MST Chapter 178 :

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The audience’s vote is over.

Next step is judges vote.

The judges’ vote, Ren Keling, has already got it, five small envelopes with five judges voting.

Ren Keling: “At present, Liu Chiyan currently leads with 10% advantage. Next, we will announce the voting results of five judges.” Ren Keling paused, “Now I have five small envelopes in my hand, which are filled with the votes of our five judges. To be honest, I am a little nervous now, I feel these five envelopes are extremely heavy.”

Yi Shan: “Keling, don’t talk again. Hurry up and announce the voting result. Otherwise, the anxious audience should rush to hit you. Even I stand next to you, I’m anxious to give you a beating.”

Yi Shan’s words made the originally tense atmosphere a lot more lively, and the audience burst into laughter.

Ren Keling laughed, “In order not have beating, then I won’t sell off. Let’s hurry up and announce the result.”

Ren Keling looked at the top envelope with the signature: Huang Bin.

“First, let’s announce the vote of Teacher Huang Bin.” Ren Keling opened the envelope and took out the small card inside. The supporting player name is written on the card. “The player supported by Huang Bin is… Liu Chiyan!”

There was applause from the audience.

Liu Chiyan was slightly thankful to Huang Bin, and Huang Bin nodded with a smile.

Huang Bin: “I chose to support Liu Chiyan. Because, in my opinion, her song tonight is better than Han Yurou. From a standpoint, I can’t say I will live forever and grow old together. Individuals have different answers and their respective choices are different. So, I simply gave up the idea and chose from songs perspective, Liu Chiyan songs undoubtedly more artistic and poetic. After all, is a poem adaptation. So, I support Liu Chiyan.”

Huang Bin said his reasons.

There was another round of applause at the scene. Then all of them looked forward to Ren Keling, waiting him to open the next envelope.

Ren Keling did not continue to sell the goods, and immediately opened an envelope. “This envelope belongs to Teacher Sui Si, let us see the result… Teacher Sui Si supports Han Yurou!”


Sui Si also said her reason, “I choose to support Han Yurou because I prefer her song idea, her song is the most sincere sentiment. To be honest, Liu Chiyan idea are very good, a white-headed old age and a long-lasting life are all very sincere emotions. But, I’m a woman, women are more emotional. Today, Han Yurou song moved me, as a woman, the most sincere sentiment I prefer is to last until death.”

Sui Si reasons are very good.

Next, Ren Keling opened the next envelope, which belonged to Chun Yumin, “Teacher Chun Yumin supports… Liu Chiyan!”

The audience applauded enthusiastically, many audience members shouted Liu Chiyan’s name.

There was a smile at the corner of Ye Guang mouth. I really didn’t think Chun Yumin actually supported Liu Chiyan. Before, he almost brought a wave of rhythm.

Chun Yumin: “I support Liu Chiyan because her song is really good. Although previously I had questioned Liu Chiyan fairness in this game because of misunderstandings, but I have never denied Liu Chiyan performance is not good. Well, I must be more intimate with my sincere love for the purpose of getting old together. Isn’t this the best proof of feelings that I can accompany and love each other for a lifetime?”

Ye Guang’s heart is fixed. Even Chun Yumin supports Liu Chiyan. The remaining Yu Fengnan and Zong Zhengguang are more likely to support Liu Chiyan. Liu Chiyan maybe able to have 40:10 on the judges’ vote. With this support rate to crush Han Yurou.

There are quite a lot of audiences at the scene and in front of TV with the same idea as Ye Guang.

“Haha, it seems that Goddess Liu won! No suspense!”

“Goddess Liu is Goddess Liu, how can a mere Han Yurou compare with her.”

“Goddess Liu is mighty! Crush Han Yurou!”

“It’s over, our Yurou will lose to Liu Chiyan.”

“Zong Zhengguang has been facing Liu Chiyan in previous issues. It seems our Yurou are really going to lose.”


Ren Keling continues to open the envelope, “Teacher Yu Fengnan supports… Han Yurou!”


The audience shouted in exclamation, and the judges’ support rates of Han Yu and Liu Chiyan’s score was leveled again.

Things started to get interesting.

“Haha, have fun, I don’t know who old Zong finally supported. If he support Liu Chiyan, Liu Chiyan will win. If he support  Han Yurou, then there will be fun, 50% is equal to 50%,. Haha, let’s see how the program group finished. It seems that the previous The Strongest Voice has not seen such a situation. I really want to see it.”

“It should be impossible to make a tie. In all likelihood, Old Zong supports Liu Chiyan. He has supported Liu Chiyan in previous issues, and Liu Chiyan’s idea is to be old-fashioned. Old Zong is the oldest of the judges. He should have a deeper sense of this idea. So, I think he will support Liu Chiyan.”

The audience also started to discuss and expressed their opinions.

Ye Guang was a little surprised at Yu Fengnan support of Han Yurou. He always took it for granted that Yu Fengnan asked himself for a song. It was more or less personal. He should support Liu Chiyan, but he did not expect him to support Han Yurou.

Yu Fengnan: “Actually, it is extremely difficult for me to choose whom to support, because both Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou songs are very good. They are both very nice and their intentions are also very good. It really makes me difficult to choose, so I just throw it aside. After opening these, I just see their singing skills. In the end, the reason I chose Han Yurou is because her singing skills. Everyone knows that I am a person who has strict requirements for singing skills. Every song I sing, I try my best to make every pitch to sing well. When Han Yurou and Liu Chiyan sang. I carefully counted where they didn’t sing well. There are three places in Han Yurou song that are slightly worse in pitch, while Liu Chiyan’s has five, so I chose to support Han Yurou!”

Ye Guang felt a little helpless, and muttered that Yu Fengnan must be Virgo with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Otherwise, how can he count and write down such subtle things carefully. In fact, these slightly different deviations of the pitch will not affect the song at all. Tones that deviate a little at the time will add points to the song.

No way, they have already chosen, and it won’t help no matter how Ye Guang slanders.

The next and last is Zong Zhengguang vote. He should choose Liu Chiyan, right? Right?

With Yu Fengnan in front,  Ye Guang didn’t have much confidence in his earlier speculations. Yu Fengnan actually chose Han Yurou because of a few pitches that had no influence on the song. Who knows if Zong Zhengguang has any strange reasons.

Until the last moment, the result is unknown.

Ren Keling opened the last envelope under the gaze of audience. Which is Zong Zhengguang envelope.

“Teacher Zong Zhengguang supports…”

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