BTC Chapter 347 : Grievances

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“Yes,” Lu Zixin said excitedly. “The mobile phone is just the beginning. Smart watches and glasses are just a part of electronics industry. There is still intelligent gap in here that blocks our pace. Let’s do the best!”

Su Zhirong looks down his fingers, that is the logo of INTEL, Intel Integrated Electronics. Responding to Intel, AMD Supermicro Semiconductor and NVIDA.

These are big companies that hold monopoly technology in the computer and semiconductor industries. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. In these respects, China’s technology has a huge gap with them. Together with these big companies, they have established a huge technical barrier to consolidate their position.

“If Red Letter wants to develop artificial intelligence and cloud data technology, it needs a more powerful computer. The core processor of computer is the key to the improvement of computer performance.” Lu Zixin said, “So the next battlefield of Red Letter. Is the computer industry!”

This is what Lu Zixin thought about two years ago, but at the time he encountered too many obstacles, so he chose the relatively simple mobile phone industry.

Now Red Letter has enough capital to develop computer part, computer processors, to break down the industry barriers that these companies such as Intel have spent decades building!

“This is really a gap!” Su Zhirong whispered, not only Lu Zixin thought about it, but China enterprises thought about it, and even the state paid for it to help companies develop.

In recent years, China have also spurred some Chinese computer chips or other technologies. But what about the facts? The truth is that more than a decade has passed, and so far, users around the world are still using these Science and Technology products.

China so-called independent products can’t be taken at all, and users don’t recognize it. And many of core technology patents still belong to companies such as Intel.

Some people call it a bottomless pit, meaning that even if they invest in tens of billions of dollars, they can’t splash a water.

The most expensive thing in the world, there is absolutely research! Because other goods, no matter how precious, have a price and with important research investment, you never know how much it costs! Even tens of billions dollars of investment have cost nothing for decades.

“No matter what you want to do, I support you!” Su Zhirong said firmly.

“Haha, you are the second woman in the world who knows me so well!” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“Who is the first one?” Su Zhirong eyebrow straightened, with a murderous tone.

“It’s my mom!” Lu Zixin laughed.

“Hate, play me!” Su Zhirong hammered his chest.

“I really love you!” Lu Zixin took her face and tasted it.

“Into the room, curtains!”

“Wait, I want to take a shower.”

“I’ll help you!”


In the next few weeks, Lu Zixin stayed in United States, planning to build Red Letter US Headquarters while handling various matters.

“In United States to establish Red Letter International Building, but also to establish an electronic manufacturing factory … It seems that the computer chip can only be delayed for another two months.” Lu Zixin looked at the company’s financial report, calculated in his heart.

Computer chips are also a hassle. From design to production, not only technical patents, but also high-precision production equipment, operation system, etc., these things Lu Zixin feels that they are also looking for “support”.

While he was thinking, the message coming from Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

It was the news of Optimus Prime. He rarely spoke on his own initiative and said : “Friends, I may have a little trouble.”

Red Queen : “ emoticon: I bet five cents, it must be a big problem! ”

Peter Parker : “What happened? Did the Decepticons fight with your Autobot?”

“I really want to help in the past, but you know, we are not in a universe, but I can help with suggestions…”

He said a bunch, Red Queen directly @, “[emoticon: block your mouth with stinky socks.]”

Optimus Prime : “You guessed it, there was a battle, and both were hurt. My state is a bit bad.”

He made a selfie in the group, in a city ruin, there was a broken big truck. The car body has been broken by some kind of powerful attack, although the front of the car is complete, but it is also scarred.

Peter Parker : “Oh, this is too simple. Optimus Prime is awkward, are you still okay? Do you have any wishes that are not completed? We will definitely help.”

Skynet : “Idiot, it is not dead yet, there is no need to say anything.”

Optimus Prime continued : “My body damage has reached 90% or more, and the energy surplus is 3%. The life core has also suffered some damage and is about to enter the dormant self-healing state.”

“As you can see, this is not a good place to sleep. If I go to sleep and be found by the Decepticons or the humans in 7th district, I will probably say goodbye to you.”

Red Queen : “Don’t worry, we can help you find a way. So, I will send you a small biochemical army to cover you away!”

Lu Zixin quickly stopped : “Don’t, the earth has been a lot of disasters, and then Biochemical virus, people have to die!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: grievances of eating hands.]” This emoticon her picture is not an ordinary cartoon image, but a dynamic picture of the zombie eating arm.

Mr. L : “Is the grievance of people who have been eaten? Okay, hurry and say good things!”

Mr. L : “My stuff here might give you some help.”

He sent the random Red envelope that he had previously sent to Optimus Prime.

A reminder came from the group : “Optimus Prime has received your exclusive Red envelope and won the heart of ancient machinery.”

“The heart of ancient machinery?” Lu Zixin himself is very curious about what it is. According to the experience of random Red envelope in the past, he found that the baby in random Red envelope is actually from the Ten Thousand Realms, which is mysterious and powerful.

In the universe where Optimus Prime is located, among the ruins, there is a heart made up of machinery. It is still beating, and there is a blue energy liquid flowing inside, which is powerful and powerful.

“This is?” Optimus Prime’s emotions fluctuated wildly. He said excitedly in the group: “It’s actually it. When the planet Cybertron was not destroyed, I saw it in the Planetary Database. This is the ancient times body structure of the first generation of Cybertron planet! It is far stronger than we are now!”

The first generation of Cybertrons received stronger firepower than the current Cybertrons, so the evolution of the body structure was also stronger. The heart of this ancient machine is the core of life from the first generation of Cybertrons.

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