BTC Chapter 413 : Sold out!

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In the Urban Transportation Authority, several leaders also clap their hands!

“It’s a good thing! With it, it can save us a lot of police power!” said the Director.

“Yeah, not only to divert traffic, to deal with violations, traffic accidents can also come in handy! I think, this kind of good things should be promoted.” Deputy Director said.

“Yes, the pilot situation has been recorded in the past few days, and the next report goes up, so that this intelligent machine can be promoted to all parts of the country!”


A provincial capital city, a top three hospital.

At this time, although it is already more than two in the morning, the hospital was still overcrowded! There is hardly any free time here.

Doctors, medical staff, and patients are very hard, but the hospital’s affairs are always busy.

In the computer room of the hospital, the staff from Red Letter Electronics installed the quantum computer overnight.

“Well, the quantum computer has been connected to the data center of your hospital. Now you can only open the simple consultation and guidance intelligence. You can also pay attention to our Red Letter smart community, add new smart services or directly find red letter software development companies, and even specialize in the health care management system.” The staff said.

“Can you try the effect now?” asked Hospital Director.

“Of course, but it’s too late, so as not to disturb the patient, just go to the lobby on the first floor.” The staff replied.

On the first floor of the hospital outpatient building lobby, the night is still brightly lit.

The director opened the virtual projection here, and a virtual projection of a nurse appeared in the hall.

The director personally went to the test to see what the so-called smart service had.

“Hello, I am XX Hospital Intelligent Service Nurse Zero One. Can I help you?” asked the virtual projection.

The director thought about it and asked a question that many patients or family members would ask.

“Where is the blood test?”

The intelligent nurse replied: “The blood test is on the third floor. The working time is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. It is now non-working time. Please arrange your visit time.”

“This question is too simple, Director!” said someone next to him. “I am asking a complicated one.”

“My stomach is not comfortable, what should I do now?”

The intelligent nurse replied: “Please let me register for you first, then go to XX department for a consultation…”

It says a series of processes that are exactly the same as the hospital’s usual process.

“It’s a bit interesting!” said the Director. “Look, the staff of our hospital, as long as they appear in the hospital, there will be a lot of patients coming to ask, ask for directions, ask for medicine, and ask for advice!”

“This has caused a lot of trouble for our work. Now with this intelligence, the basic problem can be solved, it is really convenient!”

The staff of Red Letter said: “This is just it’s current function. It can continue to be upgraded. It is possible to care for patients in the future and even to diagnose small diseases. Our intelligent technology represents the possibilities of the future!”

“Good! I also hope that artificial intelligence technology will advance rapidly, especially in the medical field!” The director gave a thumbs up.

“We have to buy more quantum computers, so that every key place in this hospital has intelligent services!”


In the mall, some people use smart projections to promote sales; schools try to make virtual projections to assist in lectures; at home, some people play games with smart projections to pass the time, let the projections help teach cooking, etc…

Although intelligence sometimes can’t understand the user’s consciousness, it will learn, and each question and feedback will be continuously feedback to the quantum brain, allowing Hong Xiaoxiao to analyze the results.

In order to make Hong Xiaoxiao learning faster, Red Letter Group also organized a professional team to help Hong Xiaoxiao understand and learn. Including members of the computer science, psychology, management, medicine, etc. cover almost all areas of life and work.

With the opening of personalized intelligent service functions, Red Letter’s quantum computer has once again become a hot word in the media and on the Internet!

Whether it’s opening news or brushing Weibo, brushing short video software, paragraphs, and so on, you can all see similar stories or paragraphs and videos.

Weibo hot search ranks in the top three, all about artificial intelligence, “Red Letter artificial intelligence fires, all walks of life show great power!”

“XXX stars experience artificial intelligence.”

“Red Letter Quantum Computer opens a big move, personalized AI opens!”

In the vibrato, micro-vision, the video of today’s fire is the artificial intelligence of the netizens who brushed. For example, see the virtual intelligent traffic police on the road, see the virtual intelligent nurse in the hospital, and see the virtual intelligence in the school.

On the live webcast platform, there are anchor live broadcasts and artificial intelligence to play games, play chess, play cards, etc., attracting many viewers to watch.

Not to mention the news, it’s all about smart reports.

“Artificial smart screen, this is the real power of red letter quantum computer!”

“The era of intelligence is coming? These industries will face unemployment in the future!”

“Still in the traditional computer, AI era, your computer should be replaced! Come to XX Mall to buy Red Letter Quantum Computer, reduce 999 yuan!”

“Red Letter Quantum Computer is out of stock! Someone spends 20,000 to find one!”


In the business department of Red Letter Electronics, the phone rings constantly, and every second of the network mailbox has new mail coming in. If there is no intelligent customer service, it is estimated that the customer service small elder sister does not want to be idle for a second!

“It’s an order! The computer company in Hangzhou is looking for us to order one hundred commercial quantum computers at once!”

“Guangnan Provincial Government Units have asked us to order more than 2,000 units at a time, more than 20 million big orders, we have no goods at all!”

“The private computer business has long been full! Don’t say online now, there are no stores in all parts of the country!”

“What about the director? The purchasing department of Keli Group wants to contact, and another big order!”

Everyone in the business department is busy, and everyone has seen the real function of red letter quantum computer. The order is like a snow flake.

Now it’s not a sale, but too many orders. The factory is 24 and it’s too busy to stop working!

The data was all feedback to Lu Zixin, and red letter group opened it’s personalized AI service in just five days.

All the quantum computer stocks that Red Letter Group had reserved before sold out! And the orders are still growing, many of them are big orders from institutions and enterprises, once is dozens of hundreds!

“Creating a record again!” Su Zhirong excitedly walked into Lu Zixin’s office. “The latest statistics, we broke the highest daily sales record of the computer market in China! The highest daily sales record! There are weekly sales records, according to this situation, the annual record is also broken by us! We have succeeded!”

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