BTC Chapter 427 : Social Disputes

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“In summary, we believe that at this stage, it is not suitable for the development of magnetic levitation vehicles.” Cheng Mu gave a conclusion.

Lu Zixin did not give him a clear negative or affirmation, but said: “You list the specific questions and submit them to me. The more detailed the better.”

“Well, I will sort it out when I go back.” Cheng Mu nodded.

After Cheng Mu disappeared, Lu Zixin began to think about the problem of magnetic levitation car. Of course, he knows that such a car is difficult to manufacture and popularized, otherwise other car companies have already begun research and development.

The more this is, the more challenging it is for him. Bringing black technology from Ten Thousand Realms to the real world and letting Science and Technology grow faster, isn’t this kind of life more interesting?

When Lu Zixin was still working on the magnetic levitation vehicle project, Pengyun already built the first new energy vehicle.

All raw materials and parts are top-notch configurations. Compared with other brands, it’s best is the battery life of super lithium battery, large power motor, automatic magnetic brake safety system and the just-improved driverless system.

In order to distinguish Pengyun cars from other cars, the design of Pengyun New Energy Vehicles is very recognizable, so that the details are exquisite and full of dynamics. The body line gives a more intuitive intuition and a sense of sharpness.

The interior also designed and adjusted by professional designers for more than a year. With the intelligent design ability of quantum brain, the interior space also intelligently adjusted to the largest and most comfortable design, full of Science and Technology.

It is worth mentioning that Pengyun has multiple virtual projection holes in it, which enables passengers in every seat on the car to operate virtual projections and connect to the on-board quantum computer for network experience.

From the beginning, Pengyun new energy vehicles have been positioned as a luxury car class. Unlike quantum computers, Red Letter’s quantum computers all use their own core technology, eliminating the high cost of intellectual property that traditional computers need to join, so the price is still somewhat cheaper compared to luxury computers.

However, the cost of automobile manufacturing is difficult for Red Letter Group to compress, many raw materials and accessories need to be imported. Plus virtual projection, on-board quantum computer, driverless system, battery motor, etc., the cost of these supporting equipment adds up, it’s destined that it’s cost will not be low.

Pengyun Automobile is not in a hurry to sell, but is waiting for the approval from the relevant departments for the driverless system.

This is their biggest problem at present. Although there are many unmanned companies in the market, there are car companies, there are new Internet Science and Technology companies, and old companies invest, but at present, no one can be allowed to officially sold on the road.

Even frontier enterprise can only obtain the road test qualification, and carry out test-driving on the prescribed roads with driver-assisted driving.

In order to gain the recognition of relevant departments and the public, Pengyun Automobile still needs to prove itself.

“Apply!” Lu Zixin issued an order to solve the problem of the driverless license before the problem of the magnetic levitation car. Otherwise, everything is empty talk, the driverless car can not go on the road, then the magnetic levitation car is half of it.

Therefore, among the subsidiaries of Red Letter Group, Pengyun Automobile. Which has been very low-key, and Frontwalk unmanned development company, jointly issued a statement, and has successfully developed “complete autonomous driving technology”, and wants to apply for L5-class cars license from relevant departments.

As soon as this news came out, it immediately ignited the network and pushed Pengyun car and Frontwalk unmanned development company to the forefront.

Unmanned driving is not unusual, and it is unusual to “fully drive the system”!

The International Society of Automotive Engineers and US Department of Transportation have a standard for automotive intelligence, which is also being adopted in China.

And from L0 Level other manual driving, to L1 Level other auxiliary driving, L2 Level semi-automatic driving, L3 Level high-automatic driving, L4 Level super-automatic driving and L5 Level automatic driving.

The first title of the homepage of the car home website is the latest announcement of Pengyun Automobile.

The website report said : “At present, no matter whether it is international or domestic, driverless cars can only achieve a high degree of automatic driving, obtain L3 level test licenses. As for L5 level fully automatic driving licenses, no country in the world has appeared.”

“Complete auto-driving means that the car does not need driver-assisted driving. It relies entirely on intelligence to conduct traffic! Pengyun, can you really do it?”

This question is what everyone wants to ask. The person in charge of Qiandu Unmanned Projects Department said in the latest news interview : “Qiandu high-automatic driving technology has matured and is undergoing the improvement of other automatic driving technology of L4 Level. Personally, Pengyun cars can only reach L4 Level, and L5 is completely exaggerated in automatic driving!”

Some experts said : “In terms of driverless, Pengyun Automobile and related departments should be very cautious! This is related to traffic safety. Once a slight error occurs, it will directly threaten the lives of the masses! At this stage, it is recommended. The relevant departments will not open L5 license plate, and hope that Pengyun will also start testing from L3 license plate and improve it step by step.”

The masses are also very worried and doubtful.

In the survey on whether you support Pengyun fully self-driving cars on the road, 95% or more of the respondents expressed concern.

Answerer A : “I don’t think it is very convincing. Although intelligence is very convenient, it is still better than nothing. If it is wrong, what should I do? Is the passenger not finished?”

Answerer B : “I think it is better to have driver-assisted driving, that is, semi-automatic driving. Fully automatic driving does not sound very reliable. I am sure I will not ride.”

Answerer C : “Resolutely resist such car, it will bring great hidden dangers to our traffic safety! Also, if there is no driver, how many drivers in the country are not unemployed?”

Answerer D : “If someone else doesn’t believe me, but they use the artificial intelligence of Red Letter, there should be some credibility. I think we can test it. It is better to wait for a while on the road.”


It is not only the public opinion that is suspicious, but even the relevant departments became very embarrassed. Do you want to approve the application of Pengyun Automobile to test and prove that the complete autonomous driving technology, is it qualified or unqualified? New problems that have been there.

Pengcheng Transportation Department is currently holding a special meeting on this matter.

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