BTC Chapter 376 : “Science”

Edited: XiaXue

In United States, the editorial department of Science magazine, a group of editors are arguing over the articles published in the next issue of Science.

Science was founded by Edison in 1880, with the intention of publishing an important overview of original scientific research and development. Later, with the support of American Association for the Advancement of Science, the magazine was gradually developed into one of the most authoritative and influential academic journals in the world.

For people in scientific community of all countries, it is a lofty honor to publish their own research papers in this journal.

Therefore, the content published in each issue of the journal is extremely strict and must be reviewed repeatedly.

In this issue, the editors are discussing what to take as the front page.

“This is a good one, from the new thinking of Dr. Angelo of Italy on curing cancer, I think this one is enough as a front page!” said one of the editors.

“No, I don’t think this one is enough for the front page. Every year, we can get a lot of methods about cancer treatment, but it turns out that many of these are just speculations, not as a front page.” The other editor said, “I think the research papers from California Astronomical Observatory should be the front page. Their findings are more meaningful to astronomy!”

“I think it’s better to report the new results of Google AI Institute. Obviously our readers are more interested in these!” The editors are arguing, but also because there are no major scientific research findings and achievements recently, leading them to be unsure for the front page.

“Don’t be noisy! Publish this!” At this point, the editor came in and held a copy of the information in his hand. This is the latest submission, he just finished reading.

“What is this?” asked several editors curiously. The editors present here are all knowledgeable scientific figures and have a good understanding of cutting-edge science.

“An article from China, they made a new breakthrough in the field of quantum!” said the editor, “I really can’t think of it!”

“What breakthrough?” the editors asked.

“Quantum computers, they have mastered the manufacturing methods of superconducting quantum computers, and can make miniature superconducting quantum computer chips. According to the article, they only need one or two years to replace superconducting quantum computers. Now from all the traditional computers even supercomputers! The computing power is the highest in the world.” The editor-in-chief exclaimed, “This time, they are at the forefront of the world!”

“One or two years? How is this possible?” an editor who knows the field of quantum computing retorted, “This is too exaggerated, and quantum computers still have a way to go!”

“China people like to brag!” editors complained. “Every year we receive a lot of papers from China, only a small number of them are eligible to publish. There are even a lot of very rigorous content!”

“No, you know when you look at it. There is enough evidence to prove that they do have such technology.” The editor insisted, “We can also send people to see the real situation.”

Soon, Science magazine contacted the Quantum Computer Research Institute of Red Letter to make inquiries, and personally sent people to visit.

After some confirmation, they thought that this research paper on superconducting quantum computers was absolutely unprepared and decided to arrange it on the front page of the next issue of Science magazine!

Soon after, the new issue of Science magazine was published. The world’s journals were read in the shortest time, regardless of the development of science and science and technology.

Canada, D-Wave System. They developed 16 bit qubit superconducting quantum computers more than a decade ago, but the quantum computers they developed could not handle complex computational problems.

After years of development, they have gradually optimized and updated them, and they have been able to do better.

At this time, George, the chief researcher of their Quantum Computer Research Department, is reading the latest Science and Technology magazine. When he saw the cover, his eyes were attracted.

The cover is marked with striking characters, a major breakthrough in quantum computers, and all the operations of traditional computers have been completed!

“The quantum computer has a new breakthrough?” George moved, and immediately read it.

He only looked at it twice and was deeply attracted by the content. This article introduces the team to find a new way to make superconducting quantum chips. According to this method, they can easily control more qubits, which is the best in terms of volume, performance and most important the cost.

“Amazing, they actually did it!” George felt infinitely. In the past ten years, their team has been researching and developing superconducting quantum computers.

But until today, their superconducting quantum computers are still not eligible to enter the market. It is a tricky problem for them to let the superconducting quantum computer realize the programming function.

According to the opposite description, their superconducting quantum computer can not only realize the manipulation of multiple qubits, but also cover the functions of all traditional computers, and the computing power is superior!

“Which country is the team that made it? Is it the United States, Germany or Italy?” George rushed to find the origin of the team in the journal.

“Is it China?” George found the information he wanted to know, but he was even more amazed. He remembers that in the field of quantum computers, China research team has been ranked behind.

It seems that in the past few years they were able to control ten qubits, and more than a decade ago, their company was able to manipulate sixteen qubits, and the gap was ten years.

But today, the other person actually walked in front of them! This is incredible!

“No! This is not the Quantum Institute of China Shanghai Capital. It is the quantum research center of Red Letter Group!” George found a difference. The original quantum research center was not the one he had previously understood, but a newly established research center.

He rushed to find the news of this quantum computer research center on the Internet, which made him even stunned. This research center has only been established for more than half a year, and they have already completed their journey for more than ten years and walked in front of them!

“What kind of monsters are they in the end?” George couldn’t help but sigh. He remembers that when he opened the International Quantum Technology Research Society in Canada last time, scientists from the quantum field in China were silent and couldn’t make any achievements.

At that time, he and other scientists did not put China quantum computer research in his heart. Who knows how long this time has passed, and the other party has already reached this point. It is really hidden!

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