BTC Chapter 449 : Test Drive

Edited: XiaXue

Pengyun Automobile Industrial Park, within the park. Here, the new magnetic levitation smart lane is still under construction, and many places have already begun to take shape.

“President Lu!” In the magnetic levitation test base, employees greeted Lu Zixin.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded and asked Dongfang Hao, “What about the car?”

Dongfang Hao wore a straight suit with a stiff figure and a height of about 1.8 meters. He was particularly conspicuous among a group of researchers, but no one could see that he was actually a mechanical life.

“Wait!” Dongfang Hao closed his eyes and counted: “Three, two, one! MUSIC!”

On the magnetic suspension smart lane where Lu Zixin walks, the sound of music is heard in all directions. This is a micro-amplifier device that is installed in all directions of the smart road. At the same time, there are various lights flashing, at this moment, the road seems to have become a concert scene!

“I’m, awake, I’m, alive.”

“Now, I, know, what, I believe, inside.”

“Now, it’s, my, time…”

This time the BGM is still normal. As the BGM rings, the warehouse door in front of the road opens automatically.

A transparent magnetic levitation car is “flying” from the inside. It’s body shell is made of special glass material, which contains some miniature sensors and smart device components, which are rich in functions.

The magnetic levitation vehicle is suspended on the inductive road surface by the magnetic field, and the friction is almost negligible and abnormal.

On it’s chassis, there are also specially designed tires, which are designed to facilitate driving on non-magnetic suspension sensing roads.

Inside the car body, because the driverless system saves the traditional cockpit, the interior space is much larger than the average car. You can place a comfortable sofa and even roll it into a folding bed.

In addition, the entire magnetic levitation vehicle itself is a large intelligent mobile device. When driving, the wireless signal connects the magnetic levitation car with the intelligent road and data center. Passengers can use the magnetic levitation car as a mobile cinema, mobile game hall, mobile hotel and so on. Anyway, how to feel comfortable.

When the magnetic levitation vehicle and the intelligent road are connected, not only can the instinct be unmanned, but the speed will reach an alarming level. Through the adjustment and safety control of the intelligent road, the probability of a traffic accident will be minimized on such a road.

According to the R&D staff’s vision, if such a magnetic levitation road surface and a car are promoted, the relevant traffic regulations will certainly be regulated. The driving speed of the magnetic levitation intelligent road surface may be comparable to that of the high-speed rail.

The magnetic levitation car slowly stopped in front of Lu Zixin, and the body projected an image of a beautiful female flight attendant and smiled at Lu Zixin : “Mister Lu, welcome to take ‘M-001’ Pengyun magnetic levitation car.”

The door opened automatically, Lu Zixin took the car experience, and he was accompanied by Tang Gang and a vice president of Red Letter Capital, Roy Rupert.

Tang Gang’s current position is vice president of Red Letter Group and strategic investment officer, while Roy Rupert is a bearded American, a well-known figure in the financial world, recruited by Red Letter Group, and they have always insisted on Lu Zixin about magnetic suspension car and the smart road, so this time Lu Zixin took them to experience it personally.

Just before the appearance of the magnetic levitation car, the two had already been amazing.

“It’s really floating!” Roy Rupert exclaimed. “This smooth feeling is more comfortable than sitting on a Lincoln car.”

“How does the magnetic levitation car come out so fast?” Tang Gang couldn’t conceal his surprise and said: “I thought it would take at least a year or two to get the first test car out.”

“This sense of Science and Technology, this design is so beautiful!” He tried to use the functions inside the car body. When the virtual projection was turned on, the whole car seemed to enter the space-time tunnel and entered the different dimension.

During this period, the body will not shake a little, and the water level in the cup on the table inside the car is as stable as ever.

Inside the car, the virtual flight attendants introduced them to the functions of magnetic levitation car. This magnetic levitation intelligent road was not built, only half the distance, but enough for their experience.

However, in three minutes, the flight attendant reported: “Respected passengers, we have reached our destination.”

“So fast!” Tang Gang looked at the watch and widened his eyes. He said, “Three minutes! Just now we drove from here to the base, at least for a quarter of an hour?”

“More than that, 23 minutes.” Lu Zixin looked at his smart glasses and said.

“23 minutes of travel, only used 3 minutes! And because the road is too short, need to start and stop wasting time…” Tang Gang continued to think, “If it is a long distance, it is really comparable to the magnetic levitation train.”

“The speed is not as fast as the train, but it is not worse than the average high speed!” Lu Zixin also smiles. “Now, do you still think there is a problem with this project investment?”

“Great! This is a genius investment!” Roy Rupert excitedly said, “I seem to see that such a magnetic levitation car is driving on California’s roads, magnetic levitation roads are built on European soil… the transportation system of the whole world will change because of it!”

“Because of this, I have to push hard to promote the magnetic levitation project and the development of the working machine.” Lu Zixin said, “I think if we introduce a magnetic levitation car, but the key components are controlled by other giants.”

“Then our magnetic levitation car is likely to work hard to help others make money like the mobile phone and computer industries a few years ago.”

“I understand!” Roy Rupert was also one of the top executives who did not understand why Lu Zixin invested in the development of working machines. There are too many projects within Red Letter Group to make money.

From the perspective of the capitalist, it is not a wise choice to spend a lot of money investing in an uncertain and intractable project.

But from the point of view of such a convenient and fast magnetic levitation car, Roy Rupert’s idea has completely changed. He had already learned about the cost of a magnetic levitation car, which is not much more expensive than a general car.

If key components can be produced on their own, the cost will be even lower.

The magnetic levitation car is not only a new mode of transportation, but also a new intelligent terminal. The potential market is unimaginable! For such projects, it is worthwhile to invest more.

They returned to their previous location by car and the R&D staff were waiting for them.

“President Lu, how?” Jiang Xunmei looked forward to him, hoping to wait for his affirmation.

“Good!” Lu Zixin only said one word, and some people smiled at the place.

“This is the best car I have ever experienced. It is also the waist plate. Why are you so prominent?” Tang Gang just made a joke and everyone laughed.

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