BTC Chapter 85 : Planning

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Lu Zixin explained: “I plan to set up an electronic science and technology company with electronic hardware development and production. Red letter games and computer housekeepers will be attributed as subsidiaries.”

Everyone understands that Lu Zixin wanted to extend from the software field to the hardware field. There is no big problem in this direction, and many of today’s electronic Science and Technology companies have gone.

For example, some mobile phones and computer brands that are hot nowadays, their predecessors are also doing software development, or software and hardware development at the same time.

However, they still have a word in their hearts that is not easy to say, the pace is too fast, it is easy to pull the egg!

Lu Zixin’s development plan is not yet to be described, it is just the speed of the rocket. Lu Zixin has to do hardware again while they are still working on a solid software project.

This is harder than software, software can sell ideas, and hardware sells only strength. Moreover, they did not have any relevant experience and skills before, and it is even more difficult to start from scratch.

Everyone looked at each other and listened to Lu Zixin’s tone, he had already made a decision. Liu Tong lightly coughed, said: “General, this method is feasible. The main company focuses on R&D and production, and the subsidiaries cooperate with the operation. However, the implementation is more complicated than the division.”

Generally, sub-companies, project, finance, and equity allocation are big problems. However, the current equity of Red Letter is in the hands of Lu Zixin, and it is easy to divide the property issue.

The newly established Electronic Science and Technology company, the scope of business, personnel, office ground, research and development direction, etc., are all blank.

Lu Zixin said: “This is indeed a very complicated matter, so I need everyone to come up with ideas and try to do the best.”

Everyone can’t help but secretly complain, the work is already busy enough, and the project has to be divided into separate subsidiaries. Now it is necessary to set up a new company. That one is not enough for two!

“Everyone has worked hard recently. When the subsidiaries are established, everyone is the core management. And I promise that as long as we make a certain contribution to the company, we may have a certain percentage of the shares of the subsidiary!” Lu Zixin throws a heavy bombs suddenly exploded into their hearts.

Share, who doesn’t want shares? Everyone comes out to start a business, not to pay for their wages. What is the difference between a state-owned enterprise ten years ago?

However, the company’s shares are all in the hands of Lu Zixin, he is wholly-owned, which makes some people unable to raise enthusiasm. Even if wages and bonuses are higher, it feels like working for others. Only when they have shares, they have the most loyal identity to the company.

Lu Zixin said that the shares are the respective shares of the two subsidiaries, and the shares of the main company must still be owned by him. Of course, the subsidiary will also absolutely hold 50% or more. Other shares can be given to the company’s veterans in a certain proportion.

Liu Tong, Liang Song, Zhu An and others immediately moved, even if it is only a share of the subsidiary 1%, the meaning is completely different.

With the current Red Letter’s revenue capability, such as the 1% share of the Red Letter game, how much does it cost to pay dividends for one year? At least 10 million start! What if more?

More importantly, with shares, they will have a certain voice, not employees who can be replaced.

Zhu An immediately said with a smile : “General said so, I will fight it out, big deal, work overtime every day!”

“Don’t be afraid of being beaten by your girlfriend?” Lu Zixin said.

“Beaten? I am in charge of her!” In front of everyone, Zhu An is strong.

Everyone laughed and they were full of energy.

Then the company entered a super busy state, project separation, resource allocation, company registration and so on.

Lu Zixin also encountered new problems. The establishment of Red Letter Electronic Science and Technology Co. Ltd. the initial focus is on research and development. As for short-term profit, it is still second. If you want to make a quick profit, it’s not as fast as making money.

R & D, it is impossible to rely on one person, but to have a team! A team with strong strength and R&D capabilities.

Otherwise, even with the information provided by Red Queen, it is impossible to develop something on his own.j

Therefore, he must find a way to build a domestic and even the world’s top hardware R & D team!

Forming a team is the most important thing at the moment. Therefore, Lu Zixin directly allows the company’s employees to collect information on this, and at the same time publish recruitment requirements and seek relevant Science and Technology talents.

In the recruitment requirements, Red Letter also stated that it is about mobile phone chips and related hardware, computer related hardware and so on.

This is also the choice made by Lu Zixin after the investigation. It is difficult to produce computer chips or other precision hardware directly at the current domestic technical level.

For example, the computer CPU, the technology is basically monopolized by foreign companies, the domestically known self-developed chips, the core technology is actually provided by foreign companies, but also does not reach the point of widespread commercial use.

The mobile phone chip is relatively simple. Some domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been able to independently develop mobile phone chips to a certain extent.

Start with a more open mobile phone chip, and after accumulating certain experience and technology, can start developed a computer chip with high difficulty. This is Lu Zixin’s current plan, and the specific development depends on the situation.

Recruitment needs are sent out, and within Red Letter, the new company’s affairs are temporarily put aside and an important decision is made. That is to determine the CEOs of the two subsidiaries and their respective operations teams.

“I will be the CEO main company, CEO of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co. Ltd.” Lu Zixin said, “and the two subsidiaries will operate independently and need to have their own decision makers. Red Letter Game Co. Ltd. And Red Letter Software Technology Co. Ltd.”

“First of all, Red Letter Software Technology Co. Ltd., the current main business is Red Letter Computer Manager and Red Letter Online Game Accelerator.” Lu Zixin When talking, Liang Song was nervous.

Although he has been responsible for these businesses, he was still a little embarrassed before he was confirmed by Lu Zixin.

“The CEO of this subsidiary, I am going to appoint Liang Song. His business ability and professional attitude are obvious to everyone. Liang Song, congratulations!” Lu Zixin finished, Liang Song looked happy and said: “I must Don’t live up to the expectations of Octopus, do the work of Red Letter Software Technology Co., Ltd.!”

The crowd applauded and congratulated: “Congratulations to Liang General!”

“Red Letter game, this does not need me to say that everyone should be able to guess, Liu Tong, will be the CEO of Red Letter Game Co. Ltd.” Lu Zixin finished, everyone applauded and congratulated Liu Tong.

Liu Tong smiled and stood up and thanked everyone. However, it seems quite calm. This decision he had already discussed with Lu Zixin, and he was prepared.

“The teams of your respective companies negotiated and formed them, and then reported to me.” Lu Zixin arranged the positions of several important people. Among them, Zhu An, an old classmate, continued to stay in the Red Letter game as executive vice president. . His ability still needs to be cultivated, so let him exercise more. And the new company, will form a new team.

When Lu Zixin was busy with these things, the new company’s business actually progressed at the same time. The head of a Science and Technology company found a Red Letter in an attempt to persuade the Red Letter to invest in them.

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