MST Chapter 269 : No, it’s you who have to keep your voice down

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Father Liu watched Ye Guang and Yiyi teasing and laughing. The intimacy and incredibly happy appearance of Ye Guang and Yiyi made Father Liu’s eyes change, and he took a deep look at Ye Guang.

After a while, dinner is ready, so Mother Liu greeted everyone to eat.

Ye Guang still sitting next to Yiyi and has to help Yiyi pick up the dishes.

This meal doesn’t make Ye Guang feel embarrassed and depressed as before. Father Liu still didn’t speak much, but Mother Liu and Aunt Lian still chatted with Ye Guang from time to time. The atmosphere was not active, but it still relatively normal.

This is a good sign.

After dinner, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were sent to the room to copy the book. Ye Guang’s progress is very fast. He would surely be able to copy them all before going to bed tonight. Liu Chiyan is not a lot worse. Of course, Liu Chiyan can be so fast because of Ye Guang helps copying during the day.

In the evening, Liu Chiyan didn’t dare to let Ye Guang help her copy the book. Father Liu and Mother Liu was at home. It was okay to engage like small cat in private, but in front of Father Liu and Mother Liu, her attitude should be correct.

After fighting for a few more hours, Ye Guang completed the “A Man’s Conduct” that he had to transcribe for ten times. After closing the copybook, Ye Guang stretched out, “Finally finished copying.”

Liu Chiyan looked at him, “You are so fast, I’m still not done.”

Ye Guang: “It’s okay, you copy it first, if you don’t want to copy it, just leave it, I will finish it for you tomorrow.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Well, but I’ll copy it by myself now, maybe my parents will come up soon.”

Ye Guang thought for a while, “Then… Should I copy it with you?”

Liu Chiyan is still working hard, but Ye Guang has finished copying and has nothing to do, it would not be nice to be seen by Father Liu and Mother Liu.

In the evening, Father Liu and Mother Liu really came to check the post. They saw that both of them were copying books honestly, so they went out without staying in the room.


At night, the night is already late, Father Liu and Mother Liu has fell asleep. But Ye Guang still helping Liu Chiyan to copy “Instructions for Woman” in his guest room.

The door were gently pushed away, and Liu Chiyan came in lightly and gently, wearing a thin silk pajamas on her body, which was relatively transparent, and her proud body was looming through her pajamas.

Ye Guang turned around and saw Liu Chiyan, he looked stupidly for several seconds. I have been married for so long, and I don’t know how many times I have been in bed with Liu Chiyan, but Liu Chiyan beauty and attractive body are so beautiful, don’t get bored, and still feel amazing.

Ye Guang adam’s apple rolled a little, and smiled, “You really dare to come.”

Liu Chiyan has a blush on her face and give white look at Ye Guang, “…I promised you during the day.” After thinking about it, Liu Chiyan felt that she was a bit too unreserved, and quickly changed her words, “Actually, I come to take a look and see how your copying is going, I’ll go back soon.”

Ye Guang didn’t care. He got up with a smirk and walked to Liu Chiyan’s side and took her into his arms, “Don’t even think about leaving when you come.”

As he said, he hugged Liu Chiyan in an anxious manner, “Little white rabbit entered the wolf’s nest, still thinking about going back, dreaming.” Say, Ye Guang also howled, “The wolf wants to eat little white rabbit.”

“Be quiet, don’t be heard by my parents.” Liu Chiyan’s face is little red, her eyes were flattering, and she patted Ye Guang gently.

Ye Guang smiled, threw Liu Chiyan on the bed, and said with a smirk, “No, it’s you who have to keep your voice down.”

The spring breeze is a few degrees, the peach blossoms are red, the small rooms are filled with the atmosphere of the fans, and the suppressed low snoring and wheezing sounds looming.

After the rain shower, Liu Chiyan still didn’t dare to stay in Ye Guang room. After a short break, she crept back to her room.

The next day.

After breakfast with Father Liu and Mother Liu, Father Liu and Mother Liu is ready to go to work.

Before going out, Father Liu asked, “How’s the copy done?”

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “My copy is finished, and Yan’er’s is a bit close.”

Father Liu stunned, “So fast? I’m talking about copying ten times.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, I have finished copying it ten times. Uncle, we will definitely do our best to handle the things you explained.”

Liu Father still didn’t believe it, can he copied it ten times in 2 days? Don’t you fool people, right?

Father Liu: “Let me take a look.”

Ye Guang went to the room and took the copybook.

Father Liu casually opened the middle page, and the eye was on Ye Guang’s correct line of small characters, neat and tidy, very beautiful.

Father Liu didn’t take a closer look. He was anxious to go out to work. The driver already waiting outside, “The word is good.” Father Liu actually praised Ye Guang, “I took it to the unit to check, if there is a problem, you copied it again!”

Father Liu is skeptical that Ye Guang has copied A Man’s Conduct ten times in two days. He has the intention of making things difficult for Ye Guang. Of course, he has to check it carefully. If the problem is found, hum, let you look at what thunderous fury of our boss!

Although he still doesn’t like Ye Guang, Father Liu has subconsciously positioned himself as the father-in-law of Ye Guang. Is this a good sign? Count… right?



Today is all right. Ye Guang started early in the morning and started work with both hands. After playing with Yiyi at home for a while, Aunt Lian took Yiyi out to change wind. Yiyi is young, and it’s not good to be bored at home. Walking more is good for the child’s physical and mental health.

However, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan have not yet been lifted from the ban. Although they have finished copying the book first, they have not passed the pass until Father Liu said it. Both of them are now cautious, not daring to branch out on this knot.

Father Liu arrived at the unit and worked for a long time. Then he emptied a little and made a cup of tea. Father Liu remembered the copybook that Ye Guang gave him in the morning still in his briefcase.

Take out Ye Guang’s manuscript. Father Liu is ready to check, ready to carry out a careful work of catching insects without letting go of any flaws.

Open the first page, Father Liu looked at, there seemed to be dragons and phoenix dancing in his eyes, then a wild and unruly aura suddenly appeared on the paper.

Father Liu blinked out and blurted out, “Good word!”

Father Liu looked at it carefully, looking at it word by word, pretending to be extremely careful. He looked at it for a while, but he’s still looking at the first page, without any intention of turning the next page.

Finally, after Father Liu carefully finished the words on the first page, “Good, good, good!” Father Liu said good three times, then turned to the next page, but what he saw is completely different.

The line letters are upright and neatly arranged. At first glance, they even have a feeling of machine printing, but if you look closely, you will find that they are very different from machine printing. Line spacing and word spacing are definitely not flat, but the writing style, writing style and attainments are beyond the machine.

“How come?” Father Liu is a little disappointed.

The line at the back also a good word, but Father Liu just glanced at it twice, then turned back to the first page to read it again.

The content of the first page is no doubt, was the one that Ye Guang began to copy with the Cursive script at the time, but later because of Li Chiyan’s dissuasion, he changed it to a neatly letter like bank copybook. However, at the time Ye Guang just turned the page over and didn’t tear it down, so this page was seen by Father Liu.

Father Liu is different from Liu Chiyan. Liu Chiyan doesn’t understand calligraphy, but Father Liu insights and accomplishments about calligraphy are not low. Among many calligraphy, Father Liu favorite is Cursive script!

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