MST Chapter 306 : I want the whole world to see our love

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The next day.

Ye Guang fell asleep and woke up naturally.

Stretched aside, Ye Guang woke up slowly, “I haven’t slept so well for many days.”

During this period of time, I often spent the night at Liu Chiyan’s house. Ye Guang specially set the alarm clock to get up early. I didn’t know if it was a problem yesterday, or was it just a good night’s sleep. I slept so well today.

Get up, go downstairs.

Father Liu and Mother Liu has already gone to work.

Liu Chiyan and Yiyi are in the living room, Liu Chiyan is watching TV on the Sofa, and Yiyi is cutting watermelon on one side.

This cutting watermelon doesn’t really cut the watermelon, but, “a watermelon is round and round, and it is cut in half.”

Yes, Yiyi is practicing Taiji Boxing and is very serious about it.

Liu Chiyan heard the movement of Ye Guang going downstairs and looked back, “Ah, you are up, I’ll give you a hot breakfast.” With that, Liu Chiyan quickly got up and went to the kitchen.

Ye Guang also went along with Liu Chiyan, leaning on the door frame of the kitchen and smiling as Liu Chiyan was busy, “Why don’t you call me in the morning? I don’t know what’s going on with my mobile phone, the alarm clock didn’t ring.”

Liu Chiyan kept her hands busy and smiled, “There is nothing wrong with it anyway. It’s okay to sleep a little longer. I wanted to wake you up in the morning, but my mother didn’t let me, she said let you sleep more.”

The breakfast was hot, and Liu Chiyan prepared a tableware for Ye Guang.

Liu Chiyan watched him quietly as Ye Guang eating his breakfast.

In other words, Liu Chiyan seems to like to watch Ye Guang’s dinner without speaking, just watching it quietly, it seemed that she couldn’t see enough.

Is Ye Guang so handsome?

“That…” Liu Chiyan said, “In the morning… my mother, told me something.”

Ye Guang looked up and asked, “What’s the matter? Hesitating.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and bit her lip, her appearance was very cute, “My mom said let you ask when your parents are free. If it is convenient, take time to come to Capital, and both parents will meet.”

Ye Guang taken aback for a moment, and then said with joy, “Okay, my parents are free at any time!”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “You haven’t asked yet.”

Ye Guang laughed, “No need to ask, definitely have time!”

Just kidding, Ye Guang’s lifelong event, the two elder must be free if they are not free, as long as it’s not the knife in the sky and can’t get out of the door… No! Even if you have a knife in the sky, you have to be free!

Ye Guang  put down his chopsticks and took out his mobile phone, “I will call my parents!”

Liu Chiyan hurriedly held him down, “Don’t, let’s talk to our parents about this in person when we take the time to go back. The phone call is not very good, and my parents will think how our family is showing up for a while.”

Ye Guang waved his hand, “No, Mom and Dad don’t think so, not such a person.”

Liu Chiyan still insisted, “I’d better go back and talk about it. Anyway, it’s not in a hurry. When the next episode of the show recorded, we will go back together. We haven’t gone back for a while. It also happened that my parents had a rest on the weekend, and then came with them. So, parents can meet each other.”

Ye Guang thought for a while, nodded, “Okay, let’s do it.” While talking, Ye Guang saw Liu Chiyan wearing a ring on her ring finger in her hand. It’s the ring that Ye Guang gave to Liu Chiyan on the show, and Liu Chiyan kept hanging around her neck and hidden in the ditch, today Liu Chiyan took it off and put it on her hand.

Ye Guang looked at the ring in Liu Chiyan’s hand for a moment, and then said, “Liu’er, when our parents meet, let’s find a suitable opportunity to open the relationship.”

Liu Chiyan face was obviously surprised and delighted.

Ye Guang continued, “I also think that we can be like normal couples. We can be generous without any taboos. I don’t know anything about romance, but I also want to take you to shopping occasionally, can carry you to take a ride to see the scenery. We can also wear our wedding ring on the ring finger, without worrying about being seen by others or being photographed by paparazzi. I want the whole world to see our love.”

Ye Guang gently shook Liu Chiyan’s hand and said affectionately.

In other words, Ye Guang doesn’t really know what romance is, and it doesn’t seem to have created any romance for Liu Chiyan. On the contrary, every day, Liu Chiyan waits on him from the inside and out, but he doesn’t know much about love. Occasionally say some love words, can be sweet and greasy into the bone marrow.

Look at Liu Chiyan’s smile at this time, and he will know how to look happy.

Women, sometimes the requirements are scary, and sometimes they are so easy to be satisfied.

However, Liu Chiyan is happy to be happy, but she still shook her head, “Don’t make it public. It’s not the time yet. Your career is on the rise.  With your current soaring speed, if there is no accident, you can become the front line, don’t make it complicate. Our relationship is not good for you if it’s open now, people say it is terrible, people will say you…” Liu Chiyan didn’t say anything, smiled and gave Ye Guang a look. Let him experience it for himself.

Ye Guang smiled, “Eat soft rice, cut, they are jealous, others can’t eat it if they want it.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Moreover, the two of us don’t live our lives for others. As long as we live a good life and live happily, it’s okay. The rest is not important.”

There is such a reasonable wife, who is always thinking about her husband, what else can Ye Guang say, holding Liu Chiyan softness, Ye Guang said softly, “It’s just… wronged you.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head, “Don’t be wronged, as long as you are here, I won’t be wronged.

Ye Guang felt moved in his heart, looking at Liu Chiyan’s white and delicate, glamorous face, he wanted to lean over and kiss her.

Cough, cough.” Two coughs broke the warm atmosphere on the restaurant.

Yiyi crouched on her hips and didn’t know when she stood aside, Yiyi stretched out a finger and shook it, “Don’t do anything shy.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan have a similar look, both couldn’t help but smile.

Ye Guang: “Yiyi, when did you come?”

Yiyi: “I’ve been here long ago. Grandpa confessed, let me stare at you. I can’t let you do anything shameful.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan looked at each other again, stunned.

Well, Father Liu also found a little spy, which was really hard for him.

Ye Guang couldn’t help but smile, took a bowl, and said to Yiyi, “Do you want to eat more?”

Yiyi waved her hand, “I want to practice Taiji.” However, Yiyi’s eyes kept staring at the food on the table while speaking.

Ye Guang looked at her like this and couldn’t help teasing her, “Really don’t eat it? If you don’t eat it, I will eat it all.”

“Dare you!” Yiyi blurted out, and then blushed, hesitated, “Um…then eat a little bit, um, a little. Only when you are full, you will have the strength to practice, right! Only when you are full, you will have strength!”

Yiyi found a good reason for herself, then quickly climbed into the chair, and couldn’t wait to grab a fritter. Liu Chiyan quickly patted her hands away, “You haven’t washed them yet.”

Yiyi ran off the table and ran to the kitchen to wash her hands, and shouted as she ran, “Aunt, get me the bowl.”

Liu Chiyan looked at her with a smile, and replied, “Come on, you girl, one day you will be abducted with delicious food.”

Ye Guang also smiled, and suddenly, it seemed that he had returned to the little home in Nanchang.

At this moment, a voice came from Ye Guang’s mind.

“Ding, congratulations on the completion of the task, the task reward has been issued…”

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