BTC Chapter 207 : Said on TV

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“Don’t be too proud, when you go to the masters, we have to go all out.” Xu Xiuying said, “Get into the top three!”

“Top three!” In the eyes of everyone have fighting spirit, they are all motorcycle enthusiasts, getting a place is a very glorious thing for them.

And if they use their assembled and modified motorcycle to get a place, they will be famous, and they will be sponsored to form a company.

Every young person has dreamed of achieving success in his or her favorite field. However, only a very small number of people can succeed. Xu Xiuying’s family background is so good that she has not received any support, Xu Wenbin thinks that she is not doing business, and he has not promised to sponsor her.

A group of people are busy, the game is tomorrow, they need to be prepared.

Lu Zixin became a superfluous person. Xu Xiuying saw it and asked: “Would you to take a ride? Do you want to use my motorcycle?”

“Okay.” Lu Zixin is also doing this.

However, A Jing looked at Xu Xiuying with wide eyes and said: “You actually let him ride your motorcycle? This is what we assembled together, how can you let the stinky man touch our motorcycle!”

“He is a guest, let him ride, nothing.” Xu Xiuying explained.

“Then you won’t let him ride another motorcycle?” A Jing continued to ask.

“A Jing, you don’t want to make trouble, don’t you just ride a motorcycle? Not for him!” Xu Xiuying was a little angry, and eyebrow was slightly picked up.

“I am unreasonable?” A Jing was even more angry. She said: “Is people worried that he will break your motorcycle? Is this motorcycle not going to the competition tomorrow? What if it is broken?”

“And, You just brought him over, so close, I saw it!”

A Jing’s voice was very wronged. She just saw Xu Xiuying driving over. Lu Zixin held her waist and her heart was already dissatisfied. Now Xu Xiuying has put them on a motorcycle that has been painstakingly assembled to let him ride, and her vinegar jar has turned over.

“A Jing, you are too much! This is just a normal behavior!” Xu Xiuying asked.

“I am too much.” A Jing bit her teeth and said: “Then play, I wish you a happy time!”

She said, she was red-eyed and went to the room. There was still a faint sound of sobbing inside, and it was estimated that it was crying.

Lu Zixin is speechless. He has seen couples quarreling many times, but a pair of lilies quarreled, and it is because of him, this kind of thing is the first time encountered, maybe A Jing’s mentality is more vulnerable than the average person.

“That… I don’t ride.” Lu Zixin said slyly.

However, the people in motorcycle repair shop looked at him uncomfortably, thinking that he was the chief culprit in this.

Xu Xiuying took a deep breath and said: “Go your riding, don’t worry about her!”

“Ride this motorcycle.” The blue-haired youth pointed at an old-fashioned motorcycle. It was after a person sent to the repair shop. Because of the poor performance, a motorcycle that was simply not needed was basically eliminated. He said: “I took him for a ride.”

Lu Zixin was too uncomfortable and agreed to go out for a ride on the old-fashioned motorcycle.

The body design of this old-fashioned motorcycle is not bad. It is the engine, the engine is aging, the roaring is loud, and the speed is very slow. Compared with the handsome blue-haired young motorcycle, it is a turtle.

What is the meaning of driving the motorcycle here, the speed is slow? It feels better to ride an electric scooter. Lu Zixin regrets not riding the modified motorcycle of Xu Xiuying.

He suddenly had an idea. If you merge Level 1 with mechanical equations and motorcycle, can you become a “deformation motorcycle”?

The blue-haired youth took him for a while and stopped at a no-man’s place. He said, “Resting, my name is Hong Zhen, the vice president of Hemu Motorcycle Club.”

“Lu Zixin.” Lu Zixin replied simply.

“Are you from the mainland?” Hong Zhen asked, with a little inexplicable sense of superiority in his tone.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“Your accent is the mainland sound, and your motorcycle rides very badly. I heard that few people in the mainland can afford to ride a motorcycle.” Hong Zhen lit a cigarette and said.

Lu Zixin smiled and asked, “Where did you hear about it?”

“On the TV!” of course Hong Zhen said, “You don’t have a lot of motorcycle?”

“It’s not much.” Lu Zixin said that Hong Zhen had just had some contentment, but Lu Zizin self-confidence turned and said: “Because many people drive cars, or take high-speed rails and planes, motorcycle are rarely used.”

“Hehe.” Hong Zhen did not believe it, “Do you have a high-class motorcycle like me? I used the Japan, Italy, Germany and the local high-end accessories!”

“That might be more advanced than yours.” Lu Zixin said.

“Bragging!” Hong Zhen did not believe at all, “Our motorcycle is the best, and I designed the modified motorcycle, which is more perfect than the average racing motorcycle. Your motorcycle is definitely better than me!”

“That’s why you have never been. If you compare it, you won’t say that.” Lu Zixin wants to blow his confidence.

However, Hong Zhen is not only not hit, but despise: “You don’t understand motorcycle at all, and then I told you that it is also white. Anyway, I am very powerful, you don’t understand. You mainland people like to brag, this is the news said!”

Lu Zixin was also ignited by him, saying: “Blowing? I can improve the assembly of a motorcycle, it is better than yours!”

He wants to give the arrogant guy a lesson and let him know that the news is not all right.

“Hahaha.” Hong Zhen laughed and said: “Big, I am professional! I dare say that the whole Beitai City knows no more than fifty people better than me! You don’t brag! If you can modify the motorcycle, Can be better than me, I can shout a father in the direction of the mainland.”

His tone is extremely exaggerated, and this sentence is often considered absolutely impossible in his place.

“Oh,” Lu Zixin felt that it was necessary for him to implement a wave. He said, “Well, I am going to modify a motorcycle now. If it is better than yours, don’t forget what you just said. ”

“I never regret it.” Hong Zhen affirmed, “You just ask for help, my motorcycle is absolutely first class!”

“No help, I only need a motorcycle, this motorcycle, how much, I bought it.” Lu Zixin pointed to the old-fashioned motorcycle that he had just rode. Although the performance of this motorcycle has not kept up with the times, the fuselage design and quality of the outer casing are good. As long as it is improved, it will be completely new.

“This motorcycle?” Hong Zhen saw suddenly with a smile, “haha, you really don’t understand. This motorcycle is from ten years ago, except for one shell, the rest of the parts are out of date. You choose this It’s better to buy a new one.”

“I want this motorcycle, how much?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Without money, I will give it to you!” said Hong Zhen. “But if you lose, you have to promise one thing, don’t follow Ying sister again.”

“OK, that’s it.” Lu Zixin nodded.

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