickly record the program of Journey to the West.

He didn’t want to wait any longer, and he didn’t want to wait any more.

There is one thing he has already decided, and he must start doing it.

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