BTC Chapter 428 : Road Test

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“So far, only L3 Level high-automatic driving test license has been issued nationwide. L5 Level, even if it is a test license, can not be easily issued!” The old cadres of Traffic Management Bureau have a conservative concept.

If their city is the first to issue L5 Level test licenses to Pengyun Automobile, it is tantamount to attracting the focus of topic to them. If there is any security incident in Pengyun driverless car, they will be responsible for these decision-makers.

“I feel that we can try to open it after passing strict tests.” A young cadre said, “Using artificial intelligence to assist traffic management, we have seen it in the past few months, and the results have been remarkable. The Ministry of Transport has also issued documents specifically, urged our local traffic control bureaus to use new technologies.”

“The unmanned driving of this Pengyun car is a fully automatic driving developed with the latest artificial intelligence technology. From an intelligent point of view, it should not be a problem.”

He is the head of Intelligent Transportation Management System. After seeing the convenience of artificial intelligence-assisted traffic management, he is very recognized for artificial intelligence technology.

“How do you know that there is no problem? Unmanned driving involves more than just artificial intelligence, as well as positioning System, sensing system, etc. Can you guarantee that they are ok?” Someone started to speak directly.

“I can’t guarantee it, but we can detect it!” Luo Wei insisted on his own point of view and said: “The future of traffic management and transportation must be based on new technology as the core of intelligent transportation. Without trying, how to know whether it will become better?”

“Xiao Luo said that, it makes sense, but you thought about it, how do we detect it? Fully automatic driving, this is a technology that has never happened before. What methods and standards do we use to ensure that it has no problem? So I think, or If you put it away, you can first issue L3 to Pengyun Motors, or even L4 licenses to ensure driver assistance.“ The traffic control bureau is more neutral, not too radical, nor too conservative.

The people are arguing endlessly, and finally they have to ask the director and deputy director to make the decision.

Secretary Wu Changfeng is deeply frowns, and this is still a trouble. Negation is not good, and the support risks are also big.

Now the whole country, including the above leaders, various departments and enterprises in the transportation industry, are waiting for their response, and we must make a decision as soon as possible.

“Report the test results of Pengyun Auto’s driverless driving again!” He ordered, and someone immediately found the materials and reported the results.

“In the past, their L3 highly automated driving test was conducted for two months. There was no traffic accident or traffic violation. Fully automatic driving, testing for extreme and intense driving conditions, in their own submissions display has passed, but our review has not kept up.”

From the data reports, they can’t find any problems. But the most critical, this is a phased step from manual driving to complete unmanned driving. The first open city will inevitably face the greatest pressure.

Luo Wei added: “The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reviewed their information technology such as intelligent driving, positioning and sensing, which proves that there is no problem.”

Wu Changfeng hesitated for a long time and said: “You can try to approve them to conduct road tests on some roads. At the same time, drivers must be supervised in real time. There must be high traffic accident insurance… let them try for a month.”

Pengcheng Traffic Management Bureau’s “Trial Regulations on ‘Completely Autonomous Vehicles’ was promulgated, allowing Pengyun driverless vehicles to conduct road tests on the roads and awarding them the world’s first “L5 Level” driverless car test license.”

The regulations also stipulate that in the event of any traffic safety problems caused by the immaturity of driverless technology, the test license will be withdrawn and Pengyun Motor will be responsible for the corresponding traffic accident.

When this regulation came out, it did not cause an unexpected social repercussions. The media, experts, and public have disputed this practice and questioned the safety of driverless driving.

But in any case, Pengyun driverless car is eligible for temporary road test, you can try to carry out complete driverless test on the road.

According to the provisions of trial regulations, Pengyun Automobile must still send a safety driver to sit in the car. When the driverless system has an accident, it will control the driving rights of the car in time.

“To test driverless system regularly, there must be no problem!” Inside Pengyun Automobile, Lu Zixin’s senior management meeting emphasized, “currently the relevant departments and most of the people are skeptical about fully automated driving, once we appear any small problem, it will be magnified by the media.”

“Uber Technology Inc. incident is a lesson.”

Previously, a self-driving car from Uber in United States had a traffic accident in Tempe, Arizona. It collided with a pedestrian who was crossing the road. The pedestrian died after being taken to the hospital. The Uber vehicle was in autonomous driving when it hit the pedestrian. this is the first case in history where a self-driving vehicle hit a pedestrian on a public road and died.

After this incident, it caused a huge social repercussion, and some people publicly resisted drone driving. The state’s vehicle management bureau also stopped the driverless test, so that Uber had to transfer the driverless project to other states.

If a similar case develops in China, it is estimated that there is no transfer to other cities for trial treatment, but it is directly banned for a while! That will completely disrupt the industrial layout of Pengyun Auto, which has a great impact.

“We can accept undiscovered problems in the driverless system, but we can’t let such problems cause security incidents!” Lu Zixin’s words were recorded as a core requirement.

In order to let the public see Pengyun’s confidence in driverless driving, Jiang Xunmei decided to test the safety of driving system by personally taking the driverless car on the test day.

On the first day of the actual road test of Pengyun driverless car, Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd., Pengcheng Traffic Management Bureau, all the news media attended the event, holding the ribbon-cutting event for the world’s first L5 Level driverless test license.

Wu Changfeng, Director of Traffic Management Bureau, personally attended the event and participated in the ribbon-cutting.

The local TV station sent a staff member to broadcast live, recording this moment.

A female host of Pengcheng TV station, with a loudspeaker, said to live camera: “Look, this is the world’s first fully self-driving car made by Pengyun Automobile. It will be independent of the driver. Driving on the road. Many people have doubts about it. We connected the camera lens in the car, and there are real-time drone shooting. You can see the actual driving situation on the road immediately.”

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