MST Chapter 171 : Big coffee group invitation song

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Generally speaking.

Because related to The Strongest Voice propositions, singers cast the net widely and collect songs from various songwriters. The probability of the same songwriter appearing in two songs in one session is very low, let alone is the whole process is one songwriter, and no songwriter can calculate the judges’ questions and make the lyrics and music in advance, lyrics composition is not simple. In many cases, it is sudden inspiration or accumulation over the years.

Ye Guang can provide songs to Liu Chiyan all the time, only because he has the memory of Dream World and directly plagiarizes it. It is really difficult for him to create a song by himself.

After talking with Heavenly King Liu and several other big coffee for a while, Ye Guang smiled. “Since everyone is here, I will write the songs for you now.”

Everyone was taken aback.

Huang Bin: “Little Ye, it might be a little bit abrupt when we asked you to invite you for a song, but you can’t be so perfunctory.”

Heavenly King Liu: “You still said that you are my fan. Are you ready to hang me?”

Yu Fengnan: “Goddess Liu said you can satisfy us.”

He Xing: “Please take a snack.”

Mu Huang: “Just kidding, Little Ye, you are really humorous.”

No one believes in Ye Guang can write the song on the spot.

Ye Guang is dumbfounded. What is the situation? You are not happy to write songs for you, isn’t it just a little bit… well, a little bit faster.

Liu Chiyan explained for Ye Guang: “Ye Guang wrote songs very quickly, and my songs were written directly by him.”

The people obviously still do not believe.

He Xing: “Really?”

Mu Feng: “I don’t believe that.”

Ye Guang is excited, and he rolled up his sleeves, “Wi… Boss,” Ye Guang almost shouted a wife, but fortunately he recovered, “Help me get a pen and paper.”

Liu Chiyan secretly glared at Ye Guang, and brought notebook and a pen to Ye Guang.

Heavenly King Liu, He Xing and others are somewhat surprised. Is Ye Guang an employee of Liu Chiyan? Can employees call boss like this?

Ye Guang took the pen and paper, Just on the coffee table in front of sofa, the pens swiftly flew.

After a short while, a few songs came out on paper.

Ye Guang teared off a piece and handed the song to Huang Bin, “This is the best song for you. It should be very suitable for you to sing.”

Huang bin is Cantonese, Cantonese is his mother tongue, his voice  looks like dream world Eason Chan, there are some smoke throat taste, This song is right for Huang Bin. In fact, there are still many good songs by Eason Chan in Ye Guang hands. For ten years, there are a lot of exaggeration, but Ye Guang I was a little reluctant to give these classic songs to Huang Bin for nothing, and he still thought about the opportunity to sing by himself in the future.

Huang Bin took the song over with suspicion, looked at it roughly, and looked at Ye Guang with amazement and then looked at it carefully.

sret” Ye Guang is tearing down a piece of paper and handing it to He Xing. “This is yours, Love is Like a Tide, a love song, it matches you the love song prince”

Love is Like a Tide, a love song prince Jeff Chang’s classic tracks, He Xing and Jeff Chang have the same title, love songs prince, to tell the truth, Ye Guang gave this song to him, actually has some hesitation, this song in Dream World is very popular and has a high degree of popularity, white gave it to He Xing, who just met, hesitated to some extent, but he gave it after thinking about it again and again, because he thought, this song as long as he and Liu Chiyan together, then he should not sing, since he does not, then give him.

He Xing took the song and looked busy.

Then, Ye Guang gave the song he had prepared for Heavenly King Liu, a classic song Tun’er by Andy Lau in the dream world. I don’t know why, Liu Xuecheng and Andy Lau are so similar in Ye Guang mind, hehe…Maybe it’s because both of them are surnamed Liu. [X-N: This Tun’er I have searched but not found in andy lau song, but i suspect this is the song, here]

Then Yu Fengnan song, Yu Fengnan Yu Fengnan is a veteran vocalist with great treble and excellent singing skills. Ye Guang found him a song by a powerful singer in dream world, Sun Nan ‘Save’. It is a tenor, and both are powerful singers. Yu Fengnan singing this song should not be inferior to Sun Nan in the dream world. It can make this song shine in this world very well

Finally, Feng Qiu Huang.

Ye Guang handed the song to Mu Feng & Mu Huang, two brother and sister. “This song is a national style. It is similar to the lotus pond you sang in the first game. It is revision of that song, but I think it should be very good to change to this. I named this song Moonlight in Lotus Pond, you see.”

Mu Feng & Mu Huang were puzzled and look at the song Ye Guang made.

Several big coffees each got the songs, they all looked seriously. From time to time, they looked at the score and hummed two sentences. After a while, several people successively read the song Ye Guang wrote to them, and they were all in amazement.

He Xing also turned around Ye Guang and looked at him for a few laps. “I didn’t see where you are different. This person is more dead than a popular person. So for a while, five songs has been written, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. I don’t believe it even if you kill me.”

Yu Fengnan: “This song is really good. I like it at first sight, and it suits me very well. Little Ye, this time I owe you a favor.”

Huang Bin: “And me, I owe you a favor.”

Mu Huang: “I didn’t expect that our lotus pond could be so flavorful after such a modification. Although the national style has become a lot weaker and the tune has been changed, but it is much better, and it is really good.”

Mu Feng also nodded and praised: “The song is really good, very good, Little Ye is really big gifted scholar. Not only can write songs, but even our original songs can be changed. Our original lotus pond has changed so much, it’s amazing. That’s… Little Ye, where are my parts chorus, are they missing?”

Ye Guang: “The chorus is also very important. This song is more suitable for female vocals, but the chorus is also essential in this song. This is the finishing touch. In fact, it is necessary to sing well in order to make this song more charming.”

Several people got the songs, and they all praised Ye Guang songs and thanked him. Only Heavenly King Liu had a bitter face.

“Little Ye, you still say that it is my fan. You wrote the songs to them. The capital is so good. How come you will give me such song?”

Ye Guang” “What happened to this song? it’s pretty good.”

Heavenly King Liu: “Well, what is Tun’er? It’s too earthy, can you sing?”

Ye Guang explained with a smile: “Heavenly King Liu, this you do not know, this Tun’er is a rare and good song. Look, this song is a Cantonese song, but the lyrics are the Northeast style. This is a song that combines the folk culture of North and South, there is no such precedent before, this song can also be sung in Mandarin. Whether it is Mandarin or Cantonese, singing is very good, but I still suggest Heavenly King Liu to sing in Cantonese, and this song is very festive, connect the atmosphere, very close to people, Heavenly King Liu you sing this song will be well received.”

Ye Guang say clearly and logically, Heavenly King Liu is a bit skeptical, “Really?”

Ye Guang smiled. “Of course it is true. I am your fan. You signed for me. How can I hang you?”

“Good.” Heavenly King Liu believes…

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