MST Chapter 06 : First day to work

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TV station’s cafeteria is very good, there are a lot of dishes.

According to Zhao Rui, TV station’s cafeteria are standard, no matter whether it is sanitary or oily, it is much better than the small restaurant outside, and it is clean and safe to eat.

The price is also very cheap, the cost price.

3 yuan for vegetables, 6 yuan for small leeks, and 10 yuan for big leeks.

The canteen is not cash, brush the Job card. Job card is a desk card, badge, access control, attendance, and canteen.

Ye Guang’s Job card has already been done in the morning. By the way, 300 yuan was recharged for meal. The last two people spent four dish and spent a total of 36 yuan.

Ye Guang smiled and said to Zhao Rui, this is the first time he has invited someone to eat and spend so little and still eat so well.

After a meal, Ye Guang and Zhao Rui have a lot of relationships. After dinner, Zhao Rui whispered to him and said: “Little Ye, my sister and you cast a fate, and tell you a few honest words, you listen. Just put it in your stomach, don’t tell others that I said it.”

Ye Guang quickly nodded and said: “Sister Zhao, rest assured, what do you say? I promise not to go out.”

Zhao Rui’s voice was two degrees lower, whispering and said to Ye Guang: “Little Ye may not know when you first came. The water in TV station can be deep. Our Radio station is not the best department of TV station, and the errands are not so much curved. The oil and water are bent around, but in private, it is also inflicted and the competition is fierce. Take Old Liu, who is about to retire. It turns out that Old Liu popularity has not been very good. He is an older generation. There is a generation gap with us. I can’t talk about it, nobody wants to take care of him, but now he’s going to retire, you know how many people have changed their way to him during this time. What is the picture?”

Ye Guang nodded slightly.

Zhao Rui added: “Little Ye, are you related to Chief Li?”

Ye Guang didn’t hide his ear and sneaked his head and nodded. “My father and Uncle Li are comrades.”

“Mn.” Zhao Rui nodded. “Little Ye, you have to be careful at Radio station in the future. Others can say that Chief Li is holding you back. They don’t dare to mess around, but there is one person who has to be extra careful. This person is called Xu Rui, and now he is doing an editor. During this time, he counts the most positive and dead skins he has made to Old Liu. Old Liu is a late shifter. He is good, he doesn’t go home after work, and he takes the initiative to work overtime, just to get together with Old Liu. This person has a bad stomach and heard that he has a relationship with a leader in TV station. Chief Li lets you follow Old Liu to learn things. He may not dare to do anything on the bright side. I am afraid that he has already hated you in his heart, be careful that he will give you a trouble.”

Zhao Rui finished, Ye Guang instantly remembered the young man with black-framed glasses in his eyes. If he didn’t guess wrong, he should be Xu Rui.

“Thank you Sister Zhao, I know. I will pay attention to it.” Ye Guang really appreciates Zhao Rui.

“Well, you are careful anyway. Also, don’t say what I said to you, or Sister Zhao can’t mix in the unit.” said Zhao Rui.

Ye Guang smiled and said, “Don’t worry Sister Zhao, I will rot your words in my stomach. I will not betray you even if they hold a gun.”


After lunch, Ye Guang and Zhao Rui returned to Radio station office area, Ye Guang office area was also arranged, next to Liu Bayi, sitting side by side with Liu Bayi. This place was originally occupied by people, but Li Delong in order to let Ye Guang get familiar with the work as soon as possible, and arrange Little Li in this position to the opposite space.

In the afternoon, Old Liu was no longer there. He was late at night channel. He was not there in the morning. He only arrived at the company because of some things in the resignation procedure. Later, Ye Guang will work with Old Liu, and the working hours will be arranged from 6 pm to 1 am.

In the afternoon, it wasn’t Ye Guang’s working time. He should have gone back, but Ye Guang looked at the time. It was already two o’clock in the afternoon, and the family was far away. It was a long time to go back and forth. Simply don’t go back.

Pulling out the domestic orange cell phone, Ye Guang gave a call to Mother to explain the situation. Mother asked a long question and talked with Ye Guang for ten minutes, and she told Ye Guang that that it was out of work so late, there was no bus, the taxi was too expensive, and after that, let the father drive to pick him up.

Hang up the phone, Ye Guang feels, in the end is still a mother, how to calm down and still care about you.

In the afternoon, Ye Guang is also bored. I don’t know what to do.

The so-called bullying of new colleagues in other units has made it difficult for new colleagues to do anything. After all, everyone knows that the new comrade, Ye Guang has a relationship with the chief. Who will be stupid to forced him to pour water? The documents touched the head of leader?

Taking advantage of the idle time, Ye Guang opened the computer on the desk and signed up for the Host exam online. The registration is very simple, simply fill in the information and submit the exam directly on the day of exam.

Then Ye Guang searched for some training materials about host and slowly studied it.

Host, in the final analysis, the most important factors are eloquence, field control, psychological control, plus knowledge and some personality.

For the time being, the eloquence of Ye Guang has been good, plus the skill of System ‘The Gift of Gab’, Singer’s Excellent Emotions and Voice, Ye Guang is very confident.

In terms of field control, Ye Guang felt that he should be no problem. After a few months of teaching, the rhythm of class every day is actually a kind of field control ability.

In terms of psychology, Ye Guang always feels that he is stupid and bold, and no stage fright should happen. Moreover, there are so many students in class, and the broadcast host is just a microphone.

One afternoon, Ye Guang searched online for various host training materials. Unconsciously, it was already more than five in the afternoon, and Ye Guang went to the cafeteria to have a meal.

When he came back, he saw that Old Liu had arrived and was sitting in the seat and reading the newspaper.

Many of Old Liu’s age have the habit of reading newspapers. On the contrary, young people are now rarely reading newspapers.

Seeing Ye Guang came, Old Liu looked up at him.

“Come here.”

“Yes, hello Teacher Liu, please take care of me in the future.” Ye Guang smiles and says hello to Old Liu.

Old Liu continued to read the newspaper. He said: “I can’t talk about it, I haven’t taken apprentice, I don’t know how to teach. You follow me to watch and learn. How much you can learn is your own skill.”

Ye Guang froze, this attitude is a bit wrong, how did he offend him?

Ye Guang and Old Liu are not familiar with each other. I don’t know how to pick them up. I laughed and said, “Thank you, Teacher Liu.” Then sit in your seat and continue to see his host training materials.

For a long while, Old Liu seemed to be tired of reading. He put down the newspaper and turned to look at Ye Guang. He found Ye Guang reading host training materials on the computer and writing and drawing notes on the notebook from time to time.

“It is useless to look at these.” Old Liu said.

Ye Guang is a little surprised and turns to look at Old Liu.

“To be an host, it is not enough to look at it. What’s more important is to be able to say, come read this, first edition, you will read a paragraph for me.” Old Liu handed the newspaper to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang took the newspaper and looked at it. It was a People’s Daily. The first edition was titled: Towards modern education with Chinese characteristics and world level.

Ye Guang watched for twenty or thirty seconds. Put down the newspaper and look at Old Liu. he said loudly: “The overall development level of China’s education industry has advanced into the upper ranks of the world. The popularity of education has increased significantly. The rate of gross enrollment in the three years before national level has reached the average level of middle and high-income countries. The compulsory education penetration rate exceeds the average level of high-income countries. The high school education and higher education gross enrollment rate exceed the average level of middle and high-income countries.

Education equity has made great progress. As at the end of 2016, there were 684 rural teachers subsistence subsidy policies in 708 county-level units in the national concentrated and special hardship area, with coverage of 97%. “Free normal students” attract 34,000 college graduates to teach in rural primary and middle schools every year, 310,000 “extra-post teachers” cover more than 30,000 rural schools in Midwest, more than 6.4 million Midwest rural teachers receive the “Coreteacher plan” training. At the same time, more than 36 million students benefited from the nutrition improvement program for rural compulsory education students; 2/3 of all classes of students at all levels in the country were exempted from tuition and fees, and 2/3 enjoyed various subsidies.”

Ye Guang speaks clearly and has a very accurate pronunciation. The word is round, because it is news, and does not require much emotional input, Ye Guang just memorizes newspaper contents very smoothly.

Thanks to Highly Retentive Memory skill. Ye Guang swept the newspaper at first sight, and the entire content of newspaper, was clearly remembered in a word by Ye Guang, but he didn’t want to be too shocking, so he watched it for twenty or thirty seconds. .

Old Liu was surprised. He took the newspaper from Ye Guang and looked down. Then I looked at Ye Guang and said, “You are coming again.”

Ye Guang did not say anything, and immediately recited: “The overall development level of China’s education industry has advanced into the world. Universal education among the students of all levels, 2/3 are exempt from tuition fees, and 2/3 enjoy various kinds of subsidies.” This time, Old Liu is almost a word-word pair,  but the more surprised he was in the back, the word was not bad, the word was not bad! It’s incredible.

Old Liu followed Ye Guang’s memorable rhythm, a word-by-word check. At the end of the recital, the newspaper was slowly put down, and Old Liu’s eyes flashed a glimpse at Ye Guang.

“Um, Teacher Liu, I have better memory from a young age. Should I have a mistake?” Ye Guang touched the nose and explained with a smile.

Old Liu nodded suspiciously, but there seemed to be nothing else to explain, only thanks to the memory. Ye Guang’s performance really surprised him. This is a news report. With so many words, the reading speed is slower than twenty or thirty seconds, and the language is not as smooth as usual. Moreover, there is still a lot of data in this news. Ye Guang just looked at it again, and even the text with the data is all right. Old Liu even felt that Ye Guang had even punctuated the signs.

Yes, Old Liu feels right, and Ye Guang does remember the punctuation.

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