MST Chapter 276 : I won’t take care this kind of person

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Ye Guang screamed and shocked several people present.

Others couldn’t understand what Kim Tae-seo had just said, but Ye Guang understood it. Kim Tae-seo said, “You Chinese people are really dirty.”

Although he said that in Korean language, but Ye Guang really understands the Korean language. When he heard this, Ye Guang couldn’t hold the fire in his heart. He broke out on the spot, but didn’t directly go up to slap him, it’s already a matter of Ye Guang’s conservation.

The person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV and Kim Tae-seo agent also heard Ye Guang’s anger, their expressions changed, and they quickly running and rushed over to Ye Guang from the side.

Goddess Liu and Lan Bao also come out from the mud pool to the shore. It seems that something went wrong and the situation is not small, otherwise Ye Guang will not be so angry.

Kim Tae-seo didn’t know that it was shocked by Ye Guang’s angry screaming or he’s a little surprised that Ye Guang actually understood what he is saying in Korean, with a surprised expression on his face, he didn’t speak for a long time.

The person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV and the agent of Kim Tae-seo agent have all arrived.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” Yu Ke, the person in charge of Beijing TV, asked, “Director Ye, what’s the matter?”

Ye Guang still looked at Kim Tae-seo with anger, hesitating whether to go up and ‘pick’ him.

Heavenly King Liu explained a bit, “Kim Tae-seo is not willing to go to the mud pool, then…”

Heavenly King Liu simply told the story.

After Yu Ke listened to this, he quickly began to round the field, “Director Ye, you calm down, it’s all trivial, trivial, don’t be angry, I will communicate with them, you calm down.”

Then, he took Kim Tae-seo and his agent, three people came to a side and whispered.

After a while, Yu Ke came over, “Director Ye, calm down, it’s not a big problem. Kim Tae-seo side still willing to cooperate with our program, but this mud pool some people can’t accept, you don’t say, this mud pool, is put in ordinary person, we also must avoid it. What’s more, he is an idol star. It is inevitable that he has a little idol burden. People are guests and we are the host. We should take care of it. Director Ye, you see otherwise, our game projects also designed more. If you change one that doesn’t require much preparation, everyone will accommodate each other. We will continue to record the show, Kim Tae-seo will continue to cooperate, so everyone is happy, why bother to make trouble? Do you think this will work?”

Ye Guang looked at Yu Ke,” I have said very clearly. If you don’t go down, just let me go. I am not his father. Why should I accommodate him? Not to mention that the program charter will not be changed, even if I can change it, I will not change it because of him! What the hell.” Ye Guang tone is quite angrily.

Yu Ke is was a little embarrassed. Ye Guang’s previous words are indeed rushing, although not for Yu Ke, but Kim Tae-seo is the person who came over from Beijing Satellite TV.

Yu Ke continued, “Oh, Director Ye, calm down, you’re big man, don’t be familiar with them. It is not difficult to change the game link, it is all to record the show.”

Ye Guang shook his head, “No discussion, I have the final say on the set! Whatever he wants? Don’t play? Sorry, I don’t wait! It’s to shoot or roll!”

Yu Ke smiled a little dry and looked embarrassed, “That… Director Ye, you are waiting for the meeting, calm down, I’m going to communicate with them.” With that, Yu Ke went over to Kim Tae-seo and his agent again.

To tell the truth, if you really follow Ye Guang’s temper, he will not even give them the opportunity to discuss, directly let him go away, but after all there are so many people in the crew and Ye Guang is the leader, he has to come up with some tolerance, as the chief director, he can have his own style of accident, but he can’t show too small belly ‘Chicken’ intestines. In addition, Ye Guang also has some worries. First, it is the human relationship problem on Beijing satellite TV side. He can treat Kim Tae-seo fiercely, this is fine, because this is only for Kim Tae-seo personally, but if Kim Tae- Seo is kicked out immediately because of this, it is hard to say what Beijing satellite TV over there will think.

Furthermore, this recording of the show came to this remote village. If Kim Tae-seo is kicked away, what will the guests of the show do? How to record the show? Moreover, because Kim Tae-seo is the person recommended by Beijing Satellite TV, also Kim Tae-seo popularity in the country is very high, and there are many fans. Beijing Satellite TV also wants to use his popularity to make the ratings reach a new high, so yesterday, the news Kim Tae-seo will appear as guest on Running Man has been released, in order to let Kim Tae-seo fans to watch the show on Saturday and contribute some ratings.

Therefore, Ye Guang can’t be too arrogant. He just said that he would roll if he didn’t shoot, but he didn’t directly let him roll. Of course, if Kim Tae-seo continues to play big card and still refuses to cooperate, then he is sure to let him go. Anyway, it is absolutely impossible for Ye Guang to change the game link because of him.

My wife was injured and didn’t say to change, because of you it will change? Are you counting a ball?

Yu Ke came here again, his face was not very good, and he still had an embarrassing smile, “This… Director Ye, can you discuss it?”

Ye Guang startled, huh , is the other party still holding it? Do you really think we won’t let you go? Who gives you the confidence?

On the contrary, Ye Guang laughed and waved his hand, “Supervisor Yu, don’t be embarrassed, it’s not necessary.” Yu Ke is the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV, and his position in the crew is as producer. Ye Guang continued, “Let they leave, don’t talk, just directly let him get out.”

Yu Ke groaned, and quickly said, “Don’t, Director Ye, how is this going, you’re calm down, I’m going to talk to them.”

Ye Guang pulled him, “Supervisor Yu, don’t, you are in the middle and you will embarrassed. It’s not that I’m rushing you and Beijing Satellite TV. I think this youngster is not good, just like this, let him go,  whether he’s worthy of cooperation or not. I don’t want to use him anymore.”

Yu Ke saw Ye Guang is serious and his face was not looking good. He pulled down his face that had always made a strong smile, “Director Ye, are you thinking about this? A trivial matter, there is no need to make such a fuss, go out to make people laugh. Also, Director Ye, this person is recommended by our station, don’t look at the monk’s face to see Buddha’s face, can Director Ye consider it again?”

Yu Ke didn’t speak thoroughly, can also say that he didn’t tear his face, but the meaning in the words is obvious, which means that this person is recommended by Beijing Satellite TV. You, Ye Guang, can’t make a fuss, you have to save face. Take care of yourself!

Yu Ke has no job in the crew, but he represents Beijing Satellite TV and is also very important, but today he sandwiched in the middle and was not pleased, so his heart also angry. For him,  this matter is actually a big fuss. Beijing Satellite TV and Youxianqi is now a cooperative relationship. Even if the crew chief director is Ye Guang, it still has to show some face. How can it be said? Isn’t this hitting the face of Beijing Satellite TV?

Ye Guang narrowed his eyes, looked at Yu Ke, and said sternly, “Supervisor Yu, our company and your Beijing Satellite TV are brothers on the same boat now, I have given your Beijing Satellite TV face, otherwise I wouldn’t agree to let the guests you recommend.”

Ye Guang said so, let Yu Ke’s face eased a little. “…But ” Ye Guang still not finished, “one yard is one yard, I have the final say in the crew! Holding cards, playing big cards, making conditions, sorry, I’m not waiting for such people!”

“Let him roll!”

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