MST Chapter 126 : Raised as Pro-Daughter

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Ye Guang is a bit jealous.

Ye Guang: “Dad, you give me a piece.”

Father: “You don’t have a hand?”

Ye Guang has a black line, it is really a differential treatment, “This is not on your side, out of reach.”

Father didn’t think about it, “You can’t stand up!”

Ye Guang whispered, “It’s not good to stand up…”

Father: “What do you care about in your home! Why haven’t I seen you like that before?”

Ye Guang is full of resentment, Yiyi eyes are laughing narrowly into a crescent moon, watching Ye Guang.

Liu Chiyan also smiled, put a piece of meat in Ye Guang bowl, “Eat this.”

Ye Guang screamed, “It’s still my wife, good for me.”

After lunch, Father and Ye Guang went out of mysterious.

“What are they doing?” Asked mother.

Liu Chiyan shook her head: “I don’t know, Ye Guang didn’t tell me.”

Father and Ye Guang came back at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Mother: “What are you doing?”

Father doesn’t talk, Ye Guang smiles, “Secret first!”

I stayed at my parent’s home for a whole day.

Dinner is also very rich, has been committed to eating a big stomach. Finally Yiyi can not eat anything, after eating dinner today. After dinner, she comfortably lies on the sofa and touches her belly.

In the evening, mother took out the cake.

“Yiyi and my son have a birthday together. It’s a coincidence. How do you say this candle is inserted?”

“Really, insert 5 or 24?”

Finally, Liu Chiyan thought of a compromise. He inserted 19 small candles and inserted a number 5 candle in the middle. Yiyi was five years old and Ye Guang 19+5 was 24 years old. Both were the best.

Digital candles are specially bought by Ye Guang.

Light the candle.

Switch off the lights.

Sing a birthday song.

Yiyi and Ye Guang make a wish together, then blow the candle.

This simple family birthday party for a family of five is also full of joy and happiness.

After eating the cake, Ye Guang called Yiyi.

“Yiyi, I am happy to have a birthday today, I will prepare a gift for you.”

Yiyi is delighted, “What gift, what gift.”

Ye Guang smiled mysteriously and gave a look to father. Father understood, and took out a small red bag from the bag and give it to him.

Ye Guang opened, “Dangdang.”

In the small bag is a fast red school card: Xingzhi Kindergarten, junior class, Liu Yitong.

Ye Guang: “Your grandfather and I have found a kindergarten for you. There are many children who are as big as you. You can go to school on Monday.”

Mother was stunned.

Liu Chiyan was surprised.

Yiyi stood stupidly.

Ye Guang pulled Yiyi over and wanted to hang the school card on Yiyi’s neck. Yiyi subconsciously hid, and Ye Guang grabbed her and didn’t let her escape.

Yiyi hangs up the school card, Ye Guang touches her head. “Yiyi is five years old. Today is Yiyi’s birthday. After the birthday, Yiyi is one year older, Yiyi should go to school. There are teachers and . classmate in the school, there are many children who are as big as Yiyi, and Yiyi can make a lot of friends. In the future, Yiyi doesn’t have to stay in the office every day, there will be many children playing with you and playing games together.”

Yiyi doesn’t talk.

Ye Guang continued. “I will send you to school every day. After school, I will pick you up every day. Yiyi only needs to go to school happily every day, and then happily go to class with the children, play,  and then have fun after school.”

Father also took over, “Well, grandfather will pick up Yiyi later.”

Mother: “Grandma is also going.”

Yiyi blinked her eyes, looked down at the school card hanging on her chest, and nodded gently after a long time.

Ye Guang smiled.

Mother: “Yiyi, I also have a birthday present for Yiyi.”

Saying, mother pulled out a small jade card. “This is the peace sign that Grandma went to the temple to give Yiyi, gave it to Yiyi, and bless Yiyi to be safe.”

Yiyi: “Thank you, Grandma.”

Mother smiled and nodded.

Ye Guang is not happy, “Mom, today is my birthday, how come I don’t.”

Mother glared, “Without your share! Such a big person, like a child, is not a shame.”

Ye Guang has a black line, really is treated differently.

Yiyi is still kind, see Ye Guang so poor, and come to him, “Ye Guang, or I will divide you into half of the snacks, today is your birthday.”

Everyone laughed.

Ye Guang is satisfied, “Yiyi is good to me.”

Liu Chiyan also prepared a gift. She bought Yiyi a jigsaw puzzle, but Yiyi seems a bit disgusting. She bought a watch for Ye Guang and the label has been cut, but the texture should not be cheap.

Yiyi grinned, “Aunt is eccentric.”

Father laughed and picked up Yiyi. “What Yiyi wants, Grandpa buys you.”

Yiyi’s eyes lit up. “I want ice cream, donuts, strawberry pie, red bean pie, pineapple pie, lots of pies…”

Ye Guang: “You know to eat!”

Yiyi spit out the tongue on Ye Guang.

In the evening, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan returned with Yiyi.

Mother originally wanted them to live at home, but Ye Guang didn’t agree, and there were two rooms at home, one for parents, one for Yiyi and Liu Chiyan. He had to sleep on sofa, and he had slept for the last time. Now, this time he said nothing, causing mother to swear that he has no conscience.

When he left the door, Mother took out a piece from his pocket and gave him the same peace like Yiyi. “No, for you, when you ask Yiyi for a peace, I will bring you a piece.” Mother bites on the two words by the way.

Ye Guang smiled. “I knew I was born.”

On the way back, Yiyi was happy for a day, tired, and fell asleep in the car.

Liu Chiyan: “Dad seems to like Yiyi very much.”

Ye Guang: “No, it’s much better than when I was a kid.”

Liu Chiyan: “How come you suddenly want to find a school for Yiyi. I haven’t heard you say these days. Where is the school you are looking for? Is it okay?” Liu Chiyan is still concerned about Yiyi’s schooling.

Ye Guang smiled. “My dad was looking for it. I told him about Yiyi some time ago. He was very fond of Yiyi’s schooling. He have been looking for all Kindergarten these days. He decided this place yesterday, so today, I went to see it with him, it was really good. The teaching facilities looked good, the school environment and security were also good. I did not see the teachers and children on the weekend. Let Yiyi try it first.”

Liu Chiyan nodded. “When you look at the line, where is the school?”

Ye Guang: “In DH area, there is a distance from home, but it doesn’t matter. It takes 20 minutes or half hours to drive. After that, I am responsible for picking up Yiyi to go to school and leave the school. If I can’t leave pick her, let Dad pick it up, from Dad and my mom’s home distance to Kindergarten is similar, just in the middle.”

Liu Chiyan nodded. “I’ll trouble you later.” Yiyi went to school, and Yiyi was only able to pick up by Ye Guang. Liu Chiyan is sensitive and inconvenient to show up.

Ye Guang: “Why bother, yeah, I’m going to raise Yiyi as my daughter.”

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