MST Chapter 279 : I feel so sad and want to cry

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Ye Guang and Kim Tae-seo are similar in size, but Ye Guang’s kick is not light, so Kim Tae-seo kicked two meters away by him.

“Why are you hitting people!” Kim Tae-seo agent shouted and then quickly went to help Kim Tae-seo.

Kim Tae-seo was kicked by Ye Guang and fell seven or eight times. He didn’t stand up yet, Ye Guang still reluctant and rushed up again. He pushed Kim Tae-seo’s agent away and went to Kim Tae-seo, who wanted to get up, but fell to the ground, and slapped his handsome sunny face with a slap in the face.

Everyone also reacted and ran towards this side one after another.

“Stop! Stop! Don’t fight!” Kim Tae-seo agent generally shoved Ye Guang while shouting. But he was relatively small and a violent push by Ye Guang also made him fall.

Ye Guang’s hands kept moving and his slap kept falling on Kim Tae-seo head and face.

Although Kim Tae-seo ad similar physique to Ye Guang, he seemed to have no courage to resist at all when he’s pushed to the ground by Ye Guang.


“Don’t fight! Don’t fight!”



Most of them are speaking his native language.

Ye Guang babbled while slapping.

“Call you awesome!”

Pa” Slap.

“like to ‘slap’ people, don’t you? I’m not killing you!”

Pa.” Another slap.

“Who do you think you are! Can you to hit someone casually!”

Pa” Still a slap.


The people who came over were speechless. Who is beating someone?

It’s impossible for everyone to let Ye Guang continue to fight, “Okay, okay, don’t fight, don’t fight.” Zhong Jing and Heavenly King Liu joined forces to pull Ye Guang from Kim Tae-seo. Maybe because he is angry, Ye Guang strength also high. Heavenly King Liu and Zhong Jing almost didn’t pull him away. Ye Guang was pulled apart by the two of them, he seemed hadn’t gotten too much fun, so he gave Kim Tae-seo a kick when he was pulled away.

“Oh! CNM!”

Liu Chiyan was slower, she came over behind him and glanced at Ye Guang reproachfully, “Why are you beating people?”

Ye Guang is still angry, “This stupid! Lack of beating!” With that, Ye Guang was angry again, he want to twist his arms and want to get rid of Heavenly King Liu and Zhong Jing, “You let me go, I’m giving him a few strokes!”

Everyone has a black line. Haven’t you hit enough yet? What is this person like to you?

Kim Tae-seo really looked miserable at this time, a snow-white shirt rubbed against the ground with a dirty yellow ‘color’. The original cool hairstyle has became like a ‘chicken’ nest, on his face a red fingerprints clearly visible and he looked really embarrassed and miserable.

Ye Guang is really not light.

However, Ye Guang was dragged and couldn’t do it, but someone could still do it.

The villagers also surrounded him. At the beginning, the elder brother who gave Ye Guang and others a watermelon led two villagers to Kim Tae-seo side and confronted him several times. Kim Tae-seo,  who had just been helped by his agent and a staff member to came up, was knocked to the ground again.

Everyone quickly pulled away the eldest brother and two villagers.

Don’t say, Kim Tae-seo really deserved it. He actually did something to the aunt. The aunt kindly gave him a watermelon. Even if the aunt accidentally pressed a fingerprint on your shirt, you can just change it. Why are you hitting people?

It’s no wonder that Ye Guang is angry and just do it right away. Anyone who sees it will get angry. In addition, even if Ye Guang doesn’t do it, Kim Tae-seo won’t think about getting it off today. You know, who is the aunt? What is this place? Yes, the aunt is an ordinary farmer, this is an ordinary village, but this is the aunt’s home village!

Most villages are united when dealing with outsiders. Once there are outsiders bullying the ‘doors’ in the village, as long as someone takes the lead and raises their arms, the young and old in the village will roll up their sleeves and come to help, and, no matter who is right or wrong, they just go straight up and work in unity to the outside world.

Therefore, as an outsider, Kim Tae-seo dared to beat the aunt here, he’s very lucky if he was not beaten to death by the villagers.

The eldest brother led the two villagers to Kim Tae-seo a few more times. Ye Guang felt much relieved, turned his head and looked around, and asked, “Where is aunt? Is aunt okay?”

The two crew members already helped the aunt to the side. Ye Guang walked over and asked the aunt, “Aunt, how are you? Are you okay? Didn’t you fall? What’s the pain? Tell me, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

The aunt’s face is ‘sweet’ and it’s definitely awkward. Of course, She is not happy when beaten and her heart also depressed. What’s the matter? She kindly gave him watermelon to eat, but she was slapped and pushed down.

Thanks to aunt’s body still relatively good, working in the field all the year round and her body is not so delicate. Otherwise, with her age, it might lead to have complicated diseases because of the fall.

The aunt shook her head towards Ye Guang, “It’s okay, it’s okay, thank you young man, thank you for venting my anger.” The aunt said and stared in Kim Tae-seo direction, obviously feeling angry too.

Ye Guang saw it, there’s still a few fingerprints on the aunt’s face, and there is no place to get angry. The aunt’s age looked at least forty or fifty years old, it can be his mother’s age. Kim Tae-seo can make such a heavy hand, simply a beast!

“No, I I have to ‘puff’ a few more ‘puffs’ for the aunt!” With that, Ye Guang turned around and wanted to ‘pump’ Kim Tae-seo again.

Liu Chiyan quickly pulled him, “Stop it! Eliminate your anger!”

Ye Guang still listened to Liu Chiyan words, and stopped angrily.

Liu Chiyan stopped Ye Guang, not because of anything else, Liu Chiyan also angry. If it wasn’t for her ‘female’ gender, Kim Tae-seo had already been beaten so badly, even she wanted to give him a couple of beating. Liu Chiyan didn’t let Ye Guang continue, because she was afraid, Ye guang would not be able to stop his anger and really broke people, then compensated himself. That’s why Liu Chiyan stopped Ye Guang.

On the other side,, Kim Tae-seo was lifted up, clutching his face and snarling his teeth to ‘sucking’ the cool air, his face was burning and numb, after Ye Guang gave him a ‘pumping’.

“Why are you hitting people!” Originally, Kim Tae-seo Mandarin is not standard and now his face was a bit numb because Ye Guang ‘pumping’, so it felt weird when speaking. When Kim Tae-seo not speaking, he would still stare at Ye Guang. His eyes are watery and it may look a little imposing, but when Kim Tae-seo started speaking with tears in his eyes, it felt like a bear child taught by others, he wanted to cry but couldn’t cry.

Kim Tae-seo is indeed almost crying.  This half of him is painful, and the pain will irritate his tears. The other half is because of his grievances, well, it’s because the last program. At the beginning, Ye Guang irritated him and almost directly let him go out, finally he gritted his teeth and bit down to play in mud pool that made him nauseous. There were all kinds of ugliness in it. He ate a mouthful of mud. Now, when he thinks about it, he will vomit. This time, he was beaten by Ye Guang, he just came to participate in a show, how it become like this?

Wronged! What a grievances!

Kim Tae-seo said: I feel so sad and want to cry

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