BTC Chapter 84 : Redeployment

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Lu Zixin asked : “Red Queen, I want to do hardware, which industry should I start with?”

Red Queen : “Of course it’s computer hardware! With an ultra-high-performance computer, the speed of any research will be greatly improved. [emoticon: So simple to ask me?]”

Mr. L : “It makes sense. But the computer hardware belongs to the high-tech Science and Technology, precision manufacturing. There is no technical information and some precision instruments, it is estimated that it is difficult to complete. Red Queen, it is estimated that have to trouble you.”

Red Queen didn’t care, saying : “No problem, now these materials and equipment, umbrella companies can’t use it. [emoticon: no no no]”

In her world, when the zombie crisis broke out, human beings were in danger of extinction. The manufacturing industry basically stopped. In addition to the materials and equipment other than life engineering, she had the authority to mobilize.

Mr.  L: “Okay, give you a big Red envelope next time!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I have already taken a screenshot, you don’t want to deny it!]”

After negotiating with Red Queen, Lu Zixin began to prepare.

Looking at the current situation of Red Letter game, it is not appropriate to open a new department. Nowadays, several big projects of Red Letter, whether it is staff or turnover, are enough to support a company.

This system has become a bit bloated, and it seems that it is not appropriate to make a project to develop electronic Science and Technology. It is necessary to adjust the company system.

So far, Lu Zixin once again held a company meeting to discuss.

Those who are eligible to participate in the meeting are all positions at the department director level. Eating Chicken mobile game, online games, accelerator, computer housekeeper, four project departments, marketing department, finance department, legal department, marketing department, personnel department and other departments, add up to the management of the meeting nearly 20, Unconsciously, Red Letter has developed so much!

“Everyone knows the theme of today’s meeting. It is about discussing the internal operating system of our company and the future direction of each department.” Lu Zixin then said, “Everyone has been working for so long, you all should have some ideas. Let’s discuss it.“

Liu Tong was the first speaker. He once worked at Net One. He has rich experience and actually participated in the development of Red Letter.

He said directly: “General, in fact, I wanted to mention this issue in the morning. Our Red Letter game, when it was first established, was just a game development and operation company.”

“But under the leadership of General, we have added two new projects, which belong to the software development and operation category. It has a little relationship with the game, but it can also be said to be a completely independent department.”

“And these projects, without exception, have developed very smoothly, constantly recruiting new employees and expanding their business. In terms of scale, each project department is equivalent to a complete company. There are projects, independent research and development, and profit.”

“A lot of big projects, all of us want to manage in one go. To be honest, there are too many things, and I feel more and more powerless.”

“My opinion is to separate one or two projects, set up another company to operate, and have their own management operations team.”

Liang Song immediately agreed with him. He and Liu Tong can be said to be the two pillars of Red Letter. He said: “Our Red Letter computer housekeeping project can be operated separately.”

Lu Zixin nodded and looked at Zhu An and asked, “What do you think?”

Zhu An routinely raised his glasses and said: “I agree with the previous two views. General, you think, our marketing department is responsible for market development, promotion, sales.”

“It’s just a big game of mobile game, we have a lot of work. Plus online games, online game accelerators and computer housekeepers, I will be busy all over the place. Inside our marketing department, we have divided into four large groups, respectively The affairs of the corresponding department. From the management system, it is already very bloated.”

“I have a deep understanding of this point. Almost every day, our personnel department is hiring. We also need to coordinate the positions between several large projects. The work is complicated and difficult.” The director of the personnel department also spoke. “It is necessary to put one. The two projects are independent and re-planned.”

The director of the Red Letter Personnel Department is called Xue Yang, a senior elite recruited by Red Letter from a human resources company. In his early thirties this year, he is not tall, but his professional ability is very good.

Executives from several other departments also expressed their opinions. All of them agreed to re-planning within the company.

Lu Zixin said: “With our current scale, it is obviously not possible to divide according to the project. If it is divided according to the company, is it better to draw a branch or a subsidiary?”

Su Zhirong is next to him, focusing on meeting minutes and providing Lu Zixin with some information.

Liu Tong said: “I personally think it is best to set up a subsidiary!”

“In fact, we can learn like the Internet giants. For example, the three major departments, the thousand-degree system, the Tencent system and the california.”

“They use their own, acquisition, and shareholding methods to conduct a full-scale layout. A large enterprise group controls a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries or companies with a share of shares, and each subsidiary operates independently.”

The director of the Legal Department nodded: “From a legal point of view, the branch does not have an independent legal entity and has some problems in the company’s legal affairs. The subsidiary has an independent legal entity and can bear the company’s legal affairs alone. For the core management, it can be reduced. Many risks and problems.”

“In the current situation of our company, it is the best choice to separate the project and set up a subsidiary. The wholly-owned subsidiary, which operates independently, can maximize the results!”

The director of the technical department said: “I also agree with this approach. For example, our department does technical research and development, several projects need technical support, and our research and development capabilities are limited, and no one is taking care of it. It is better to set up a subsidiary to establish its own research and development team.”

In fact, Lu Zixin also has the idea that a stable project, the establishment of a subsidiary to operate independently, can save his team a lot of things. The subsidiary is wholly owned by him and he still has full control.

After some discussion, Lu Zixin has made a decision to separate the big projects and set up a separate subsidiary, which is wholly owned by him.

In this way, the focus of the research is that it should be divided into several subsidiaries.

It was another heated discussion. Liu Tong’s view was that the company’s management team was not enough and could not be divided too much. It is better to separate the computer housekeeping project and set up a subsidiary company. The Eating Chicken mobile game, online games and online game accelerator are reserved for the original Red Letter game. The two companies operate separately.

Liang Song believes that online game accelerator is also a technical service project of Cloud host, and should also belong to the branch of computer housekeeper.

No matter how it is divided, everyone’s opinion is to first split a subsidiary and redeploy.

Lu Zixin said: “Director Liang said that the online game accelerator service is actually provided by Cloud host. We can’t split the Cloud host into two halves, so this project should belong to them. The two game parts are still Red Letter main business does not need to be changed.”

“So, the initial decision is to separate the two projects, online game accelerator and computer housekeeper, and establish a separate subsidiary. In addition, we will also operate Red Letter as subsidiary.”

Lu Zixin said that everyone is confused. Liu Tong asked: “Genral, both are subsidiaries, what is the main company?”

They thought that the Red Letter game was the main company, and who knows Lu Zixin’s statement is not like this.

“Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, with Electronic Science and Technology as its core!” Lu Zixin said.

“Electronic Science and Technology?” is very different. The term is very broad, and they are now within the scope of Electronic Science and Technology.

What is Lu Zixin’s proposal?

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