BTC Chapter 202 : Guanghai admit defeat

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Absolute silence, no one dares to sing, nor know how to speak. They looked to Zhao Yibai to see how he expressed his position.

Zhao Yibai has never encountered such a difficult scene, and they are forced to move by two people! He even suspected that as long as Lu Zixin gave a command, his iron man-like bodyguard would kill them all!

For a long time, Zhao Yibai said with difficulty: “Lu boss is very powerful, we admit defeat!”

Xu Wenbin and Qi Xin took a deep breath and almost suspected that they had got it wrong. Zhao Yibai of Guanghai actually admitted his loss? When one of the top hotels in Baodao was desperate to sweep them out, he did not admit defeat, but the man was killed in a car accident!

Now, Lu Zixin has forced him to admit defeat. It is unheard of, and with the scenes that have never been seen before, it can be said that today, their worldview has been completely refreshed!

Lu Zixin said in a questioning tone: “Put away? What do you lose?”

Zhao Yibai’s face was blue and violent, and he gnawed his teeth: “Before we did wrong with Red Letter’s, we apologize to compensate you for your losses and will not be difficult for Yayuan Telecom.”

“Well? Is there still?” Lu Zixin sat there as if he were the boss here.

“From today, Guanghai will never offend Lu Boss or Red Letter Group!”

“Not enough.” Lu Zixin added a condition to him and said: “I heard that you are very energetic here, then our company is in Baodao. No matter who is looking for trouble, I will count on you!”

“You don’t make sense!” Tang Li angered, his hand still hurts, but in front of the boss and the younger brother, forcibly endured.

“Do you want to make sense?” Lu Zixin said to Zhang Qiang, “You tell him the reason.”

Tang Li’s face was on the side, and he even took a few steps back. Zhao Yibai shouted: “Tang Li, you shut up! This is all your trouble, I will check with you again!”

He also said to Lu Zixin: “Okay, I agree with this condition. I only hope that Lu boss can agree with me.”


Zhao Yibai said: “Today I have seen the means of Lu boss, it is indeed what I never expected, very strong. I hope that Lu boss will not threaten us in the future, or we will not sit still!”

“Hahaha.” Lu Zixin laughed a few times and said: “Reliably, I am a serious businessman. I am also a ruler in the rules of the opponent. The opponent is not rules, I am even more irregular!”

“Good! Everything that happens here today, I promise that no one will say it! I also promise that you will not have any trouble in Baodao.” Zhao Yibai said, “If Lu wants to stay, I will arrange people to entertained!”

“No, you are so messy here, clean yourself.” Lu Zixin got up, “Zhang Qiang, let’s go.”

He pointed in one direction, and it was not the direction of the door.

Xu Wenbin was wondering, but he saw Zhang Qiang walking to the wall and punching the solid wall of the reinforced concrete.

Bang”, the wall was blasted like a bomb, exploding a big hole. Zhang Qiang kicked the gravel on the ground and opened the way for Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin went straight out from there.

This scene makes the people in the hall look even more frightened. The walls of this private clubhouse are all real, and ordinary bullets are not necessarily able to be pierced, but they are actually blown apart!

If such people deal with them, they will not be able to cope with the machine gun bombs!

Zhao Yibai is wrinkled and squeezed into a pile, he knows that this is Lu Zixin warning them. If Guanghai is going back, you will get terrifying revenge!

“General Xu, do you still have to stay for tea?” Lu Zixin went out and said to Xu Wenbin and others behind him.

“I will come with you!” Xu Wenbin dared not to stay here, and quickly keep up, that Qi Xin is also keeping up.

And Zhao Yibai and others have been sighed in relief until they watched the car of Lu Zixin and others leave. Zhao Yibai discovered that his Tang suit has been soaked!

“The treatment of the wound, the cleansing up!” Zhao Yibai ordered, “What are you still doing?”

Everyone was busy, Zheng Hao said unwillingly: “Old Zhao, just let them go?”

Zhao Yibai suddenly angered: “Otherwise, do you still want to be killed?”

He was not angry, he said: “I see that you are a bit accustomed. Now we are not more cautious than ever before.”

“Is that red letter so good? Is it so big on the mainland, can there be no means?”

“Did you see it today? That person is not put us in the eye at all! If he let the bodyguard assassinate us, you can be killed by hiding in the vault!”

Zhu Jie said with a lingering heart: “Zhao Lao, have you seen such a person? Is this still a person?”

Zhao Yibai took a deep breath and calmed down his mind. He said, “No, I have lived for more than seventy years, and I have never seen such a terrifying person. The former fierce person from the mainland can play at most. But This one–“

He toned his voice and turned: “Is there really something in the world that we can’t understand?”

“In short, you can’t provoke the surname Lu and Red Letter in the future, or you don’t know how you die!”


Lu Zixin took RI-8901 to Guanghai, not only scared the people of Guanghai, but Xu Wenbin was also scared.

I was so worried that when I went out the private club in Guanghai, I immediately found an excuse to drive and ran. Lu Zixin told him not to talk nonsense, he quickly swears with his family, to ensure that he will not speak a word.

In the car, Xu Wenbin has been thinking about the matter just now. The sweat on his forehead did not know how many times he wiped it. There was a faint white salt on his clothes.

Fortunately, Zhang Qiang does not take a car with him, otherwise he is afraid that the car will not dare to sit.

Upon seeing Lu Zixin, he took the initiative to say: “Today’s things have been revealed, and people in Guanghai should not be put your trouble anymore.”

“What should you do with the specifics?”

“Yes, sure!” Xu Wenbin nodded quickly.

“Yes.” Lu Zixin nodded. “That’s good. I’ve got things done today, and the efficiency is quite high.”

“The next few days, I plan to go shopping in Baodao, and I have never been here.”

“I am sure to entertain you!” Xu Wenbin said quickly, seeing Lu Zixin talking is still easygoing, he is also sighed in relief. Red letter and Guanghai are not what he can afford.

That night, Tang Gang called Lu Zixin and reported the progress.

“General Lu, your efficiency is really too fast!” Tang Gang said on the phone, “Just now, the boss of Baokang Telecom personally called us to apologize and lost 10 million losses.”

“I said that there is not that much, he has to give it! He also said that, hope that the red letter will not be considered in the future. As long as red letter have business in Baodao, they will all cooperate.”

“General Lu, you are a god! How did you solve it?”

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