MST Chapter 125 : Who is the biological one?

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Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan didn’t go home, they had to go to father and mother.

Today is May 20th, the legendary 520 Valentine’s Day. It’s also Ye Guang’s birthday, oh, and Yiyi birthday.

Father and mother gave him a call when he went out, saying that he was asked to take Liu Chiyan and Yiyi to dinner at home and gave him and Yiyi a birthday.

Yiyi heard that, it was a happy time to go to Ye Guang’s parent’s for her birthday, and she was happy when she was in the car.

Yiyi has a birthday, of course, very happy, birthday, can eat a lot of delicious, and there are gifts, but Yiyi is very puzzled, where Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan hide their gifts? Can’t see it?

Parent’s home.

“Mom, when we come back, you are stewing soup? So fragrant.”

Mother is busy in the kitchen: “Come back.”


“Grandma is good.”

Liu Chiyan and Yiyi say hello to mother. This time, Liu Chiyan is a lot more natural. After she came here once, I don’t feel that she is restrained at all, and the name ‘Mom’ is also called smooth.

Yiyi is a foodie. She sees the cake on the table at a glance. The box has not been removed. She looks around the cake and looks at it and she wants to eat.

Mother : “Yiyi wants to eat cakes, Yan’er, you just cut the cake.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “Mom, don’t get used to her, eat later, she just looks at everything.”

Yiyi snorted and put the cake on the small stool in the corner of the balcony, and then came back with while pouted.

What you see is pure, you don’t want to eat if you don’t see.

There is fruit on the coffee table, um, eating fruit, Yiyi has shifted the target of eating.

This time Liu Chiyan did not stop her.

“Mom, Let me help.” Liu Chiyan entered the kitchen. “This stewed chicken soup? How delicious!”

Mother smiled and said: “Well, I let his dad come to the market to buy live chickens early in the morning, saying that they are domestic, and I don’t know if it is true.”

Liu Chiyan: “It should be, this fragrance, can’t be wrong.”

The two women chatted while they were busy at the kitchen.

Ye Guang sat while watching TV, and occasionally screamed at the kitchen and smiled at the mother and Liu Chiyan, and Yiyi, who was full of mouthfuls, couldn’t help but evoke.

This family is really good.

In the kitchen, mother and Liu Chiyan were joking and laughing , and suddenly the mother turned and sighed, “Yan’er, how do you such good child marry like this? I have the feeling of dreaming until now.”

Liu Chiyan glanced, “This is a heavenly arrangement.”

Mother smiled. “I don’t understand the young people idea. I only have fun when you are happy, but when you say it, this marriage is a lifelong event. You two children are still rash and hasty.”

Liu Chiyan: “Well, I know, Mom, I am sorry, this is my idea. I took Ye Guang to get married. He guarded me and didn’t tell you about it.”

Mother glance, “Oh, nothing, this thing has passed, no matter who idea, since you are married, as long as you have a good life, happy and enjoy, I am happy as a mother.”

Liu Chiyan: “Thank you mom.”

Mother smiled, “Yan’er, what do you think of this youngster? You was so anxious to marry him. ”

Liu Chiyan looked red and thought about it. “I don’t know, I can’t say it, Mom, I secretly told you, don’t laugh at me when you hear it. When I registered with him in Civil Affairs Bureau, I don’t know Ye Guang name. Almost a foreign appearance.”

Mother glanced, then smirked. “You guys are young, I don’t know what to say.”

Liu Chiyan vomited a small tongue. “I am afraid that I will be late, he is not mine.”

Mother is happy, “My son is so popular?”

Liu Chiyan said in a serious way, “Because you start with a strong hand, you have to circle first. Otherwise, if you are stocking, you will be taken away by a little fox. When he go, who is crying.”

Mother is happy to laugh, “Your child, privately and on TV is really different, it is our old Ye paternal grandfather blessing, in order to let this youngster marry you through the door.”

Mother boasted Liu Chiyan, Liu Chiyan was also unstoppable, and smiled awkwardly. “Marrying him is also a blessing on my ancestors.”

Mother smiled.

Said, mother heart still feel some strange, in her impression, Liu Chiyan but dazzling, high above the Heavenly Queen level celebrity, but this several contact down, this is completely a clever smart beautiful young married woman, where there is a little Heavenly Queen appearance, strong contrast let mother heart really still some twist, he originally also want Liu Chiyan signature again, which would be difficult to open her mouth and not necessary anymore.

Father is back.

“Dad, come back.” Ye Guang said hello.

“Mn.” Father should have a sentence.

Liu Chiyan heard the movement and came out of the kitchen, “Dad.”

Father smiled and nodded. “Come.”

Yiyi was also very happy to see Father, because Father likes to have fun with her. She is eating mango, eating all over her mouth. When she sees father back, Yiyi runs over.

“Grandpa is good.” Yiyi greeted him, then extended her hand full of juice, holding a mango in her hand. “Grandpa gives you to eat.”

The way children express good will is always simple.

Share what you like to others.

Father took it happily, helped Yiyi wipe the mango juice on her mouth, and then took the mango that Yiyi gave, and took a bite with a smile.

Yiyi glimpsed, then whispered, “Grandpa… eating mangoes should be peeled and the skin is not good. ”

Father laughed, “Yiyi is sincere, Yiyi gives Grandpa’s mango, and the skin is delicious.”

Ye Guang is dumbfounded.

What is wrong with Father? So close to Yiyi? When I was young, he was not so good to myself? Is this the legendary generation? But Yiyi, although called your grandfather, went to your house register, but it’s not your granddaughter!

Lunch is ready.

A table full of delicious food, especially a pot of yellow chicken soup, it seems to make people drool.

Yiyi really did not bear the name of the food, the family of five counted her most happy.

In fact, Ye Guang is very curious, how can Yiyi eat so many things? From entered the door to the present, she haven’t stopped eating, it’s fruit, it’s a snack, and now it’s gorging on the table.

“You will sooner or later become a soil and fat round.” Ye Guang opens the taunting mode.

Yiyi stuffed the food in her mouth, and she didn’t have time to talk. Father helped her back. “What do you say, believe it or not, Yiyi is so cute, it is good to eat! Yiyi, ignore him, eat more, come, Grandpa give you a chicken leg.”

Yiyi swallowed the food in her mouth and shook her head. “Don’t chicken legs, chicken legs are not good, meat on the body, sweet.”

Father quickly gave Yiyi a large piece of chicken breast.

Ye Guang is speechless, is this really father? In his impressions, he likes the father who deliberately keeps his face flat? In other words, my dad hasn’t prepared any food for me since childhood

How to get to Yiyi…

Who is the biological one?

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