BTC Chapter 448 : Working Machine

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“If this continues, our Pengyun car is struggling, and now the supply chain is broken, and the capital chain is also stretched.” Jiang Xunmei said with anxiety, “What do you think of the company’s reform plan?”

The management of Pengyun Automobile has submitted a reform proposal to head office. If Lu Zixin approves it, it will be implemented immediately.

The content is very simple, the existing Pengyun car is “redesigned”, related technologies and parts are adjusted. The company’s main business is still new energy and driverless, but will reduce the performance of the car, into the low-end car market.

“I looked at it, some of it works,” Lu Zixin said.


“Yeah.” Lu Zixin did not turn around, but said: “To maintain the normal operation of Pengyun, you can try to reduce the configuration and produce a mid-range series.”

“But-” he turned. “In the high-end series, we can’t go back! And we can do better!”

Seeing Jiang Xunmei revealing a few difficult colors, Lu Zixin said with a smile: “I know that the supply of high-end spare parts is a big problem. Since it is difficult to import, it is limited, so it is better for us to do it ourselves!”

“Do it yourself?” Jiang Xunmei immediately said, “Now that Pengyun Automobile has auto parts processing plants and partners. But, the technical level is far from international top level, and it is still far behind.”

“Then you talk about it, where is the difference?” Lu Zixin test her.

Jiang Xunmei couldn’t be familiar with this problem anymore. She said directly: “Design, precision, materials, these are the most critical factors. In terms of mechanical design, we have a quantum computer help, and we are gradually catch up with foreign countries.”

“In terms of materials for component manufacturing, increasing the cost budget can still make up for it. But the precision of spare parts is a real technical gap that is hard to overcome.”

This is not just a problem in the automobile manufacturing industry, but a problem involving weak infrastructure in China.

Industrial products that look like China’s manufacturing have long been a synonym for the world. However, the industrial core components that really involve high precision, high strength and high standards are controlled by those developed countries.

Therefore, China spends a lot of money every year to import these products to make up for its shortcomings in industrial products.

“It is because it is difficult to do, so we have to do it.” Lu Zixin clicked virtual projection in front of him, and then sent a piece of information to Jiang Xunmei’s smart device.

“Machinery factory?” Jiang Xunmei saw the prefix of the information book, revealing the surprised expression.

“Too… too big!” Waiting for her to read, it is even more unbelievable. Originally, Jiang Xunmei thought that Lu Zixin meant to be Pengyun’s own spare parts manufacturing factory.

This is not unusual, large car companies have their own spare parts factory, and some have achieved the world’s top 500.

But in this document, she saw that President Lu is not going to make Pengyun’s auto parts factory, but to be the upstream spare parts factory – industrial production equipment manufacturer!

Industrial production equipment, also known as working machine, such as lathes, milling machines, planers, drilling machines, boring machines, grinding machines, etc., is the core of machinery manufacturing industry!

No matter how good the machinery and equipment, the best parts, and the production, you must inevitably manufacture their machine tools!

This equipment is precisely the sensitive equipment and technology of United States, Japan, Europe and other developed countries to seal tightly!

More importantly, in addition to manufacturing auto parts, the excellent working machine can also be used to manufacture aircraft, ships, military, etc., and its significance is enormous in the national strategic level!

Of course, everyone knows this is very important. The most important thing is, can it be made? So many industrial giants, who do not want to master such technology and equipment? If technology can be easily overcome, they have already made it.

Therefore, some domestic products can only be second to none, resulting in lower quality and performance than foreign products.


Not only was Jiang Xunmei surprised and skeptical, but the top executives of Red Letter Group also said that it was “too difficult.”

Many people suggested to Lu Zixin that this plan should be temporarily shelved. The huge plans for the magnetic suspension vehicles and maglev roads have not yet been officially implemented, and it is still extremely difficult to suddenly make mechanical equipment.

No one knows how much money to invest! And on the industrial base, Red Letter Group is not as strong as in the communications industry.

However, under Lu Zixin’s “I am willing to do anything”, this program is still under implementation.

“This time we really didn’t have much money to invest!” Su Zhirong told Lu Zixin that it was not very good news. She said: “Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. has just been operating stably for two months. Now it has suffered this shock, chain funds has to rely on the assistance from head office.”

“In addition to your proposed magnetic levitation intelligent road plan and R&D project, our investment in Pengyun Automobile Group has reached the highest proportion among all the current sub-groups. Other projects will also cost money.”

“So how much is it?” Lu Zixin asked directly.

“I calculated that in the short term, we can transfer 3 billion working capital for investment. Long-term investment depends on the company’s efficiency.” Su Zhirong really gave a solution.

“Three billion? It should be enough.” Lu Zixin whispered. There is RI-8901, a super-industrial robot, and the improved Dongfang, the industrial machinery and equipment manufacturing, should not be a problem.

What they have to do is to combine their Black Science and Technology with the current industrial level. As long as there is a product that can be launched, the follow-up money will continue to be invested in energy.

As a result, RI-8901 and Dongfang Hao have added a new project in the research base of Pengyun Machinery, and developed a new type of machine tool for the production of automotive precision parts, which was the beginning of the manufacturing of Red Letter machinery and equipment.

The development and construction of the previous magnetic levitation vehicles and magnetic levitation intelligent roads have not stopped. Without the supply of spare parts from abroad, their team is only temporarily difficult to mass-produce. For individual R&D, the problem is not big.

When the situation in the domestic auto industry was tense, the first generation of magnetic suspension vehicles of Pengyun Automobile was finally developed under the leadership of Dongfang Hao!

“Haha, daddy, this time you have to give me a lot of credit. You don’t know how stupid those human experts are. You have to ask me about the principle and the structure for a little bit of the problem. It’s annoying.” Dongfang Hao is proud. Looking for Lu Zixin to ask for credit.

“This performance is good.” Lu Zixin praised, “But, don’t remember, I have to test the car first.”

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