MST Chapter 223 : Responsibility

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang Liu Chiyan returned to Studio with all the staff.

Many employees still in the state of ‘fine’ and trance. There’s a groups ‘talk’ to each other. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are husband and wife. The news is so shocking that they have to digest it.

Back at the office, Liu Chiyan complained to Ye Guang, “Look at you, let you pay attention to it. Now it’s alright.”

Ye Guang smiled, “You will know if you know it, anyway, sooner or later, employees will know and not confused.”

Liu Chiyan  gave him a white look and didn’t say anything anymore. Since the employees saw it, there’s no way.

The employees still discussing this matter.

“Oh, let’s say, Ye Guang and President Liu are husband and wife. After that, Ye Guang became a boss, and President Liu became Boss’s wife?”

“Uh…it seems like that?””

“No, you are not right, President Liu is President Liu, the company is her, she is boss, Ye Guang is Boss’s wife!”

“Haha, Ye Guang boss’s wife? Hahaha, let me laugh for a while.”

“Yes, yes, Ye Guang is Boss’s wife.”

As a result, Ye Guang has another nickname in the studio, no, the honorific name – Boss’s wife.

Stay in Studio until the afternoon.

Jiang Fengxian came.

“CCTV called, our Journey to the West can continue to broadcast.”

Before Ye Guang could speak, Liu Chiyan said angrily, “Huh! The guy who saw the wind and avoid. They stopped broadcasting when they said it stopped broadcasting, and said to continue when they said to continue broadcasting, how can there be such a good thing!”

Ye Guang didn’t have any thoughts on this matter, “Just broadcast it. Anyway, the copyright is sold to them. It’s up to them to stop or continue it. If we don’t let him broadcast it, then can we stop it? Well, in fact, it’s understandable. At the beginning of this matter, everyone will want to separate the relationship.” Ye Guang said, then he thought, “Yes, I forgot to ask, Old Jiang, has Provincial Writers Association issued a statement to remove me?”

Jiang Fengxian thought for a moment, “I didn’t pay much attention to this, it didn’t seem to be.”

Liu Chiyan took the call, “No, they should make a public statement if they want to remove your name. I have been paying attention these days and have not seen the statement unless they are handled internally.”

Ye Guang: “No, that’s weird.”

In fact, it’s not surprising if Province Writers Association didn’t remove Ye Guang. The beginning of video fermentation, the Provincial Writers Association was also discussing whether to remove Ye Guang. However, two voices appeared in the Provincial Writers Association. One, this matter is significant support for Ye Guang removal in order to distinguish the relationship, the other is Ye Guang’s behavior is a personal behavior. Whether he is a member of Writers Association, his actions shouldn’t be negatively affected by this. The two voices held their own opinions, and they failed to have solution on the first day.

The meeting dragged to the next day, the leader of Provincial Writers Association is under the determination, decided to remove Ye Guang. The names of the delisted documents were signed and the chapters were stamped. What left just a matter of issuing an external statement. At that time, another Weibo video reposting ‘boom’ broke out, and the situation suddenly reversed and the incident developing in a good direction.

The leader of Provincial Writers Association is not stupid. Of course, I understand they can’t removed Ye Guang this time. At this time, if he really removed Ye Guang and caused dissatisfaction from the masses, it might have a negative impact on the provincial association. When everyone regards Ye Guang as a heroic warrior, you give up the person, and that’s what happened.

Therefore, the leader of Provincial Writers Association chased the document back, and stuffed it into the shredder, but also specially ‘crossed it’. “Just when this thing never happened!”

On the other side, CCTV didn’t actually send out a specific statement, but yesterday’s, they actually suspended Ye Guang’s program for a day. Now, the situation has changed, I am ready to continue broadcasting the program immediately. Don’t even say it. This is really… ahem!

In the following days, Ye Guang was completely idle. The Journey to the West program has been recorded, and the video was all right. Ye Guang went to work every day and didn’t anything. The studio staff knew about his relationship with Liu Chiyan. This goods became unscrupulous, when he’s tired from playing games in the office, he went to molest Liu Chiyan, making her blushing.

In other words, it’s really happy to work like this. It doesn’t matter if you can play games at work, and can casually molest beautiful ‘female’ boss. There is really no such happy life. I am happy after get off work and happier in the night after work. As for why I am happier after get off work, you can make up for it.

Because I’m happy after get off work, Liu Chiyan has been wearing peach blossoms every day in the past few days, her face is ruddy, her face is radiant, and her face is more beautiful. This is another thing that I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad cycle. Liu Chiyan also afraid Ye Guang body can’t last. So, these days food at home is exceptionally good. The waist “flower”, leeks, oysters, sea cucumber, lamb “meat” and the like can’t be seen at the dinner table every day.

One day when my parents came to the door, they found this and the same aphrodisiac ingredient when looking through the refrigerator at Ye Guang’s house. So, before returning home, Mother pulled Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan with a weird smile and said. “Mom wants to hug her grandson, but Mom is not in a hurry. Don’t be too anxious. Be restrained.”

The key Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan understood. Be restrained. When Mother said this, Liu Chiyan was ashamed and she had no face to meet people. Without even saying goodbye to her mother, she lowered her head and covered her flushed face, trot back to the bedroom and then put her head in the quilt.

That night, when Ye Guang wanted to make a bad thing for Liu Chiyan, Liu Chiyan didn’t let Ye Guang succeed and made Ye Guang feel depressed.

If you don’t let the “chaos” come and you “make” so many supplements for us to eat, you are not afraid of getting angry and getting nosebleeds.

On this day, Ye Guang happily knocked Erlang ‘legs’ in the office, blowing air conditioners and eating ice cream. Liu Chiyan “kneaded” his shoulders behind him. Liu Chiyan pinched his shoulders because Ye Guang playing game for too long, so his shoulders are sore and Liu Chiyan feel bad, so she becomes a maid.

At this moment, Jiang Fengxian came in. He happened to see this scene with a weird face and a slander in his heart. Your uncle’s, you tm is a real uncle. If someone sees Goddess Liu like this, please be sure. You will not live tomorrow.

Ye Guang: “Hey, Old Jiang, why don’t you knock on the door?”

Jiang Fengxian repaid the injustice, “You don’t shut it down, just hide it like that, don’t you just push it, who knows you”

Ye Guang: “What happened to us? We didn’t do anything shameful. I just asked my wife to press my shoulder.”

Jiang Fengxian: “Well, you are right, I’m not talking to you. This is serious matter, Beijing Satellite TV intends to ask us to make a show.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were shocked.

Ye Guang asked without confirmation, “Looking for us to do the show? Real or fake?”

Jiang Fengxian nodded, “Of course it’s true, I can’t make a joke about it. People attracted to you. They looking for you specially and said, they want you to create a show for them.”

Ye Guang happily said, “When did I have such a big face? Beijing Satellite TV specially named me.”

Jiang Fengxian: “Our Journey to the West storytelling program is not always ‘pretty’ good. it has created a precedent for the successful separation of production and broadcasting. During this period of time, the ratings have gone up again, reaching a new high of 1.22. This is already a very impressive result. It’s reasonable others can see this, plus your previous period time has gained a lot of popularity because of the video. Maybe Beijing satellite TV can still borrow the wind.”

Ye Guang: “Okay, then do it.”

Jiang Fengxian taken aback, “Is that promised? So hasty?”

Ye Guang took a bite of ice cream and said vaguely, “Ang, or what else?”

Jiang Fengxian is speechless.

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