MST Chapter 10 : Plus V

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At the other end of the phone was a long silence, and Ye Guang was not in a hurry. He also signaled to Old Wang did not cut off the phone and waited quietly for the girl’s reaction.

Old Wang has squeezed a handful of sweat and prayed silently: Don’t have an accident, don’t have an accident, don’t have an accident.

The audience who listened to the program did not feel that the long wait was very boring, and they all listened attentively, for fear of missing the next event.

After a few minutes, the girl at the other end of the phone breathed more and more, then began to choke, and finally the girl began to cry.

Cried for a while, maybe crying enough, gradually the girl did not cry, but still choked, the voice was a little trembling, “Ye Guang Big Brother, no, Ye Guang Teacher, Thank you very much!! No one has ever said this to me. The teacher at school only criticizes me, and my mother will only punish me. No one has ever said this to me, no one has ever said this to me…”

“Ye Guang Teacher, thank you, Thank you very much!”

After Ye Guang listening to the girl, the corner of the mouth evoked a smile. “You can understand it, don’t thank me. If you really want to thank me, go home soon. It’s too late, your mother must be worried about you.”

“Hmm… I will go home now.” The girl should arrive, “In fact, I am in the downstairs of my house. I am afraid that my mother can’t find me in a hurry. I didn’t dare to go far, just downstairs. If my mom came out to look for me, I would find me when I went downstairs. ”

Ye Guang is relieved.

The heart of Old Wang and the staff member was finally put down.

“hmm… I will go home now. ”The girl should arrive, “In fact, I am in the downstairs of my house. I am afraid that my mother can’t find me in a hurry. I didn’t dare to go far, just downstairs. If my mom came out to look for me, she would find me when she went downstairs.”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “Well. Good, come home soon. Work hard in the future.”

“Yes, I will! Teacher Ye Thank you very much! ! Goodbye.”


The phone hangs up.

“This is the Jiangxi Radio station Late night story. The above is the whole content of today’s program. Thank you for listening. At the same time tomorrow, please continue to listen to our program. Thank you, good night, goodbye!”

It’s finally over.

Old Wang and the staff member quickly gathered around, and talked openly.

“Scared me, I have never encountered such a live broadcast accident before.”

“Who said no, today is not quite flat.”

“Yeah, twists and turns, like a roller coaster ride.”

“My little heart is now thumping.”

“Thanks, there is Little Ye today. Otherwise I really don’t know what to do.”

“What is called Little Ye, called Teacher Ye!”

“Right, right. Teacher Ye, Teacher Ye, you are too good.”

“Yeah, why did you read the book really well? I have already written it down, I will talk to my son when I go home!”

“Little Ye is good, thanks to you today!”

Old Wang nodded: “Yes, thanks to Little Ye, or how bad it is today, it’s safe. You don’t know, I was scared to death when the phone came in. I thought it was just a simple phone call. I didn’t expect it to be a child who left home in the middle of night. I could squeeze a cold sweat outside, for fear that you could n’t afford it. If the girl made a phone call to our program and finally had any problems, then things would go awry. Fortunately, fortunately!” Old Wang has a lingering fear.

Saying that, Old Wang reprimanded the switchboard operator: “What happened to you, what phone calls are going in, there is nothing wrong! If something goes wrong, the first one in the station will have to let you go, and the big guy will have to go bad luck!”

The switchboard operator is a pretty young girl. Old Wang rebukes her. She doesn’t dare to say anything. She just has to nod her head and apologize.

“Yeah, Little Xiao, how do you get in all the calls?”

“I’m serious about phone screening, but I’m not doing anything.”

“It’s a little responsible for doing things, and the time you come is not too short.”

Everyone blamed the switchboard operator Little Xiao, and Little Xiao could say that and she could only continue to apologize to the big guys. In fact, she was very depressed in her heart. When the girl’s phone just received, it was normal to listener. Who knows that this kind of thing will happen later. I am not a prophet, oh, wrong.

Ye Guang see switchboard operator Little Xiao. Some people are embarrassed and open their mouths. “This is not a problem. I see, this thing can’t blame sister Xiao, the girl left home and she didn’t know if she didn’t say it. Besides, I see that the girl is quite sensible, polite, and pretty good. It is a bit rebellious in adolescence. Nothing can be done.”

Switchboard operator Little Xiao gratefully glanced at Ye Guang.

Old Wang waved his hand: “Well, don’t get around, everyone is tired for a night, and they are all packed up and go home.”

Find each mom in each home.

Ye Guang went home and found the lights in the living room lit up.

It may be that there was movement, and father walked out of the room in his pajamas.

“Dad, haven’t you slept yet?”

“Sleep, hear the movement, get up and take a look, and let go of the hand.”

Ye Guang sighed, “Dad, you go to bed early, I am going back to the room.”

Father waved his hand, “Well, go, go to bed early.”

Ye Guang nodded and walked to the room. After a few steps, he stopped and said, “Dad, don’t wait for me later, you can go to bed early, I’m fine.”

Father did not speak, gently snorted.

Father did not go to the solution, Ye Guang returned to the room, then lights off the living room will return to the room.

Mother lying in bed, rolled over, “Come back?”

“Came back.”


The lights are off, people are.

After the girl hangs up, the girl went home upstairs.

Hidden behind door. The girl was a little timid to open the door and enter the house.

The girl’s mother sat on the sofa and saw her daughter who came in through the door. She seemed to be conditioned to think of it, but eventually she sat down with complex emotions, anger, anxiety, worry and pity

The girl mother said nothing.

The girl burst into tears and tears swirling in her eyes. The girl slowly moved to her mother, stirring her hands and fingers. Finally, the girl couldn’t help it, and the big tears like beans rolled down.

The mother got up, went to the girl, and slowly put the girl in her arms.

“Just come back.”

“Wuwu~” The girl is crying out crying out loud now, “Mom, sorry… I am sorry, I’m sorry.” The girl kept in  her mother arms, crying while she kept saying sorry.

The mother’s hand caressed the girl’s back: “It’s good to come back.”


The next day, Ye Guang’s sleep was suddenly awakened by the cell phone ringtone.

Pick up the phone: “Hello.”

“Hello, there is a good news to inform you, I am Wei…”

Yeah, Ye Guang hung up the phone. “Mad, a good one is being fooled by the liar. I must remember to shut down before going to bed!”

Turn over, change your posture, and continue to sleep!

The cellphone is ringing again.

Ye Guang, who just closed his eyes, reluctantly picked up: “Hello~”

“Hello, I am here…”

“Liar! Fuck off!”

Pa, Just listening to the sound, Ye Guang decisively hangs up. Don’t bother me to sleep!

At the end of the phone, Weibo’s staff member has a black line. What is the situation? The first time can be considered an accident, it is accidental, but the second time, the phrase “Liar, Fuck off!” The red fruit is the face. Why is it like a liar? What is it like? And the words are not people to say, directly hang up the phone, do not know what is called respect? I am so angry!

Gas is returning to work, work still needs to be done.

So, Ye Guang cellphone rang for the third time.

“It’s not letting people sleep! Annoying, isn’t it? It’s endless, right?” Ye Guang got up and got upset, and sat up.

Yeah, no sleep.

You let me sleep well.

The liar is right.

OK, let’s get it!

Is n’t that just hurting each other, who is afraid of who!

The phone picks up: “I don’t buy a house or sell a house, don’t rent a house, don’t buy insurance, don’t buy a fund, don’t do a credit card, don’t make a loan, don’t learn English, don’t listen to lectures, don’t buy Amway, don’t be beauty, don’t have hairdressing. You don’t want to tell me any good news. I won the prize. As of now, I have already won 667.89 million, plus seven sports cars and nine properties. Qin Shihuang died for two thousand years and will not swindle. Chiang Kai-shek’s rejuvenation plan I don’t want to blend, my parents are by my side, no friends have been kidnapped, just resigned, no money, no work, you don’t have to pay for it. fee! The liar dies a house register.” Ye Guang, who is dealing with fraud and harassing calls, is still very experienced. He will open his mouth. “Okay, please start your speech.”

The phone “…”

If it is really a fraudulent phone call, the deal may be a slap in the pen and then hang up the phone, but the key is that the other party is not.

“Why? Nothing to say? Nothing to say, hang up, is the telephone bill scraped?” Ye Guang said, “Oh, the liar money is indeed scrapped.”

“Oh shit!” The expression on the other end of phone was very good. It was full of black lines, and he couldn’t hold back. The thick mouth was bursting out in front of the phone. This is a set of Nima, a wonderful one!

“Don’t talk! Hear me out!” Weibo staff member howled.

Oh, angry and angry, Ye Guang smiled smugly, calmly said: “Well, please start your performance.”

Weibo staff member was angry and shouted: “I am from China Weibo, I am China Weibo staff member. Given your current career, China Weibo decided to add V to your Weibo account! Calling you is to verify the Weibo name: Is Ye Guang your account! Now you just have to answer yes! Or no!”

Ye Guang is stunned.

I am forked and got it wrong. I always thought that the other party was a liar. It turned out to be Weibo staff member, but why should they add V to my account? Think about what I just said, Ye Guang feels that the other party’s heart is 10,000.

“Um, that… buddy… sorry, I…” Ye Guang is a little embarrassed, and I have to explain it with a smile.

The other party did not want to listen to his explanation to interrupt Ye Guang. “Do not talk nonsense! Just tell me yes! Or no!”

“Uh. Yes”


After the other party got the answer, he immediately hanged Ye Guang’s phone.

Ye Guang is speechless. . .

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