BTC Chapter 42 : Slipped, Slipped

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In any case, what the training class is going to visit is not going on.

Xu Cheng did not say anything, he left. He lost his face and now does not want to see the trainers. Even Su Zhirong, he does not want to provoke again.

Gao Song had to stay behind, he said: “You, some have changed today, it seems that the activity should be terminated early.”

What do people say? They also don’t want to stay here, so they don’t want to be involuntarily.

Qi Yong nodded: “Then let’s go?” The crowd nodded and agreed.

Cao Nan mood was somewhat low. He walked beside Su Zhirong and whispered: “Su Zhirong, do you know his identity?”

“I don’t know.” Su Zhirong shook her head, and she did not want to take care of Cao Nan. Cao Nan recent behavior has become more and more excessive. She was still hurting Lu Zixin, but it was too snobbish!

The group walked to the door of the Tiancheng Electronic Technology Company building and the shuttle bus stopped nearby. At this time, a black Rolls Royce came out of the underground garage exit.

It seems to be to ease the atmosphere of the shackles and transfer the topic. Pang Qing said: “Good car! This is the phantom series? I will go, this is not a million! Which boss is this?”

“We just got in the garage I have seen it, I don’t know who it is.” Cao Nan took the topic and said.

When she had finished, she saw the car parked in front of them. The window automatically descended and Lu Zixin face appeared in the car.

“Su Zhirong! I will take you on a ride?” Lu Zixin shouted to Su Zhirong.

Seeing Lu Zixin, Cao Nan is want to say something but stuck in her throat! This car is actually Lu Zixin!

Pang Qing is also dumbfounded. He looks a little scared and silently hides in the humble crowd.

And some people are looking for changes, brave smiles, praise: “It’s a good car! You can’t hide it!”

“Oh, okay.” Lu Zixin casually dealt with the road, he looked at Zhirong. Others also look at Su Zhirong, and some women have envious colors in their eyes.

Su Zhirong was once again shocked by Lu Zixin. The strength of Lu Zixin is really unimaginable. This kind of car, she has estimated that it is not enough to buy a wheel!

Su Zhirong looked around and saw everyone watching her. Especially Cao Nan, envious of all want to sit up.

“That, it’s still not needed. You are not busy? I will go back with everyone.” Su Zhirong refused. She always felt that she was getting on the car now. Her behavior seems to be similar to Cao Nan?

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “Well, come back.”

“Xiaohei, set off.” Lu Zixin shouted, the car automatically drove, slowly disappeared from the eyes of everyone.

“Cow is better! You can drive automatically!” Someone exclaimed behind, “This kind of person is simply my ultimate dream!”

“Everyone has already realized it.” The people of others spit out, and they also envy in their tone. .

“Yes!” Cao Nan sighed deeply, and she regretted it. Knowing that Lu Zixin was so powerful, she abandoned Xu Cheng and turned to hold Lu Zixin thigh.

Maybe, the person Lu Zixin invited to get on the car today is her! She even has a brain to make up a set of marriage into the wealthy, become the story of the rich wife. Unfortunately, everything has nothing to do with her.

And Lu Zixin seems to hate her very much, often ignoring her!

“Let’s go!” said Qi Yong, some people are destined to be not a circle with them, and they are forced to come.

Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Huarui office.

Deng Kang pulled his face and said: “It’s messed up! I have been working hard for so long, and all messed up!”

“Look at the look of Lu Zixin, I don’t plan to cooperate with us!”

Xu Huarui also has some helplessness. After all, these things are due to his son. He sighed: “Old Deng, this thing, I can’t live with the company.”

Deng Kang sighed: “I don’t blame you, or we didn’t arrange it. But your son, really have to be educated! He is like this. How can the company’s shareholders agree to let him take over?”

Xu Huarui nodded and said: “That kid, I haven’t been disciplined recently, and getting more and more confusing! I will discipline him!”

Deng Kang complained, and said: “That’s it. I will make people work hard to see if there is any chance to reach a cooperation.”

“You have worked hard.” Xu Huarui sent Deng Kang, his face suddenly pulled down and said to the secretary: “Let Xu Cheng come to see me!”

In a short time, Xu Cheng came. . He also pulled his face and was uncomfortable in his heart.

When he entered the office, the secretary left consciously and pulled the door by the way.

“What? Do you think I shouldn’t beat you?” Xu Huarui asked.

Xu Cheng said reluctantly: “Isn’t it a game company? We are so eager to please him?” He was very worried and with Lu Zixin contest, he lost too bad!

Xu Huarui stood up and said loudly: “You still don’t accept it? Have you ever seen Red Letter game?”

Xu Cheng think, who cares about this? He didn’t fully understand the company’s affairs.

Xu Huarui continued: “Don’t look at Red Letter game for more than two months, but their “Desolate Battlegrounds” has become the most popular mobile game in the market!”

“The “Desolate Battlegrounds” is the Red Letter game?” Xu Cheng suddenly hated some teeth and itchy, he suddenly knew why he had to be black with Su Zhirong, the game account suddenly was blocked!

“Yes. Red letter game with this game, a strong rise. Even Tencent companies have not been able to suppress them. Red Letter is not only powerful, but also very strong in money!”

“This time we talked to them about business, not only a 50 million list, but also related to the development of our company in the next few years!”

Xu Huarui said more and more cautiously, “Our Tiancheng Electronics, business volume has been shrinking, We are in need of partners like Red Letter to expand the market. And Red Letter has already traveled on the layout of the computer. If it can become their partner, then our Tiancheng brand of computers, various accessories and equipment, will be able to get a lot of market!

” Now you understand? Why should I hit you! If i don’t hit you, other shareholders will say it!”

After listening to this, Xu Cheng realized what kind of disaster he had! The unwillingness in his heart has become a fear, the prospect of the company has been ruined by him, and shareholders must be arguing!

“Your position, I will give you a dismissal!” Xu Huarui said, “I see you are used to it, the long-term memory!”

“You don’t have to stay in Jiangcheng, go to Yangcheng, start from the lowest salesman. Start! And, from today, don’t provoke that Lu Zixin, or the female student, understand?”

“Dad, I…” Xu Cheng wants to defend, Xu Huarui blinks, he has to bow his head: “Understood ”

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  1. Can you improve quality of translation, it’s almost like reading Google translate version seriously;_;

  2. One thing that this novel needs to improve on is the translation quality. The translation quality is just barely readable. However, I’ve seen worse translations so I just like the fact that it’s readable. Anyways, with that out of the way, the novel is pretty good. Thanks for translating 🙂

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