MST Chapter 176 : Ye Guang on stage

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In fact, Ye Guang still underestimated The strongest voice influence. It’s not only the contestants who are popular. In many cases, even the songwriters of the classic songs that appear in The Strongest Voice will also be popular and well known by the audience. In The Strongest Voice this year’s, Ye Guang performance is so dazzling, it’s impossible to let the audience not know. First Liu Chiyan praised him in public, and then he wrote one after another song for Liu Chiyan. The song capital is a high-quality, and in many issues, several judges and Ren Keling have mentioned Ye Guang many times, naturally Ye Guang has a deep impression among the public.

Have to say, no matter who wins The Strongest Voice champion, Han Yurou wins or Liu Chiyan’s skills are better, but Ye Guang has already become this session The Strongest Voice winner, it is possible in The Strongest Voice competition to be popular songwriter. But, other songwriters covered in Ye Guang glory, such as those amazing songs from Han Yurou. If according to past, songs chosen by her, their songwriters should be known by audience. But, for The Strongest Voice this year’s, almost no audience pay attention to them. Everyone’s eyes concentrated on Ye Guang’s body.

“I finally saw the deity.” Ren Keling smiled, “Ye Guang, the song you wrote to Goddess Liu surprised us all. I found out that you used to speak bluntly in front of reporters. You are talented, I still slander you in my heart. I think, young people now really big-mouthed. Now, this convinced me. You really deserve the name of big gifted scholar”

Ye Guang waved his hand repeatedly, “Don’t dare to act, don’t dare to be.”

Yi Shan: “Ye Guang, today, in front of so many audiences, is there anything you want to say to everyone?”

Ye Guang thought for a while, but didn’t know what to say, glanced at Liu Chiyan, and said, “Thank you everyone for loving the song I wrote, and thank you everyone for supporting Liu Chiyan. In the future, we will continue to work hard to bring you more and better songs. Please vote for Liu Chiyan!”

Well, it’s very official and spectacular canvassing.

Ren Keling: “Well, it’s an employee under Liu Chiyan’s hands. He will canvass for Goddess Liu when he comes up.” Ren Keling said with a smile, “Goddess Liu, such a good employee, you can get processing money when you go back. Otherwise, someone else will dig the corner.”

The audience laughed.

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Wage? It doesn’t exist.” Liu Chiyan also made a joke.

Heavenly King Liu, who was sitting in the chief election, interrupted, “Is there no salary? How could it be possible! Chiyan, are you afraid that I will dig the corner?”

Liu Chiyan: “I really didn’t pay him. If you want to dig the corner, you will dig.”

Liu Chiyan said that, but Heavenly King Liu did not believe it. “Come on, look at it, you are laughing, so confident, I am afraid I can’t dig this person.”

Ye Guang: “President Liu really did not pay me.”

Everyone stunned.

Ren Keling: “Really? What benefits does Goddess Liu give you, let you work under her?”

Liu Chiyan: “I didn’t pay his salary, I gave him shares directly.” No, no, both of them are married. Liu Chiyan’s industry is already the common property of both husband and wife. Each other owns half of the shares. This was said when they marriage, but Liu Chiyan in charge of family financial power.

Heavenly King Liu: “Well, I said how are you so confident and play big enough. Chiyan, how many shares you gave Ye Guang.”

Liu Chiyan chuckles: “This is not convenient to disclose.” I really want to say half of it. No one in the audience believes it, give half of the shares to an employee? Either there is something tricky or there is a problem with your brain.

The program time is limited, these extras can’t said more. Ren Keling controls the show rhythm and diverts from the topic, “Ye Guang can be regarded as sweet steamed buns, and Heavenly King Liu is also heart-warming, but you still have to end up slowly. Let’s stop here, the show time is limited. Then, let’s several judges continue to comment on Liu Chiyan’s song.”

Next, several judges who have not spoken, Zong Zhengguang, Yu Fengnan, and Chun Yumin have successively commented on this song sung by Liu Chiyan.

There is no doubt that this “When you are old” has won the judges praise.

Praise is praise, but there are still strange voices in the judges.

The objection is Chun Yumin: “First of all, I have to admit that this song by Liu Chiyan is a good song, but about this game, I want to say a little bit. Our game cares most about fairness, but In my opinion, this game is probably not so fair.”

Everyone was startled, what do you mean? unfair? Why is it unfair?

Chun Yumin continued: “The song Liu Chiyan singing this time, it’s adapted from Ye Guang’s original poem. So, before singing, she used the poem to set off atmosphere and artistic conception of the song, and there is also a program group. The background specifically made, an the narration that Ye Guang played in person, these factors undoubtedly added points to Liu Chiyan’s song, but this is precisely the unfairness of this game, which is not Fair for Han Yurou.”

Chun Yumin said that many viewers are immersed in meditation. It seems to be a bit reasonable. Liu Chiyan sings this song, it is the background, and Ye Guang is reading poetry. There are many tricks, and Han Yurou has nothing. It is indeed unfair.

Several other judges also thought a little.

Seeing this situation, Ye Guang feels a little bad, it won’t be the last to be loaded here.

Ye Guang was anxious. He was impatient again. Regardless he was on stage or not, he opened his mouth and explained, “The narration is normal. This is originally part of the song. Many songs have the beginning or middle part narration, is this unfair?”

Chun Yumin looked at him and said, “The narration and the sub-singers are normal. That’s for sure. If the poem is a member of the band, it’s still It makes sense, but you are Liu Chiyan employee. You personally went to the stage to recite poems. It is equivalent to helping her out, which is unfair.”

Ye Guang helpless, what logic? Others can read it, but he can’t read it? Isn’t it all the same?

Many viewers listened to Chun Yumin’s words, and felt that it made sense in their hearts. Ye Guang read poetry on the stage was equivalent to helping Liu Chiyan? The Strongest Voice is a single player, how can someone help out? Although it is just a poem, it is indeed unfair.

Chun Yumin brought a wave of rhythm.

Ye Guang explained: “Teacher Chun, this is the case. Although I’m on the stage, but this is not my own requirements. But program group invited me. If you feel Liu Chiyan’s game is unfair because of me, why program group invited me. Since program group invited me, can it be said it will not affect the game fairness.”

Chun Yumin stunned, “Is the program group invited you to play?”

Obviously, he must thought, this was specially arranged by Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang.

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