MST Chapter 308 : I will take you to play with one kiss

Edited: XiaXue

The weather in capital city today is very good.

Partly cloudy.


It is suitable day for fun and travel.

Ye Guang looked at Yiyi who was eating watermelon with a spoon, smiled and said, “Student Liu Yitong, if you divide your watermelon with me and give me a kiss, I will take you out to play today.”

Yiyi’s eyes lit up, she ran over with half of the watermelon. She climbed the sofa and swiped Ye Guang cheeks with her mouth full of watermelon juice. Then she smiled and passed the watermelon to Ye Guang, “I will give you everything.”

Ye Guang laughed, didn’t dislike the watermelon juice Yiyi rubbed against his face, took a spoon and scooped a spoonful of watermelon.

The entrance is sweet and savory.

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, this watermelon is not bad.” As he said, he ate several more mouthfuls.

Yiyi has been looking hopefully at him.

Ye Guang chuckled, “First, wash your hands, wash your face, change clothes, just like a little cat.”

Yiyi ran to the side of Liu Chiyan, and yelled coquettishly, “Aunt~”

Liu Chiyan smiled, got up and led her to wash her face and change clothes.

After a while, Yiyi changed into a clean little blue dress and came out.

“Ye Guang, hurry up.” Yiyi urged.

Ye Guang put down the watermelon and got up with a smile.

Liu Chiyan said with a smile, “Be careful on the road, pay attention to safety.”

Ye Guang startled, then smiled, “Student Liu Chiyan, if you kiss me too, I will take you with us.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and patted Ye Guang, “Don’t make trouble.”

Ye Guang: “Let’s go together, anyway, you have nothing to do at home.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head, “Forget it, go and play, I won’t go, it’s not convenient.”

Ye Guang persuaded, “It’s okay, what are you afraid of? I’ll see it when someone sees it. Aren’t I still your assistant in bright side? It’s normal for the assistant to go out with you.”

Yiyi also persuaded, “Aunt, you go too.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a while, she really wanted to go out to get some air, so she nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go together, I’ll get the bag.”

When he left the house, Ye Guang glanced at Liu Chiyan and said with a smirk, “Did you forget something?”

Liu Chiyan taken aback for a moment, so she opened the bag and flipped through it. She brought her cell phone, keys, and wallet with her.

Ye Guang pointed his finger at his cheek, and Liu Chiyan realized it suddenly. She glanced at Ye Guang in disbelief, then turned her head and pecked on Ye Guang’s face, Yiyi covered his eyes and muttered in his mouth, “I see nothing, I didn’t see anything.” This little girl also shoulders the responsibility from Father Liu to stop them, so Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan can’t do shameful things.


The question of where to go to play, of course, has to listen to Yiyi, take her out to play, you must go where she wants to go.

Yiyi hesitated between the playground and the zoo for a long time and eventually chose the zoo.

Because it was late, plus a working day, there were not many people at the zoo. Ye Guang asked Liu Chiyan and Yiyi to wait by the side, and he went to the ticket window to buy the ticket.

“Hello, two adult tickets.” Yiyi is less than 1.2 meters tall and doesn’t need to buy tickets.

“A total of 40 yuan.” The ticket seller didn’t lift his head, and replied mechanically.

Ye Guang reaches out to dig his pocket. Although it is digging, it is actually a fake action. In fact, it is to take the wallet from the system storage bar. The most used system function is the storage bar. Except for the mobile phone, the wallet also thrown into it. He has long been used to throwing his belongings to the storage area, it’s safe.

However, Ye Guang paused a moment and suddenly remembered that the system still upgraded… So, all the functions temporarily disabled.

Ye Guang is a little embarrassed, “Um, sorry, it seems that I forgot to take my wallet, you wait for me a moment.”

The ticket seller was a little impatient. He looked up at Ye Guang and then “Yeah”, “You are Ye Guang!”

Ye Guang slightly startled, well, I was recognized.

Ye Guang didn’t wear anything to cover his body. Speaking of it, Ye Guang is not a big or small celebrity. It is not surprising to be recognized, but his own mentality still stays at the level of being an ordinary person.

The ticket seller’s sullen face showed a surprise smile, “It’s really you, oh, I didn’t expect to see you here. I like you. Your Running Man is so good. You’re here to play. Come on. Come here, hold the ticket, no money, this time I please!” The ticket seller was very enthusiastic, holding two tickets through the window and pushing them into Ye Guang hand.

On the contrary, Ye Guang felt a little at a loss. He didn’t pick it up or push it, but Ye Guang finally picked it up. Not to mention, this kind of sudden encounter with an enthusiastic fan made him quite beautiful in his heart.

“Thank you, wait for a while, I’ll get the money right away.”

The ticket seller repeatedly waved his hand to say no, Ye Guang stopped arguing with him, and turned to find Liu Chiyan not far away to get the money.

After Liu Chiyan learned that Ye Guang ‘forgot’ to bring his wallet, she gave him a white look and taught him as she took out the money from the bag, “You, how old are you? Still so frizzy. You forgot to take your wallet when you went out.”

Ye Guang had to laugh. Where he is forgotten to bring it, but I couldn’t take it out. It was deducted by the system…

After taking the money back to the ticket office, Ye Guang gave the money to the ticket seller. After the enthusiastic ticket seller shook hands with him, Ye Guang left.

The ticket seller looked out and saw that Ye Guang and a woman had entered the zoo with a child. He was a little puzzled, “Ah, he come with a woman, and a child? Is he married?” Ye Guang’s personal information not spread online. After all, he has just become famous. The ticket seller didn’t think much about it. After a while, he patted his head, “Ah, forgot to sign.”

In fact, there is nothing to play in the zoo. It’s nothing more than looking around some small animals and big animals. Yiyi’s interest is pretty good. Everything in here is novel for her. The whole process is full of her rhythm, pulling Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan looks at the gorilla here and the giant panda there.

Liu Chiyan is also very happy, although her expression can’t be seen because of a mask, but emotions can be felt together.

This day is very relaxing and joyful. It is rare that the three of them can come out to play once. The relationship between Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan is still in a confidential stage. The two of them are cautious and avoid taboos when they go out, but fortunately, they weren’t caught in the play today. I recognize that there are not a lot of people in the zoo today, and everyone’s attention is on those animals. Secondly, Ye Guang also has a memory. He bought a pair of ugly sunglasses at the stall that sell toys and souvenirs in the park.

The zoo is not small. Although Yiyi is full of enthusiasm, after all, she is still young and has limited physical strength. In the latter half of the journey, she occasionally acts coquettish to let Ye Guang piggyback her.

However, the three of them have had a good time for a day, and they have not been discovered yet, but some of them have no such good luck.

On the way home from the zoo in the evening, Ye Guang received a call from Xu Chen.

“Little Ye, have you heard the news?”

Ye Guang is not sure, “What news?”

Xu Chen: “Zhong Jing and Luo Yu, they are getting better. They were photographed in the sea market, and they made headlines in the entertainment news.”

Ye Guang almost didn’t hold the steering wheel.

Damn it! What’s the situation? Zhong Jing and Luo Yu? Is it better?

Thinking of Luo Yu’s petite and exquisite appearance, and thinking of Zhong Jing, a majestic and burly big man, can these two people get together?

Ye Guang gave a shock, feeling that he must be auditory hallucinations.

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