BTC Chapter 345 : Going to China for Shopping

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On Amazon e-commerce platform, there are US users who want to purchase HXV-1 smart projection mobile phone through the network platform, but the computer interface shows: “Sorry, the goods you ordered are temporarily out of stock, do you want to keep wishlist, waiting for notification?”

“It’s out of stock? It’s out of stock one day later!” In front of the computer, a user opened the customer service interface with a complaint.

“When is this HXV-1 available?” he asked.

“Sir, I am sorry, this is our hot product. We will replenish the library as soon as possible, please be patient!” The customer service replies, this is not the first customer to ask this question.

“I asked when is the goods available? Do you know the specific time?”

“Please be patient, we will replenish the library within two weeks!” customer service replied.

“Two weeks? Hell!”

“If you need this product, you can pay the purchase price and you can have priority on next batch of HXV-1 smart projection mobile phone!” Customer service suggested.

A similar scenario occurred in various sales platforms in United States. Soon, users in United States found that not only online stores, but even operators stores, the volume of goods was small.

Some operators even took advantage of this opportunity to deliberately drive down supply as a marketing tool.

Many American users are starting to complain: “Why is the supply so low?”

“I heard that Red Letter is a priority for Chinese market, which is not fair!”

“They are marketing in hunger? If so, killing me will not buy a mobile phone from Red Letter – from HXV-1 smart projection phone client.”

“HXV-1 smart projection phone on the Internet is unofficial than the normal price of one or two hundred dollars!”

“I have to complain that our store here has to buy value-added services to get HXV-1!”


Red Letter was first sold in United States, but there was a situation of short supply, which is unprecedented for any Chinese brand!

Of course, there have been some vulnerability in sales management, which has caused Red Letter to be adjusting.

Hong Kong Island, here is one of the gateways to China.

At the door of a mobile phone brand store, less than a day, there have been long queues.

Next to it, there are people holding signs to recruit people: “People line up to buy mobile phones, have wages!”

Hong Kong Islanders were used to it before. When the Apple mobile phone was released, because of the difference in the release time between the mainland and Hong Kong Island, there will be a large number of purchasing, oxen lined up here to buy mobile phones, and then brought back to the mainland to sell high prices.

But today, they are not waiting to buy Apple phones, and they are not ready to buy back to mainland, but to buy back to United States!

The Americans went to Hong Kong Island to buy red letter mobile phone, and the purchase went back! This scene is the first time Hong Kong Islanders see! Even attracted a lot of media, but also specifically reported this incident!

Voice of Hong Kong: “Shocked! A large number of Americans are purchasing Hongxin mobile phones in Hong Kong and want to sell them back to US at a high price!”

Hong Kong Island News: “Today, Police found a US gang suspected of smuggling red letter mobile phone. It is reported that the smuggled mobile phone has been fully detained.”

These news have also been reported to the domestic, netizens simply laughed out.

“Hello me! The Americans actually smuggled our mobile phones!”

“I have a red letter mobile phone! My foreign uncle let me give you my mobile phone smart projection product from red letter, saying that they sell hundreds of dollars more and there are people rushing to!”

“Red letter is the best! Domestic priority supply is good!”

“Hello everyone, I want to buy a red letter mobile phone to United States, the current lack of funds is 300,000, interested partners please contact me!”

“After waiting for a long time, I finally waited until today, can’t buy something cool?”

“It turns out that as long as you have money, everyone’s approach is the same!”


In a few weeks, the sales of Red Letter products in US market gradually became clear.

“In this month’s new machine sales, our mobile phone sales in US market have surpassed LG’s curved folding mobile phones and Samsung, and the new machine sales ranked second! Second only to Apple mobile phones!” Su Zhirong smiled. This transcript made her full of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

“According to the current growth trend, when we have sufficient stocks, it is only a matter of time before sales exceed Apple’s mobile phones! Sales of smart projection glasses and smart projection watches have exceeded the expected pass line, and the momentum is very strong!”

“The market gap has already opened.” Lu Zixin squatted on the office chair and said with his eyes closed: “They are trying to close it, but it’s too late!”

“But US has recently prepared to give us a problem and asked us to set up a factory in US,” Su Zhirong said.

Looking at Red Letter’s making money in US market, the US side certainly couldn’t help it, using various policies and requiring Red Letter to establish a factory in United States.

The cost of building a factory in the United States is much higher than that of China or India, but this cannot be avoided. If you want to make money in US and don’t invest, American users will definitely reject red letter, which is also an invisible investment.

“Building is to be built, but it can’t be so easily agreed, and more preferential conditions are needed.”

“The US Federal Communications Commission requires that, according to the anti-monopoly law, we must sell our virtual projection accessories to our partners as soon as possible, otherwise we will limit our sales.” Su Zhirong passed a lot of documents to Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin swept away and said: “Selling, intellectual property must be protected, this is the weapon we will make in the future!”

No matter which country, only Red Letter family will be allowed to sell virtual projection mobile phones, which is a violation of anti-monopoly law. However, Red Letter can use the virtual projection intelligent product accessories like selling chips to collect intellectual property fees, and can also obtain high profits.


“Let me be quiet.” Apple Park Headquarters, Cook signaled the assistant to go out.

He lowered his forehead and held it with his hands. The thinning body was even more exhausted.

Just the top executives opened the meeting on the latest sales data, and the investors kept asking questions, which made him a headache.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the strong rise of Red Letter products in  United States is no longer a threat to Apple’s status, but is occupying the top spot in Apple market!

For a long while, Cook dialed a phone call and said, “I am ready to talk about virtual projection accessories.”

After the phone call, he sighed deeply. This decision will mean that once the powerful Apple company will also be subject to red letter.

Even if the cooperation is completed, it is a helpless choice for them. In the future, every time they sell an Apple mobile phone with a virtual projection, they will have to pay some profits to Red Letter Group. Just as they used the core technology to charge the high cost of China enterprises, now the role has been reversed, it will be their turn to be sheared.

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