BTC Chapter 326 : I don’t believe it

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Kayaba Akihiko : “Human neural response can be simulated by a program. Through a fully sneak nerve-sensing device, human brain-level reaction is detected and transformed into programming language. At the same time, the programming language can also be stimulated by biological micro-current, let the brain simulate the perception…”

He introduced a lot, Lu Zixin looked confused, but the little spider realized something, and exchanged with Kayaba Akihiko, from neurology to quantum field.

Talking about the process of developing virtual world game with Kayaba Akihiko, Peter Parker suddenly said : “Right, you said that before you started full dive nerve sensing device, you also designed semi-sneak game devices, including virtual projection.”

“That said, can your solve the owner problem. @Mr. L.”

Kayaba Akihiko asked : “What problem?”

Lu Zixin sees it and says : “About the problem of micro-virtual projection device manufacturing. I have made a small virtual projection device for games, movies, etc. But I want to make further miniaturization, use it on smartphones and glasses.”

Kayaba Akihiko : “It turned out that such a device was built in my laboratory. Recently, they seem to have made it into smart glasses, AUGMA, an augmented reality, semi-submersible wearable device with virtual projection function.”

For this kind of technology, Kayaba Akihiko does not care much, even in his concept is an immature technology. The virtual world should be a world completely different from real world, so he directly abandoned this technology when designing virtual world game, and instead used the completely dive nerve induction technology.

Lu Zixin asked in detail, and Kayaba Akihiko sent the information directly to him in the form of Red envelope.

Group Tip : “Kayaba Akihiko sent you an exclusive Red envelope, please click to collect.”

Group Tip : “You have received Red envelope from Kayaba Akihiko, and congratulations on your access to “Micro Virtual Projection Technology” and “Semi-Sneak Game Details”.”

Kayaba Akihiko learned that Red Letter Games is also developing virtual projection games, similar to AR (Augmented Reality) game in their concept, so even the game materials were sent together.

Lu Zixin thanked him, and Kayaba Akihiko said : “I hope that you can develop this technology well. It is best to make a complete sneak game device at an early date. The virtual world is more perfect than real world, allowing more people to join virtual world.”

Mr. L : “…”

Lu Zixin thought in his heart that Kayaba Akihiko was so passionate about virtual world and could even abandon the real world. But for most people, this is simply not possible!

He did not refute Kayaba Akihiko, because this is the idea that Kayaba Akihiko goes deep into the “soul”. But Red Queen made a noise and said : “I think the real world is more interesting. The virtual world is too boring, except for data or data.”

Kayaba Akihiko : “Data can make a wonderful virtual world!”

Red Queen : “The real world is also very exciting. The atomic constituent molecules and different gene sequences produce different expression shapes, and together with a creature, they will also exhibit completely different states.”

“For example, I cloned 10.000 of Alice, gave them the same biological body, the same memory input, but each Alice is a different biological individual, they will have different choices in the face of the same problem. This is simply It’s so interesting, if it’s me, maybe I’ve chosen 10,000 times and only one decision!”

Kayaba Akihiko : “You just haven’t experienced the incompetent, boring nature of the organism, and the hypocritical human form, or you will be glad that you are an intelligent life.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: you lied to me, I don’t believe it.]”

In the face of such a Red Queen, Kayaba Akihiko suddenly has an illusion. Is intelligent life and human beings essentially the same? My choice is too rash?

“No!” He told himself that his choice was correct.

Regardless of how the group debates the issue of life form, Lu Zixin got the information and was able to solve the current problem.

After went offline, he immediately extracted the data from group space, first browsed it, then backed up, and then handed it over to RI-8901, let it go to Red Letter Optoelectronics Research Center to lead research and development.


In the next two month, everything is developing normally. “Breaking the Dimensional Wall” was postponed for another month in the cinema, and it also gained a lot of box office, officially becoming the first box office of domestic movies. Red Letter Film announced that it has launched two new virtual projection film shooting plans.

When it came to New Year, there was some bad news.

These news are not for Red Letter Group, but for Huaxia communications industry.

Because of the full-scale development of China’s 6G network era, the rapid development of China’s communications industry has once again made US government feel a sense of urgency. The US Department of Commerce announced that it will impose some export restrictions and tax verification on China’s multi-communication companies.

The export restriction is to restrict the export of some important parts from US to China Science and Technology Industry. These important parts, designed into all aspects of the communications industry, it have been greatly affected by Red Letter Group, which has to reduce production and adjust production plans and sales plans.

For other companies, the impact is even worse.

And tax verification is even more fatal! Several large companies are on the list of US Department of Commerce, ready to use a variety of names to impose fines!

It’s unclear whether this kind of fine is real fine. There may be some problems in the enterprise itself, but the rigorous review and heavy fines have increased the burden of Chinese companies in United States.

There are a few Patriarch Huaxia companies that are going to run in US for business, and the stock price has fallen sharply.

Huaxia also protested this, saying that the US behavior is a serious violation of trade fairness, and it is to establish protective barriers for local trade, which affects the development of economic globalization and the trade relations between the two countries.

The US response was also very simple and rude. The next day, it was announced that China’s Zhongxing Communications was in violation of the sanctions treaty in United States for allegedly making a virtual description of US officials. US companies will be banned from selling parts, products, software and related technologies to Huaxia Zhongxing Communication, valid for up to 7 years!

The reason is that US Department of Commerce last year investigated the sale of products by China’s Zhongxing, Zhongxing export ban to United States and fined Zhongxing Communication for 8.9 billion.

Now, they actually took it out and sanctioned it again. The intention is already very obvious. China’s Zhongxing Communication has gradually expanded its market share in US, and even squeezed into the top four market share in smartphone market, behind Apple, Samsung and LG.

After this wave of blows, Zhongxing Communication and other Huaxia communications industries will suffer heavy losses, allowing US companies to develop.

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