MST Chapter 309 : System cheating upgrade!

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After arriving home.

Ye Guang is busy going online to watch entertainment news.

Sure enough, the headline is Luo Yu and Zhong Jing in a holiday resort near the sea where mostly couples on their honeymoon and leisure. The two stayed together in a sea-view wooden house, and someone photographed the scene of their kissing by the sea.

Ye Guang looked at the news. There are several photos with conclusive evidence. It is a photo of dog food. It seemed that they couldn’t be faked.

Ye Guang is a bit stunned, and Liu Chiyan is also surprised.

Liu Chiyan: “Zhong Jing and Luo Yu… When did they happen?”

Ye Guang shrugged, “Who knows, they can actually get together, this news is amazing enough, I have a vision of a monkey with a gorilla…”

Liu Chiyan  smiled, “It’s true… cough. However, in the face of love, other things are not important.”

Luo Yu and Zhong Jing paired together, one is a burly big man, and the other is a petite and lovely person. Luo Yu can only reach Zhong Jing’s chest while standing. In the eyes of ordinary people, it does not fit well, and, what are they? When did it start? The two are not familiar with each other, right? Had it not been for the pictures and the truth, Ye Guang wouldn’t have believed it.

Ye Guang said, “Liu’er, did you think they are together because of our second episode?”

Liu Chiyan seriously thought about it, nodded and said, “I think it’s very possible.”

However, this is Ye Guang’s guess. It was difficult for him to directly ask this questions to Zhong Jing or Luo Yu. Now the news has been exposed, but the two of them still remained silent and didn’t respond.

At night, things about Zhong Jing and Luo Yu also spread. Zhong Jing and Luo Yu are not big coffees. Zhong Jing has always been tepid. Although he has gained a lot of popularity from Running Man, but in fact, the attention is not very high, even compared to Ye Guang. Although Ye Guang just a newcomer, the things he has done are really eye-catching, and he has a lot of attention and fans, so his popularity is naturally easy to go up.

Through this incident, Zhong Jing and Luo Yu also accidentally overshadowed the news of many big coffees and became the hottest topic in the entertainment section.

Both Zhong Jing and Luo Yu have their own fan groups. On Weibo, the fans of these two people are noisy.

Zhong Jing’s fans think that Luo Yu is not worthy of Zhong Jing.

Luo Yu’s fans are also the same idea. I think that Zhong Jing, which has no value, is as strong as a chimpanzee, is not worthy of Luo Yu.

In the final analysis, it is because the pairing of the two is really full of sense of disharmony, otherwise they are both artists, and the difference between the coffee positions in the entertainment circle is not very big. Even if there are fans dissatisfied, they are only a few, most of the fans still don’t have any opinions, maybe they will send blessings and make a good story.

However, the two of them are together, not to mention that their fans can’t accept it. Even the onlookers feel that they are a bit… spicy.

Nothing happened at night.

After dinner, Ye Guang chatted with Father Liu and Mother Liu in the living room for a while. It’s not too early, so everyone went back to their rooms to sleep.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan didn’t go to bed so early on weekdays, but they went back to the room earlier today. Liu Chiyan felt a little strange, but didn’t ask much. Ye Guang was not there, so she is not interested in sitting alone in the living room. Go back to the room early.

Ye Guang went back to the room not to really sleep, but to wait. The system began to upgrade at nine o’clock in the morning, and it was about to end now.

For this system upgrade, Ye Guang still curious, what kind of surprises will the upgraded system bring to him?

After a while, the system notification finally sounded.

“Ding, the system upgrade is complete, the current system is Level 2.”

Ye Guang is busy trying to call out the system panel.

System call out.

“Oh, something is different.” There were some changes in the system panel in front of Ye Guang’s eyes. In fact, the changes were not big, except that the original blue panel became light red.

There is still no change in a few tabs. They are still attributes, lottery, shopping malls, and storage.

Ye Guang first opened the attribute panel to view, then a sentence “Fuck!” blurted out, “The prestige value of labor and capital!”

Prestige points : 0

Disciple points : 1832

Looking at a dazzling 0, Ye Guang was suddenly speechless. Is this a system upgrade that swallowed our reputation value? It turns out that he has saved more than seven million prestige points! More than seven million! How many good things can you draw, that’s it, it’s gone!

One sentence of MMP is unbearable.

Disciple points are still there. In addition, the system level has become 2. The skills still there, and there is no change in other attribute panels.

However, more than seven million prestige points just gone like that, Ye Guang feels distressed for a while, but the system is dead, so Ye Guang has nowhere to complain.

With a wry smile, Ye Guang shook his head, and stopped looking at the attribute panel, which felt distressed.

The lottery panel is the same as before, but Ye Guang discovered the original 30,000 prestige point has become 300,000. It seems there is no surprising change in this system upgrade, but the level has been improved. 300,000 can draw once, I don’t know what good things will come out of it, just don’t be some one-time consumables. That would be a big loss. Ye Guang wants to try it, but he doesn’t have any prestige now.

The function to Raise lottery stakes is still there. Originally, the function to Raise lottery stakes is 300,000 for 10 consecutive draws, but now it has become 3 million. It’s estimated, it has improved a grade with the level, no disappointment, and there is no good research on the lottery panel.

The system store has changed the most. The items sold in it have undergone great changes, but looking at the price, Ye Guang is a bit speechless.

Skill Upgrade Ball : The price is 1 million, the skill proficiency can be 10 after use (stackable)

Washing the marrow pill : The price is 300,000, the physique permanently increased by 1 after use (can be superimposed).

Vigorous Pill : The price is 300,000. After use, the strength permanently increased by 1 (can be superimposed).

God of Wind’s Powder : The price is 300,000. After use, the agility permanently increased by 1 (can be superimposed).

Spirit Benefiting Pellet : The price is 300,000, became full of energy for 12 hours after taking it.

Golden Trauma Drug : The price is 300,000, effective treatment of external trauma after use.

Golden Trauma Drug (real) : The price is 3 million, effective treatment of external trauma after use (all living organisms are effective).

Turtle Breath Pellet : The price is 300,000, it can last for 8 hours after taking it.

Turtle Breath Pellet (True) : The price is 3 million, can last for 8 hours after taking it (all living things are effective).

Flexible Tendon Pellet : The price is 1 million, it lasts for 2 hours after taking it. It is effective for non-host organisms.

Five Poison Pill : The price is 3 million. After taking it, it is poisoned and died. Valid for non-host organisms).

Immortal Spirit Tea (True) : The price is 300,000/kg, long-term reference it is beneficial to physical and mental health (all living things are effective).


This is all the items in the system store now. All the original one-time consumables have been replaced, but Ye Guang looks at the items sold in the system now. Except for the first skill upgrade ball, why do the others looks like full of rivers and lakes scammers selling dog skin plaster everywhere?

Ye Guang shook his head and smiled bitterly, then suddenly thought of something.

“Fuck! That is to say, the original disposable consumables can’t be bought?” Ye Guang suddenly became  dumbfounded.

At the system level 1, the store sells a one-time consumable item like Good Fortune Pledge. Ye Guang uses Good Fortune Pledge in lottery, Ye Guang also used Herculean and Firm Rock for the last time in the mall incident. At other times, these consumables is motionless in the storage, and were not used at all. Over time, Ye Guang felt these things were a bit tasteless.

But now, suddenly these items are no longer available for sale, and Ye Guang reacts now. Those consumables that he looks tasteless, he hates terribly every time he wins the lottery, this time actually became out of print items!

It won’t be useful in the future. Thinking about the powerful functions of those items, Ye Guang hurriedly went to the storage bar to check the inventory he had.

Good Fortune Pledge 21

Innocent Disaster 26

Hearty Vigor 39

Spirit Tickling Soul Click 28

Herculean 34

Firm Rock 32

These were all accumulated one by one during the original lottery draw. At the time, Ye Guang was quite disgusted. Now I suddenly felt these things were all treasures, and I used one less treasure.

Sure enough, what you can’t get is the best. It turns out that a lot of them are in front of you, but you don’t cherish them.

These consumables, except for Hearty Vigor, Ye Guang overlap with the functions of Spirit Benefiting Pellet currently sold in the store. Except for some tasteless, the others are really good things! Moreover, Hearty Vigor is cheaper than Spirit Benefiting Pellet!

The most precious ones are Good Fortune Pledge, Herculean and Firm Rock. Good Fortune Pledge doesn’t need to be said. Without it, there will be less prize draws, but I don’t know how many things can be drawn. Firm Rock and Herculean is also special battle artifacts! Although it is only a temporary, the effect of these two things is really strong.

Although the currently sold items wash marrow Pill, vigorous Pill and these two items have similarities, are to improve strength and physique, but wash marrow Pill and vigorous Pill have to be accumulated step by step. I don’t know what year of monkey to have such a powerful effect as Herculean and Rock Firm, and the most important thing is that it is extremely expensive!

Ye Guang suddenly had the urge to hit someone.

MMP system, what’s the use of this upgrade! Is this an upgrade feature or a pitfall?

There is no way, the system upgrade has been completed, and Ye Guang can’t let it fall back. For the original consumables, Ye Guang now treat them as baby, “Hah, I will save it later, use one, there is one less.”

Storage bar  has also changed a bit. The capacity has been expanded. It used to be five by five and a total of 25 storage grids. Each storage grid can hold up to 1 m3 of items. Now, it’s been expanded to 10×10 and a total of 100 storage grids. This is really an upgrade, it’s a lot stronger. You know, in the storage bar, an item doesn’t mean can only be placed in one grid, but each grid represents 1 m3, the reality item in the storage bar will not be a grid space restrictions. That is to say, if a 10 cubic meter item collected, then only 10 grids will be occupied.

This means, if Ye Guang is willing, he can take a large truck or even a small building directly into the storage bar.

Ye Guang suddenly felt this system must be short-circuited. There is such an amazing storage bar, what kind of star do you want him to be? What kind of Eternal Teacher Of All Era in main task? What he is most suitable to do, shouldn’t it be logistics?

Ye Guang feels, if he does logistics, he will definitely make a fortune.

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