MST Chapter 198 : If you’re not happy, you will eat lollipops

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Fan Qingwen obviously didn’t believe Ye Guang’s statement, and Ye Guang knows this reason is strange and continues to talk.

Ye Guang continued to argue, “Sister Qingwen, don’t want to think about it. Teacher Fan knows my family. I haven’t made any windfall in these years. If I have money, it’s my parents. Where do I have 500,000 to pays Teacher Fan medical expenses? I just graduated and working, how can I have 500,000? It’s not me, you are looking for the wrong person.”

Fan Qingwen on the other end of the phone was silent. Then Ye Guang heard Fan Qingwen talking in a low voice with someone. But, her voice was soft, and she is holding the phone. Ye Guang couldn’t hear what she said.

Fan Qingwen: “Little Ye, sister is asking you again, really not you?”

Ye Guang affirmed, “Definitely not me. I have this heart, but I really don’t have the money.”

Fan Qingwen was silent for another two seconds and then said, “Well, that’s fine, thank you Little Ye.”

Ye Guang: “Well, Sister Qingwen, goodbye. I’m going to see Teacher Fan another day.”

Fan Qingwen said, “Okay, Little Ye, you are free to come over, and thank you for the money, I will return it later.”

With that, Fan Qingwen hung up the phone.

Ye Guang smiled helplessly while holding the phone, okay, this is already believed to be him, are you really afraid of finding the wrong person?


Fan Qingwen hung up and watched Teacher Fan’s with a helpless shrug.

Teacher Fan smiled, “I said, this youngster will not admit it.”

Fan Qingwen said, “When he talking to me, I almost believed it.”

Teacher Fan laughed happily, “This youngster is clever. Don’t listen to his nonsense. It’s him. It’s right, forget it, don’t force him.”

Fan Qingwen nodded, “Well, dad, this money…”

Teacher Fan thought for a moment, “Let’s do this first. I definitely wouldn’t accept any favors from others, but I can accept Little Ye’s mind. Who let him break my fish tank?” Teacher Fan made a joke. Fan Qingwen didn’t laugh, but Teacher Fan laughed. “But, Qingwen, we have to pay back this money, this is fundamental! You know?”

Fan Qingwen nodded, “Well, I know, don’t worry, Dad. I will pay back later.”

Teacher Fan nodded and looked at Fan Qingwen with some pity, “Qingwen, it’s hard for you, Dad dragged you down.”

Fan Qingwen: “Dad, what are you talking about, what is dragging down, I’m your daughter.”

Teacher Fan sighed, “Unfortunately, Little Ye is a little younger and has married.”

Fan Qingwen suddenly blushed, “Dad, what do you think?”

Fan Qingwen not too old, only 29 years old, five years older than Ye Guang. She is genius, 26-year-old took doctorate. She looks pretty, although not as beautiful like Liu Chiyan, but it’s standard beauty. Maybe because of high degree education and vision. Fan Qingwen never dated a suitable person. Currently, she is single. If Ye Guang hadn’t married. Perhaps Teacher Fan really will move this negative thoughts, after all, the daughter is not young. It’s time to marry and start a family.

In the afternoon.

Time for school leave.

Ye Guang went to pick up Yiyi and went home.

“Teacher Liu is good.” Ye Guang came to the door of Yiyi’s classroom and greeted Teacher Liu at the door, “I will pick up children.”

Teacher Liu saw Ye Guang, her eyes brightened, pointing to Ye Guang, “Ye Guang, Ye Guang! Haha, it’s really you. ”

Teacher Liu was obviously excited when she saw Ye Guang. Ye Guang was a little confused about what happened to Teacher Liu.

“I saw you on TV!” Teacher Liu said happily, “I saw you on the stage of The Strongest Voice. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The parents of our classmate Yiyi actually big star!”

He’s afraid, Teacher Liu hasn’t paid attention to the trend on the Internet in the past few days. Otherwise, the direction of jumping event, Teacher Liu has to say something about him.

Ye Guang touched his nose, okay, the feeling is because The Strongest Voice. Ye Guang waved his hand and said, “Don’t dare, I don’t dare to be, what is my star?”

Teacher Liu smiled, “You’re really humble. Whoever has seen the strongest voice does know you. This is not star, then what is it? You taken away The Strongest Voice trophy.”

Ye Guang: “…Uh, accident, accident.”

Teacher Liu: “Parent Ye Guang, you’re really amazing. I didn’t expect you work in Heavenly Queen Liu Studio. The songs you wrote for Heavenly Queen Liu are really good. I want to say this. The Strongest Voice has only one champion, and that is Heavenly Queen Liu.”

Ye Guang responded with a smile.

Teacher Liu: “And, there’s Lilac, it’s really touching. I cried many times listening it. The story of Ding Xiang and Zhao Lei is so touching, and that courage.. ….That you are old …… The first Invisible Wings…”

Teacher Liu talked endlessly, like a fan seeing an idol, excited.

Ye Guang smiled awkwardly. Originally, he wanted to wait for Teacher Liu to finish speaking, but seeing Teacher Liu’s energy. It’s estimated he would wait for an hour or two, so he had to interrupt Teacher Liu.

“That… Teacher Liu.” Ye Guang interrupted Teacher Liu, who had been talking. “Sorry, Teacher Liu. I’m a bit in a hurry today. I have to leave after picking up Yiyi. Let’s talk next time.”

Ye Guang is feels upset today, and his smile is now forced out. He’s really in no mood to chat with Teacher Liu, so he can only end the topic in a hurry.

Teacher Liu slammed her head, “Yes, yes, yes, sorry. I was so excited to see you all of a sudden. I wondered why you didn’t come to pick up Yiyi a few days ago. Then I see you appear on The Strongest Voice. Only then did I realized, it really shocked me that time.” Teacher Liu almost started talking again, “Oh, why did I say it again, stop it, stop it, don’t delay your time.”

Teacher Liu turned into the classroom and shouted: “Liu Yitong, your father is here.”

Yiyi came out of the classroom clutching her schoolbag. When Ye Guang came, she already heard his movement and saw it, but Kindergarten’s teacher had a rule. Every student can’t run around after school, and had to be called before they can get out. Yiyi is a good obedient student.

Yiyi had already saw Ye Guang. She was ready to go out, but Teacher Liu spent a long time chatting with Ye Guang, and Yiyi almost anxious.

Goodbye to Teacher Liu, Ye Guang left the classroom with Yiyi.

After the two went away, Teacher Liu thought of something and slammed her head. “Oh, forget to sign!”

Yiyi knew something had happened at home in the morning. Although she didn’t know what happened, she knew Ye Guang is not very happy.

This will cause Ye Guang to take her without saying a word. Yiyi frequently turned to look at Ye Guang and found his brows had been slightly wrinkled.

Yiyi suddenly stopped walking.

Ye Guang is a bit strange, “Why don’t you stop? Want me to carry you again?”

Yiyi shook her head, opened the small bag, found a lollipop from inside, and handed it to Ye Guang.

“Ye Guang, don’t be unhappy, eat lollipops. If I’m not happy, I will eat lollipops. This is for you to eat, you will not be unhappy after a while.”

Ye Guang’s heart was warm. The wrinkled brow finally stretched out.

Picking up Yiyi and kissed her face, “Thank you, Yiyi.”

Yiyi said with a smile, “No thanks, if you’re not happy after eating, I will give you snacks.”

Ye Guang took the lollipop given by Yiyi, opened it, and put it in his mouth.

Well, it’s sweet.

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