MST Chapter 277 : Isn’t it just acting for fun?

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Ye Guang another phrase ‘Let him roll’ makes Yu Ke’s eyes changed.

At first he thought that Ye Guang had softened. He didn’t expect Ye Guang to turn around and the attitude has become surprisingly firm up

Heavenly King Liu and other guests smiled helplessly on the side.

Liu Chiyan frowned slightly, she didn’t want Ye Guang to make things worse.

Yu Ke’s face looked very ugly, and the three words unhappy seemed to be written on his face,. Yu Ke said with a cold face, “Director Ye, are you hard-hearted? Are you really not giving any face?”

Ye Guang: “It has nothing to do with giving face or not, I just see him will getting me upset, so let him roll.”

Yu Ke glanced at Ye Guang and didn’t talk to him. He turned to Liu Chiyan and said, “Heavenly Queen Liu, you are Youxianqi boss. What do you say?”

Liu Chiyan frowned and said: “Ye Guang has the final say in the crew.”

Yu Ke asked Liu Chiyan to ask for nothing. Just kidding, Liu Chiyan is Ye Guang wife, why I help you against my husband?

Yu Ke lost his temper at the time, unless he brought all the staff of Beijing TV to bomb the field, he’s really helpless. He sighed, shook his head, and passed over to Kim Tae-seo again.

Yu Ke seemed to have said something to Kim Tae-seo,  it should be Ye Guang who let him go. Kim Tae-seo and his agent were a little excited. Kim Tae-wook himself spoke a lot in Chinese and Korean and the distance is far away. Everyone can’t really listen. Kim Tae-seo and his agent still looking at Ye Guang. They are far away and can’t see their expression, but they should be angry and resentful expressions, right?

Yu Ke seems to be talking to someone on the phone, he glanced at Ye Guang from time to time.

After hanging up the phone, Yu Ke said a few more words to Kim Tae-seo and then came over to Ye Guang.

Not to mention, it’s hard for Yu Ke, this kind of unthankful thing caught in the middle is really hard to handle.

Yu Ke: “Director Ye, our director Zhang wants to say a few words to you, so he should call you right away.”

Ha ha, well, if there is no other way, we moved the leader out.

Yu Ke’s words fell silent, and Ye Guang’s phone really rang, it’s Zhang Zhi.

“Hello, Brother Zhang.” Ye Guang is connected.

At the end of the phone, “Little Ye, things I know, this is I apologize to you, we shouldn’t put Kim Tae-seo in, you calm down, don’t worry, you rest assured, like the original we said, the things in the crew completely you decide, we don’t ‘Insert’ a hand, just do what you should do. Brother, I have no objection, and you can rest assured that this matter will definitely not affect our friendly cooperative relationship.”

Zhang Zhi said this. Ye Guang didn’t have a temper at all. He was ready to talk to Zhang Zhi, but Zhang Zhi’s words made Ye Guang feel a little embarrassed, “Brother Zhang, don’t you say that. You apologize, this has nothing to do with you and Beijing Satellite TV. I also have a bad temper. My smelly temper, you don’t take offense. ”

Zhang Zhi: “Well, others don’t know you, I still know a little bit. Little Ye, you are still easy to get along with, and kind, if Kim Tae-seo really makes you angry, you don’t talk about it, just let him go.”

Zhang Zhi put a high hat on Ye Guang again, and said, “But, Little Ye, you let Kim Tae-seo go, what about the program behind this?”

Ye Guang: “I don’t know know yet, maybe we need to re-establish the charter.”

Zhang Zhi paused and said, “Little Ye, how about brother is cheeky and asks you for a face? Can this matter be slowed first? I also asked Yu Ke to talk to Kim Tae-seo side, . You can shoot the show as you please. I won’t accommodate him. I heard that Yu Ke said that Kim Tae-seo also nodded. You said that when we are recording a program here, we suddenly have to re-establish a charter. This is a delay. The guests have to be invited again, and the venue has to be found again. It is troublesome, besides, my brother. Yesterday, I just released the news Kim Tae-seo will be on our program. He’s really gone. Our station will be distrustful in front of the audience. Little Ye, look at this…”

Ye Guang remained silent, don’t say anything, Zhang Zhi’s routine is actually a ‘very common’ customary routine. First put himself down and apologize, then hold you high, and then tell the truth and clarify the difficulties. Discuss with the other side in roundabout, this routine is old-fashioned, but it does work.

Although Ye Guang knew, this was Zhang Zhi’s routine, but the deputy director of Beijing Satellite TV, who was dignified, lowered his posture, apologized and discussed with him in a good manner. Ye Guang really couldn’t bear to refuse.

Seeing that Ye Guang didn’t talk, Zhang Zhi on the other end of the phone said again, “… Little Ye, it’s okay if it doesn’t work, don’t be embarrassed. You have the final say in the crew. You can do what you say, just treat it as old brother didn’t say it, don’t be embarrassed.”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly, and said, “Brother Zhang, you are all talking about it. If I don’t agree, I won’t be able to do anything. Anyway, I will give brother Zhang face. If you want me to let go this matter, then I have to show my Brother Zhang face and forget this matter. Okay, so be it. As long as he is not playing big cards and recording the show well, I’m fine.”

Ye Guang always promised. People always want to talk about human relations and affection. Sometimes, they really can’t do whatever they want with their nature. But there’s nothing bad about it. People just want to talk about affection. People don’t even talk about human feelings, don’t they become cold-blooded animals? It is the various relationships between people that can form our huge civilized society.

After that, Yu Ke acted as a microphone once again, went to Kim Tae-seo side to ‘communicate’ with him for a while, and then the two came over together.

Kim Tae-seo’s handsome face still has displeased, but after all, he didn’t say anything. Ye Guang didn’t bother to pay attention to him. As long as we can record the show today, everyone will go their own way after the show is recorded. Don’t wait to see anyone.

The show can finally continue to be recorded, and the onlookers have all returned to their jobs, ready to start work.

This matter is awkward, but let alone, the unrelated staff watched the excitement with relish.

Goddess Liu and Lan Bao once again went to the mud pool, and the other guests from the red and blue teams also tied on the elastic belt and went down to mud pool.

Kim Tae-seo did cooperate. Although he still looked disgusted when he went down into mud pool, he still came down.

Ye Guang glanced at him, and said in his heart, why bother, took a big circle, hasn’t it still to come down, and it’s not a disease that will cause death if you get to mud pool. There is nothing you can’t do if you put down a little idol’s baggage. Everyone became unhappy just in one event.

Several guests indeed affected a little bit. All of them is a little wilted, and there’s no smile on Lan Bao face, the most active people, let alone other people.

This state is not good, Ye Guang clapped his hands, “Come on, everyone’s! come on! Atmosphere, the atmosphere is alive.”

Heavenly King Liu took the lead in laughing, looked at the blue team and said. “Come on! Let you see how powerful our team is!”

Heavenly King Liu smiled brightly and looked very happy, but after the previous incident. Everyone knew, this product was absolutely “forced”.

Okay, just play it. It’s all actors. Isn’t it just acting for fun? Who can’t do it anymore?

Lan Bao took two steps, deliberately fell into mud pool and shouted, “Whoever pulls me, the mud is too deep, I can’t get up. Help!”

“Hahahaha.” Everyone laughed with the crowd.

Wit that.

The atmosphere of ‘joy’ suddenly filled the whole set.

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