BTC Chapter 346 : Looks to the future

Edited: XiaXue

United States, northern California, Palo Alto.

Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong came here because of official business. They lived in the upper floors of an international hotel, the balcony overlooking and seeing the majestic buildings in the distance.

The logo’s of famous companies are everywhere, and the world’s top elites come and go here. Here is the world famous electronics industry and computer industry kingdom, Silicon Valley!

It is nine o’clock in the Pacific time, night falls, but here is a glorious scene that never sleeps. The neon lights and the lights of building will light up in the night sky.

Lu Zixin stood on the balcony and looked out into the distance. In Silicon Valley, there are several world-class companies that can easily influence the world. Intel, Google, Facebook, Tesla, NVIDIA, Oracle… These famous companies are gathered here, and at the same time, a large number of elite talents are gathered.

“At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, we are going to talk to Qualcomm’s Headquarters, at 3 pm, at the invitation of Google’s president.” behind Lu Zixin, Su Zhirong’s voice sounded.

She has just finished her work planning, and the recent affairs are really busy, and her voice reveals exhaustion.

Lu Zixin turned around and saw the slightly thinner woman walking slowly, taking her into his arms and looking at the scenery outside the balcony, whispering in her ear: “Tomorrow’s things will be said tomorrow, rest well.”

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong gently snorted, leaning her head against his arm and looking at the bustling night scene in the distance.

“What are you thinking?” Su Zhirong asked suddenly.

“I miss you.” Lu Zixin blurted out. “You have lost a lot of weight recently, is it too tired?”

“I don’t believe it!” Su Zhirong tenderly snorted and said, “It’s obviously thinking about the other, your eyes can be seen at a glance!”

Although she said so, she still had some joy in her eyes.

“Well, I admit, I miss you more than half, and I am thinking about the future direction of the company.” Lu Zixin bowed his head and kissed her forehead.

Su Zhirong simply leaned back against the railing, picked up the hair that was blown by the cool breeze, and stared at Lu Zixin with a pair of black and bright eyes. She asked, “What do you think? Now our company has already won in China smartphone market, Japan smartphone market share ranks first, and Southeast Asia and Europe are also making progress. Especially in US market, sales are gratifying.”

“As long as there is no accident, one year later, Red Letter mobile phone may not be the highest-selling mobile phone in the world, but it must be the most profitable company, replacing the status of Apple mobile phone!”

“It is not easy to maintain it. Now the US has begun to adopt various policies to squeeze our profits. Other companies are also under pressure from us to start cooperation.”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded and said: “The bigger company is, the harder it is to maintain it. But I don’t think about it. There is a leading smart projection phone. Red letter electronics will not have big problem in three or five years.”

“What are you thinking about?” Su Zhirong said curiously.

“Of course it’s a follow-up development.” Lu Zixin’s eyes revealed a ray of ambition, which made Su Zhirong slightly stunned and looked at him with ecstasy.

“Do you want to be a global virtual entertainment?” Su Zhirong speculated, “When our smart product users expand, or other smart products bring virtual projection capabilities. Do virtual movies, virtual idols, virtual games, virtual social?”

“Also, the potential in this area may be higher than our electronic products!” she said to herself, somehow, a sudden resentment suddenly appeared in her tone.

Because of the virtual mutual entertainment, she remembered Xue Yao. The success of the first virtual projection movie has already brought Red Letter virtual entertainment to the right track. The sale of red letter smart projection equipment is to let red letter virtual entertainment enter thousands of households!

In each of Red Letter intelligent projection devices, there is an avatar of Hong Yun, which is the first virtual idol that Red Letter Virtual Entertainment is preparing to launch. Now it has a certain popularity.

In addition to this, there is projection social software. Log in to Red Letter account, you can use this software for social activities, add friends, friends circle, the most important thing is to directly perform virtual projection live broadcast and small video interaction.

There are also red letter games that cannot be ignored, and they are also planned to be included in the system of red letter virtual entertainment.

Including the most popular entertainment methods on the Internet, plus the majority of users of Red Letter smart products, it is expected that this company will become an internet giant in the near future.

Domestic companies such as Tencent and Keli have rushed to announce similar virtual social features.

If red letter virtual entertainment is developed, it may be more profitable than Red Letter Electronics itself. There is a similar data to compare, Tencent game & entertainment profit last year is that twice as high as the group, and the profit growth ratio is even more exaggerated, which is the potential of entertainment industry.

In that way, Xue Yao’s position in the company seems to be more and more important.

“No, I don’t think about virtual entertainment.” Lu Zixin denied her guess and said with a wry smile: “To be honest, in the entertainment operation, I am a little white. How can the subsidiary develop? I can see the subsidiary’s own operations.”

“Hey, did someone go to help make a movie a few months ago?” Su Zhirong squinted and shouted.

“Isn’t that because the technology is not mature?” Lu Zixin explained quickly.

The two were silent for a while, Lu Zixin broke the shackles and pointed to the front and said: “Look, a large piece here is Silicon Valley Science and Technology Park.”

“There are world-class electronics and computer science and technology, how many science and technology that have changed human life, how many world-class rich people have been born every year from the world, how many dreamers and scientists come here to pursue dreams!”

“California has the Silicon Valley and can surpass France to become the sixth largest economy in the world! In the future, I will build a place like this.”

“It has the world’s top and most cutting-edge Science and Technology, with the world’s top companies, the richest man, the most promising and opportunity location. When we build it in China, China can become the world’s number one economy!”

“You want to build Silicon Valley in China?” Su Zhirong smashed her eyes and gave a horrified look. Silicon Valley represents not a company, but a world-class city of Science and Technology. Now that Red Letter Group has entered Silicon Valley, it is just one of many giants.

“No, not the Silicon Valley of China. Silicon Valley is United States, I want to build one, the future of Science and Technology! The city of Science and Technology all over the world!” Lu Zixin said this sentence, suddenly feeling open-minded, God Refreshing!

People who have no goals, living like a beggar, hehe. The development of Red Letter Group to the present, making money for Lu Zixin, has long been less attractive than before.

If you take out all his wealth, it is definitely one of the top richest people in the world. But these things have no meaning for him.

With so much wealth, is it like Middle Eastern royal family, even the toilets are replaced with gold and diamonds? Lu Zixin thinking, he might be more interested in a toilet with a high Science and Technology.

“The future of Science and Technology? The city of Science and Technology in the world?” Su Zhirong repeats his words, and the heart is full of turbulence. She knows the character of Lu Zixin. This sentence is not about playing, maybe the future world will change accordingly!

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