MST Chapter 07 : Late Night Storytelling

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Old Liu’s face, which had been squinting, finally smiled and said: “It’s a good seed, good, good. I thought that Li Delong had stuffed me with a gold-plated clay doll. I didn’t expect that I looked away, and I was married with a piece of jade. OK, you will follow me later. I will teach you all I have!”

Ye Guang smiled. Originally, Old Liu told him to read a paragraph but he recited it. There are some meanings to show off his talents. It is good to have ability. There is no need to hide and squat. Moreover, I will study and work with Old Liu in the future. The talents show up to show their ability to make Old Liu pay more attention to himself and teach him carefully.

Second, at lunch time, Zhao Rui said about Xu Rui, Ye Guang did not forget, the Lord is always the Lord who wants to be favored in Old Liu. Show your talents and improve your core competitiveness!

Although Li Delong is a Radio station Chief, Old Liu is old, and the next group of people can listen to him. He doesn’t have a good relationship with Old Liu. He will work negatively after work, or simply find a reason to wear shoes for Ye Guang. Is it annoying?

“Thank you, Master!” Ye Guang is a clever way.

“Don’t.” Old Liu waved his hand. “I can’t teach you for a few days. I can’t be your master, you have to look at your own understanding. If you want, call me a teacher.”

“Oh, thank you, teacher.”

When the voice was opened, Old Liu and Ye Guang did not talk about it. Most of them were Ye Guang asking Old Liu some questions about the host. Old Liu also patiently answered them one by one.

The two chatted for a few hours, and at the end of chat, it was already ten o’clock in the evening. A few hours of confusing benefited Ye Guang. Sure enough, a good teacher is not the same as his own research. In just a few hours, Ye Guang’s presiding knowledge has been raised several floors. Many of Old Liu’s comments are invisible.

Old Liu will retire in a few days, and the original work will be handed over to other staff members. Otherwise, he will not have time to talk to Ye Guang so much.

At 10:30, Old Liu came to the studio with Ye Guang and led the assistants Ma Tao to explain the use of various broadcasting equipment to Ye Guang.

Broadcast equipment large and small quite a number, and each has a lot of button interface, looking very complicated, but old Liu roughly said that after Ye Guang basically remember, in fact, in the process of broadcasting, host can use a few keys, operation or relatively simple, moreover, There’s an assistant and script attendant out there. Once a live broadcast, assistant and script attendant’s role is enormous, Host only cares about host side, the other aspects are script attendant and assistants and other staff member worked together.

At 11:20 pm, the show is about to begin, and Old Liu and a staff member are preparing in the studio. Ye Guang also helps with the fight.

Ye Guang and staff member took the headphones outside the soundproof glass wall, 11:29, live countdown.

“Five, four, three, two, start!”

“The starry night tonight, at this moment, who are you missing, or who are you meeting, what kind of story is it starting or ending?

Good story to tell you.

Hello everyone, This is Jiangxi Radio station Late night story. I am the host: Bayi.

Next, let’s listen to a story.

The story happened…”

Old Liu’s tone is a bit slow, the voice is very calm, very magnetic, the words are round and the emotions are full. Almost let Ye Guang not find a slight problem, it is indeed an old host, the skill can be seen.

The story told by Old Liu live broadcast, also listened by Ye Guang. The story is relatively simple. To be honest, he didn’t mean to listen.

Old Liu’s show is a story class, from 11:30 pm to 1:00 am, one and a half hours, a total of 90 minutes.

The program consists of three bars. The first quarter is the 30-minute host live storytelling time, then a total of five minutes of advertising and music, host can also take advantage of these five minutes to solve personal hygiene. The second quarter is the same as the first quarter. 30 minutes of live time, plus 5 minutes of intermission. The two bars live for 60 minutes and the music is 10 minutes for a total of 70 minutes. Finally, it is 10-17 minutes of listener’s call time, with music in the middle, an audience call, and host and the audience interact. Because it is a late night, there are not many people listening, and the number of listeners is even less. In fact, most of the world is playing music. At 0:57 in the morning, host said a conclusion, and then two minutes left with music, the whole program was over.

It took more than an hour to finish, and with the goodbye and melodious music of Old Liu and the audience, today’s broadcast is over.

Old Liu, who ended the live broadcast, looked a bit tired. After all, he was too old to stay up late. Old Liu went out of the studio and went back with Ye Guang.

Ye Guang helped the script attendant Old Wang to clean up the instrument and get off work.

Out of the TV station’s door, his father at the door has been waiting for him in the car.

Ye Guang’s car is a black car, the brand is called Anda, the domestic car, the car plus the card is less than 100,000. Usually, Father also opened less, one is not very useful, and the other is mother’s distressed oil.

Get on the car, ignite, go home.

“I am not letting you come, so late, I have to go back and get a car.” Ye Guang and father said.

“It’s too late, your mother is not at ease.” Father said.

“Hey, I am such a big person, why don’t you feel relieved. The robbery saw my physique didn’t dare to start.” Ye Guang smiled.

Father snorted: “You will have a sorrow, and you will have a day in the morning and evening. Go out and be careful. ”

Along the way, Ye Guang chatted and talked with Father about the situation of going to work today. When Li Delong asked him to go to the show, Father shot his thigh. “Hey, Old Li is doing things brightly. Next time he is looking for me to drink, your mother can’t stop.”

“You just want to drink alcohol…”

When I got home, mother still thought about giving Ye Guang a bowl of noodles. Ye Guang didn’t want to, and he slept after he washed. On this day, from morning till night, it was really tired.

Going to sleep, dreaming all night. Unfortunately, I didn’t enter Dream World and saw the person who he thought.


The next day, because I had to go to work at 6:00 pm, there was still a lot of free time during the day. Ye Guang slept comfortably, and finally Ye Guang was taken out of the bed by mother.

After lunch, I was still away from work, my parents were busy, and Ye Guang was bored. Next watching boring TV on Sofa and watching the entertainment channel. After all, the goal now is to be celebrity, the entertainment circle still has to pay attention to it! After watching the TV in the afternoon, I didn’t see anything useful. Of course, Ye Guang didn’t know what was useful or useless, so let’s pass the time.

“Huang Yiran couples show love.”

“Li Sihua or join ZJsatellite TV.”

“Heavenly Queen Liu Chiyan is suspected of appearing in Nanchang.”

“Teen idol Lu Fan denies that his acting skills are poor.”


One afternoon, Ye Guang saw a lot of boring entertainment news. 5:00 pm, Ye Guang ate something, slammed himself and went out to work.

He drives father Anda. Father usually doesn’t drive very much. Ye Guang is far away from work and it is late at night. It is inconvenient to go to and from work. I can’t always take a taxi or father to pick it up  every day. So, after father waved his hand, the car will be opened to you later.

There was some blockage on the road, and Ye Guang had arrived at the unit and parked the car at 5:55.

Time is just right.

Take a quick walk into Jiangxi TV station building. Two ladies were also walking out of the building, all wearing sunglasses and masks. Dressed in a windbreaker, one tall and one short, and passing by Ye Guang.

Ye Guang took two more steps and suddenly shuddered like an electric shock.

Suddenly stopped. Turn around.

The two ladies backs were tall and short, and Ye Guang’s gaze was stopped on the tall woman with a windbreaker and straight hair.

Ye Guang opened his mouth and leaned forward with one hand, he wanted to call the girl.

But didn’t say anything after all.

Forget it, Ye Guang shook his head and looked at the time. There were still three minutes. He had to go upstairs to take the attendance.

Turn around and walk upstairs.

The two ladies walked quickly to the parking lot, and the taller lady seemed to feel something. The pace was getting slower, slower, and finally stopped.

The lady slowly turned her back to look at the TV station door, but did not see anything.

“What happened, Yan’er?” The lady next to her also stopped and asked. Looking back at Yan’er’s gaze, she saw nothing.

“Nothing, seems to see an acquaintance.” Yan’er said, the sound is crisp and sweet.

“Oh, let’s go. It is not good to be discovered.” The lady said that she took Yan’er and took a quick walk.

At 17:59:11, “Ding, sign-in success.” Ye Guang gave a sigh of relief when the sound of the machine sounded, “The 500 yuan full attendance prize has been saved!”

Old Liu has arrived, holding a cup of tea and blowing slowly.

“Teacher Liu is good.” Ye Guang smiled and said hello.

“Come.” Old Liu also smiled at Ye Guang and nodded.

“Teacher Liu, I went home yesterday and figured out some problems. I have to ask for advice later.” Ye Guang sat down and looked at Old Liu.

“Okay,it’s a good thing to be able to figure it out, which shows that you have a high level of understanding and don’t hesitate to ask anything.” Old Liu responded.

So, next, Old Liu taught Ye Guang for few hours.

Old Liu’s assistant, Ma Tao, was also looking for Old Liu to comment on the manuscript, and said something about the live broadcast tonight, but the two men and women talked hotly, turned and left silently.

“You learn very quickly. I can say that I teach you almost everything I have, and I have nothing to tell you. Then you follow me, look at it with your heart, learn by heart, digest with your heart. That’s it. After two days, I ’ll wait for your integration, I will let you try it on the show! In addition, all parties in the program group can help each other to get the handles, do the miscellaneous, although you are the host, but other groups of large and small work, I do not ask you to, but you all at least understand, you understand. Learn more, see more, do more. Although the listening rate of this program is not very good, it is also on stage. It’s been in the bottom line, but there are still signs in it. If you take it from my hand in the future, don’t smash my sign”

At the end of the chat, Old Liu spoke earnestly and said to Ye Guang

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