MST Chapter 278 : Don’t Want It to Be Broken

Edited : XiaXue

To be honest, To be honest, everyone was very tired from shooting this mud pool game.

Once you got deep in the mud, it’s physically exhausting. Moreover, because of the earlier events, everyone became not very interested. Although the atmosphere also brought back, most of them just acting hard.

Therefore, after recording one session, Heavenly King Liu and others suddenly felt more tired than the original recording.

Before, it’s like playing, but now it’s acting and the mentality is different, so it feels different.

The photographers in the crew, the three brothers of the sea, land and air of Wei family moved wickedly when they record the show. When they were shooting, they were very tacitly trying not to give Kim Tae-seo shots, or to give fewer shots, and for close-ups, don’t even think about it.

No, there are still some close-ups, and there are a lot of them, but they were all snapped by the three brothers when Kim Tae-wook embarrassed.

In the mud pool, it’s impossible not to get embarrassed. If you accidentally slip and fall, you will be ugly. Kim Tae-seo also slipped and fell many times. His face and head are covered with mud. Of course, there is also He Xing on the side secretly causing the trip.

This guy pretends to fall from time to time, then hurriedly went to pull Kim Tae-seo to stabilize, but often pulled Kim Tae-seo together and fell into a ball. He Xing acting skills are good, and the mud pool is really easy to have problems. He deliberately ‘get’ Kim Tae-seo several times and no one found out he was intentional.

In other words, He Xing also saw Kim Tae-seo ‘very’ not pleasing to the eye.

The three brothers of sea, land, and air, specialize in taking Kim Tae-seo into a close-up when he was making a fool of himself. They also found the correct angle, and photographed him how ugly he was and don’t want him to enjoy it.

All three of them are old employees of Studio. Ye Guang and Kim Tae-seo fight. Who they are helping if not Ye Guang?

Ye Guang doesn’t know it yet. If he knows, he will give the three brothers a big praise.

The mud pool game finally recorded. The guests also washed the mud on their bodies, changed their clothes, and gathered to rest under the shade of the small ‘playground’ in the village.

There are a lot of people, and a few simple awnings have been set up.  Some big guys are chatting in groups, some are gathering together to play cards and other small games, while some playing mobile phones or make a call, and there’s two young girls make video calls with their boyfriends, holding their mobile phones to take pictures of the crew. Of course, Heavenly King Liu and other guests is the focus of their shot.

The Villagers are very nice and enthusiastic. They picked a cart of watermelons from the field and sent them to the crew.

Everyone became so happy, it is a pleasure to have a watermelon on a hot day.

Ye Guang said to the tanned elder brother who was leading, “Big brother, thank you for your watermelon, how much are these watermelons, and I will let the film crew get it for you later.”

The eldest brother waved his hand repeatedly, “No, no, just a few watermelons. I planted it in my own field, it’s not worth a lot of money. The renting fee you gave me is already a lot. This watermelon is a bit of the heart of the people in our village.”

Ye Guang and everyone repeatedly said thank you, this thank you should thank, but the money is definitely indispensable. These watermelons may not be worth a lot of money, but they are all cultivated through hard work. It isn’t easy for farmers to make two dollars. How can they be given away for nothing

Ye Guang: “Big brother, thank you, thank you, thank you big brother and sister, uncle and aunt, we eat this watermelon, and you have to collect the money.” After that, Ye Guang turned his head and said to Jiang Fengxian, “Old Jiang, you will bring this big brother to settled the money, can’t have less one point. It’s hard money.”

Jiang Fengxian nodded and responded, “Don’t worry.”

The eldest brother is very simple and honest, but he didn’t insist on it anymore. Although sending watermelon is their intention and they didn’t want money at first, but people insisted on giving them. For farmers with low incomes, it is good to have more income.

The crew began to pick up the watermelon and ate it.

Three aunts brought a kitchen knife from home to help the big guy cut the watermelon. These aunts brought kitchen knives from home to help the big guy cut watermelons. These watermelons may have been picked by the villagers, all of them were big, red and juicy, sweet and crunchy.

An aunt took the cut watermelons one by one to everyone, and gave them to everyone to eat. Ye Guang greeted her, “Aunt, these big guys will do it themselves. Those with fruit knives can cut them by themselves.”

There are more than one hundred people in the crew. How can they bother the aunt to help them cut the watermelon?

Ye Guang took two pieces of watermelon and handed a piece to Liu Chiyan, “Come on, taste it, quench your thirst.”

Liu Chiyan took it with a smile and took a small bite. “Well, it’s really sweet, it’s not likes the ones sold outside.”

Ye Guang also took a big bite, “Well, it’s really delicious.”

Many people don’t know that the watermelons sold in the market and self-grown watermelons actually has different in taste. Often, the watermelon sold on the market is more sweet. This watermelons is grown in large quantities and used chemical ‘fertilizers’ to promote it’s growth. These chemical ‘fertilizers’ also contain ingredients such as improving the sweetness of watermelons. it’s not unhealthy, they are all grown in the ground. As long as it is not illegal artificially adding sodium cyclamate or ‘stimulating’ vegetables, it is a good watermelon. However, this watermelon grown by the villagers is relatively basic without ‘fertilization’. The sweetness of watermelon grown from the native soil grown purely by yourself is improved, but the latter is actually more delicious to eat.

The crew members also followed this order, looking for fruit knives one after another, and groups of three or five gathered to share watermelon.

Although everyone can do it themselves, but the aunts are full of enthusiasm, still busy. One of the aunts has sharp eyes and saw Kim Tae-seo and his agent in the shade of the corner of tree, and quickly took two pieces of watermelon to send them.

Kim Tae-seo is not in a good mood. Why didn’t he say it? Of course, he and the crew were somewhat out of place. Everyone shared watermelon. He didn’t get together, but sulking on the side.

“Come, come, eat watermelon quickly.” The aunt took two watermelons and enthusiastically handed them to Kim Tae-seo and his agent.

Kim Tae-seo’s agent said a thank you, then picked up a piece. Kim Tae-seo’s gaze shifted away. He saw the aunt is full of watermelon juice and her two fingers still in contact with the watermelon pulp. A trace of disgust flashed in his eyes, slightly turned his head to the side.

The aunt didn’t notice it, and enthusiastically put the watermelon in front of Kim Tae-seo. “Come on, boy, eat the watermelon quickly to quench your thirst, it’s sweet.” Then, the aunt pulled Kim Tae-seo a bit.

Kim Tae-seo didn’t take the watermelon. Instead, he looked at the place where the aunt had just pulled him.  The aunt is too enthusiastic and forgot that she was full of watermelon juice. Then the color of watermelon juice printed on Kim tae-seo clothes. Kim tae-seo just changed into a white shirt after washing clean from the mud, so the watermelon juice clearly printed on the top.

“What are you doing!” Kim Tae-seo said in rage.

Pa” Kim Tae-seo slapped the aunt’s face with a slap, and slammed the aunt with one hand.


The aunt fell to the ground.

The big guys also heard the movement and looked over there.

Ye Guang heard Kim Tae-seo yelled, ‘What are you doing!’. When Ye Guang turned around and looked over there, he just saw Kim Tae-seo slapped the aunt’s face with a slap, and then pushed the aunt to the ground.

Suddenly, there was fire in Ye Guang eyes.

“My CNM!” [X-N: CNM = here]

Ye Guang pulled his ‘leg’ and ran towards Kim Tae-seo.

Ye Guang speed is very fast, everyone hasn’t reacted too much, but Ye Guang has rushed to Kim Tae-seo side and send a kick to fly him.

“Grass Mud Horses!” [X-N: this the raw: 沃草泥马, Wò Cǎonímǎ, which resembles 我肏你妈,  cào nǐ mā, meaning “I fuck your mother”]

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