MST Chapter 146 : As long as it is him, it’s worth!

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Forget it, don’t want to, sleep!

Why do you want to do so much, but we have people with protagonist aura. With such a small challenge, what are the worries?

Ye Guang dispelled the thoughts in his mind, looked at the time, and was ready to go to sleep.

Turning off the light, Ye Guang covered the blanket, it was cold at night, not afraid of cold at night.

Buzz” cellphone vibrated a bit, there are text messages.

Ye Guang took it, glanced at it, Liu Chiyan sent it.


Ye Guang turned the desk lamp on again and replied to Liu Chiyan.

‘Nope? What’s the matter?’

‘I can’t sleep.’

‘What’s wrong, tomorrow’s show is nervous?’

‘No, I’m a little bit ok… I can’t sleep without holding me.’

‘… Then I come over to sleep? Wouldn’t it be too good…’

‘It’s not very good, don’t come, I work hard, I should be able to fall asleep…’

‘Uh… Would you like to come over? Anyway, next door, I will open the door for you, and you will come in.’

‘Well… I am coming.’

‘Well, hurry, I am at the door, I have already opened the door.’


Open the door.

Close the door.

Liu Chiyan came in.

Liu Chiyan only wore thin pajamas, and all the rounded thighs were all exposed. The front convex and back warp was very attractive. It was Ye Guang who lived with her for so long. It was a bit unbearable, and he looked away. Ye Guang didn’t dare to stare at Liu Chiyan. I was afraid of getting fire. There was no way. This girl only set fire, but she was not responsible for extinguishing the fire.

Not much to say, the two men got into the blanket together, and Liu Chiyan was in the arms of Ye Guang. “It’s still so comfortable to sleep.”

Ye Guang smiled. “If you are like this, if one day I will be gone, you still can’t sleep.”

Liu Chiyan was shocked and hurriedly said, “No, you are not allowed! You are not allowed to leave me!”

Ye Guang touched her hair. “I mean, in case you receive notice and went to the field, like this time, if I didn’t come to sleep with you, you didn’t have this problem.”

“It’s like this after you are with me. I like you to sleep with me, get used to sleeping and fall asleep.” Liu Chiyan pulled Ye Guang’s hand in front of the god. “You can’t leave me. You are my assistant. Wherever I go, you will go with me.”

Ye Guang softly said, “Well, wherever you go, I will go there, follow you every day, give you a warm bed, okay.”

Liu Chiyan smiled slyly. “You won’t leave me, right.”

“Well, not really.” Ye Guang gently kissed Liu Chiyan’s forehead. “Sleep, it’s not early.”

Liu Chiyan snorted, hugged Ye Guang’s arm and nestled in his arms before sleeping sweetly.

The next morning.

Liu Chiyan woke up, holding a strand of naughty hair to tease Ye Guang’s nose.

Ye Guang in his sleep wrinkled his nose and woke up, opened his eyes and saw Liu Chiyan was pretending to be sleeping, her long eyelashes were trembling.

Ye Guang: “You little girl, dare to tease me, see how I can clean you up, don’t pretend, I can see it at a glance.” Said, Ye Guang extended the evil hand.

“Ah! Hoodlum!”

“Look, dare you to tease me.”

The two laughed on the bed for a while and prepared to get up.

It was already dawning, and Liu Chiyan didn’t dare to go out from Ye Guang’s room in her pajamas.

Ye Guang first helped her to explore the road, opened the door and looked around. “Nobody, go back.”

Liu Chiyan felt like she slipped out Ye Guang room, then quickly opened her door, opened the door with lightning speed, and closed the door with a bang.

“Call, it’s safe.”

Ye Guang is a little funny, how to be the same as a thief.

Liu Chiyan didn’t enter the room for a long time, just changed clothes, and someone knocked the door outside.

From the cat’s eyes, it is Jiang Xin.

Open the door.

Liu Chiyan smiled and said hello to Jiang Xin, “Sister Jiang, early, what’s the matter? Come in and say.”

Entering the room, Jiang Xin looked at Liu Chiyan with a look of eccentricity, and looked at Liu Chiyan’s hair. “Sister Jiang, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Xin swayed and asked, “Yan’er, you… last night… not in the room?”

Liu Chiyan was surprised. “Sister Jiang, why are you asking?”

Jiang Xin: “I came to see you last night. I pressed the doorbell for half a day. You didn’t open the door. I thought you were asleep and didn’t hear it. I came to see you this morning, you still didn’t open the door. No one answered the phone.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t take the cellphone and left it in the room when she went to Ye Guang’s room yesterday. Of course, Jiang Xin couldn’t get her by calling.

Sister Jiang seems to have found clues, but Liu Chiyan will certainly not admit it so easily, “That…Sister Jiang, I am sleeping relatively dead, the cellphone is adjusted…”

“I saw it.”

Liu Chiyan has not finished talking, Jiang Xin interrupted her.

Liu Chiyan, “You… What did you see?”

Jiang Xin sighed. “I went for a round in the morning. When I came up, at the end of the corridor, I saw you from Ye Guang room… came out. ”

Liu Chiyan looked a little anxious, although she knew that Sister Jiang might have seen some clues, but she was still worried about her exposure. She also wanted to try to find an excuse to save it first. “Jiang sister, I am… that…” Liu Chiyan didn’t seem to find any excuses and reasons. In the morning, wearing pajamas came out of Ye Guang’s room. Can there be any excuses to smother the past?

Jiang Xin looked at Liu Chiyan, “Yan’er, in fact, I have been somewhat suspicious during this time. My sister has always treated you as a sister, you will confess to me. Is there anything to do with you…? You know your sister, you can rest assured that I will not talk nonsense.”

Liu Chiyan was sitting on the edge of the bed with some loss, thinking for a long time in silence, then slowly nodding, “Well, we… got married.”


Jiang Xin didn’t hold back and shouted.

Jiang Xin originally thought that there was something between Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang. It was normal for a man who was not married to marry a woman.  She was a little skeptical at first, and she had already made a very good psychological preparation, but did not expect Liu Chiyan directly told her that she was married, married, married!

Actually married, to be honest, Jiang Xin could not accept it for a while. This news really surprised her. It took a long time for her to relax.

Jiang Xin followed Liu Chiyan for a few years. It can be said that she is one of the people who knows the most about Liu Chiyan. Although Liu Chiyan usually has no shelf, she is very proud in her heart, and she will watch it for her leisurely generation. Although Jiang Xin feels that Ye Guang is also talented, it is just like that. The most important thing in this year is the talented person. She really can’t figure out how Liu Chiyan would marry him.

Sitting next to Liu Chiyan, Jiang Xin took Liu Chiyan’s hand and asked softly, “Marry him, is it worth it?”

Liu Chiyan blinked a bit and looked at Jiang Xin, her mouth smirked and said firmly, “As long as it is him, it’s worth!”

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