BTC Chapter 382 : Global Supercomputer Conference

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Global supercomputer conference is held every two years. Organized by IEEE Society and American Computer Society to discuss the latest technologies, products, and trends in high performance computing, networking, storage, and analytics across the world of IT Science and Technology.

In China, it is rare to see reports from this conference. There is no reason for it. In China, there are too few companies and institutions eligible to participate in this global supercomputer conference. Even if there are, there are no creative technical products, so the media and the public are not very concerned about this.

The last big news about this conference is creative launch of Shenwei supercomputer by China, was rated by the supercomputer conference judges as the fastest supercomputer in the world.

“Participating in this global supercomputer conference?” Su Zhirong said with a pick, “This time the venue is at the New Orleans Convention Center in United States.”

“It is expected that more than 400 companies, universities, supercomputer centers, HPC (handheld computer) research institutions and associations will participate. 3M, AMD, Altair, Cisco, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, HP, Hitachi… these famous companies Will participate in the meeting.”

“What do you mean is exhibiting our quantum computers and the latest smart technologies at the conference?”

“Yes!” Lu Zixin nodded. “The impact of this kind of conference is all over the world. This kind of propaganda should not be white. If we want to open a new era of computers, what timing is more appropriate than this?”

“That’s a surprise for them!” Su Zhirong said with a slight smile, only the core members of Red Letter know what they have achieved!


In United States, New Orleans Convention Center, members of IEEE International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and American Computer Society, are preparing to organize the latest global supercomputer conference.

Each conference has a theme, the theme this time is to explore new computer development and artificial intelligence technology.

The new type of computer refers to what kind of photonic computer, biological computer, superconducting quantum computer, etc., of course, mainly superconducting quantum computers.

There is no need to mention artificial intelligence technology. In recent years, as long as the conference on the computer industry is concerned, this topic must be indispensable.

In a conference center, key members from both associations are discussing preparations before the meeting.

The IEEE International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, although a non-profit science and technology association, has nearly 200 countries and hundreds of thousands of members. But most of its core members belong to United States.

Not to mention American Computer Society, this is an American authority.

“This conference, in addition to research and study of Computer Science and Technology, and the selection of the latest supercomputer, we still have an important thing.” An important person said, “In recent years, quantum computers have developed rapidly, and recently there have been big trend of commercializing quantum computers on a scale.”

“So at this meeting, we have to vote on the relevant standards for quantum computers. We will develop internationally unified data standards for quantum computers!”

The members have known this for a long time, and their faces are not shocked, but their minds have long been planned.

The man continued: “There are 16 universities, enterprises or scientific research institutions that apply for the quantum computer standard. They will also be present during the conference. At that time, we will hold a large-scale voting event. Please prepare. ”

At the end of the meeting, some members also discussed the matter in private.

This standard vote is not a trivial matter, which means that the quantum computers of the world will be manufactured according to established standards, and also represent the leading or even monopoly of core technologies!

In the science and technology world, there is a saying that first-class companies set technical standards, second-rate companies make brands, and third-rate companies sell products.

In the computer industry, international companies such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA are the standard setters.

Traditional computer chips and computer machine production standards are inseparable from them. So they can spread the business to the world in a bright and straightforward way, overlooking all beings in the computer industry!

Just like the previous communications industry, Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung are the standard setters. The early Chinese companies such as Red Letter are only products and brand operators.

Until the success of Red Letter’s Sky Network plan, and the use of chip technology to develop a new 6G communication standard, virtual projection technology standards, only reached the peak of the communications industry.

For the current computer industry, Red Letter Group is just a “small white” that has just stepped into this field. Intel and other companies are the makers of the rules of the game.

“This Chinese company has also been selected as one of the quantum computer standards?” In an international hotel, several members of American Computer Society and IEEE are discussing it privately.

“Yes, Red Letter Group. A few months ago, they published a paper in the journal Science, claiming that they have been able to control twenty quantum bits of superconducting quantum computers, and also have superconducting quantum chips.” One person replied, “So the association not only invited them to participate, but also included their criteria as one of the candidates.”

This person is one of the vice presidents of the internal executive committee of IEEE International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tolan Bell. He is an authentic American and an honorary professor of electrical engineering at a leading American school.

“This is the first time that Chinese companies can also join standard candidates.” said a member of the American Computer Society.

“Not only that, Chinese companies and institutions participating in the conference this year seem to be more than the last time.” Someone was slightly frowned and said: “And we have reduced.”

What this represents is the replacement of corporate power.

“Well, let’s talk about this vote.” Someone said, “Who should we vote for?”

Everyone remembers the candidates on the list silently. The first thing to do is Intel’s quantum computer standards, as well as AMD, IBM and other companies, Stanford University Quantum Research Laboratory, Canadian D-Wave Computer Company, German Institute of Quantum Optics, etc.

Among them, they represent a considerable part of the vote. If they can reach an agreement, the voting results will not be much worse.

“Of course Intel, I think they are doing the best in the field of quantum computers.” said Tolan Bell. “Intel has shown us that their superconducting quantum computers have achieved supercomputer performance.”

“I think the standards of German Institute are more strict.” Some other comments were made.

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