My Star Teacher Chapter 01 : From sweet baby to a rebellious youth just by 1 system

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Legend has it that there are countless planes in the universe, and even some planes are almost the same as ours. The story takes place in a parallel world that is almost identical to Earth.

Ye Guang is a primary school teacher. Cough, it should be said that it was originally a primary school teacher, because today Ye Guang resigned. Ye Guang, why did you resign? The cause of the incident is very complicated and bizarre.

Ye Guang, Jiangxi Nanchang People, 182cm, can’t be handsome, but it looks very pleasing and looks good.

In the past few days, Ye Guang’s parents have started to commit crimes. What are you asking? Because the family has such an uneasy son! The son grew up, love toss, and more and more jumped, the old couple screamed.

Ye Guang, that was originally the heart of the old couple, like baby. Since the beginning of school, Ye Guang is the child of legendary family. From elementary school to high school, the whole class is the first in the year, what will be learned, and the teacher will teach him to listen to it just once and for all.

When he was young, his classmates could envy him. When other students were doing mathematics, Ye Guang was playing marbles, while other students were doing language work, Ye Guang was playing marbles, while other students were playing marbles, Ye Guang was playing with them. Don’t ask me who the marbles are.

Why? Because this product will not be criticized by the teacher even if it does not write homework.

The same is student, how is the gap so big? Not convinced? They feel that the teacher is not fair?

The teacher gave you a word back: “If you can take the first in test every time, you don’t have to write homework!”

From elementary school to high school, Ye Guang parents don’t have to worry about Ye Guang. The child is smart, learns well, is polite, is also very sensible, and will come to work. Neighbors like him. When Ye Guang parents talk to other people, they always stand tall and their heads are so high that they are very proud. However, this situation only lasted until Ye Guang last year high school. That year, Ye Guang secretly did something that made Ye Guang’s parents want to discount his legs. The father sticks were lifted up and he finally managed to fight.

In the year of college entrance examination, Ye Guang secretly applied for one or two volunteers to Nanchang University, and chose the art category: painting. After Ye Guang parents knew it, the gas was almost spurted out.

Ye Guang mom and dad actually to son Ye Guang choice for college did not do much intervention, son from a small have worry, study performance is top-notch, son this achievement, Tsinghua or Peking, Ye Guang parents dare not pat chest to guarantee, but Fudan or Jiaotong Ye Guang parents still feel confident, in this case, the son want to report what school will report what school, in short, not too bad is. Although this is the case when he volunteered, Mother couldn’t help but take care of Ye Guang.

She remember Ye Guang was swearing at the chest and said: “Mother, you can rest assured! I have a number, my son promises not to lose face to you!”

Mother believes.

Then, Ye Guang secretly reported to Nanchang University.

Volunteer fill in the deadline. That day, Ye Guang gave the father a pinch, and gave the mother a lame, sweet words, and not angered the old heart. Father waved his hand, “Let’s talk! I want to buy what you want to do, and your dad is happy to say it!”

Then, Ye Guang said, “I volunteered to report to Nanchang University.”

“…” father mother is silent. Somewhat surprised, what good Peking Tsinghua? Say good Fudan Jiaotong?

Ye Guang added another sentence: “One or two volunteers are Nanchang University.”


How did you report to Nanchang University? Father mother is somewhat surprised. Ye Guang parents thought that it might be that the children have never left their homes since they were young and left their parents, so the university is not willing to go outside. Nanchang University, can’t say how good it is. Compared to the originally expected Tsinghua or Peking, Fudan or Jiaotong is definitely far worse. But how much is also a key university of 211. My son’s academic performance is so good, it’s a dragon and a phoenix, no matter which university he is on, there will be a future in the future.

Moreover, children who are unwilling to leave home are also excusable. Parents who are around them can still take care of their lives. I figured out that Ye Guang’s parents didn’t say much, just a little disappointment.

Father sighed a little, “Nanchang University is Nanchang University, close to home, nothing, very good.”

Mother should also be: “Yes, close to home, do not have to live in school, do not have to eat canteen, you are growing up, nutrition to keep up, Nanchang University is close to home to eat and live, just right! Yes, son, what professional do you report?”

Ye Guang said weakly: “Art class…”

Father mother instantly glared at Ye Guang!

Not waiting for my parents to attack, Ye Guang added another sentence: “…painting professional.”

Shua! Mother stood up, father had a bit of a toothache…

Taking advantage of Nanchang University, I was forbearing, and the children were not willing to leave home. If you apply for an art major, you can endure it. If your child wants to do something in the future, it’s not too good for the parents to intervene, but you choose a painting professional. What do you want to do? You are going to fly! Can not bear, the cliff will be able to endure! Didn’t say, yell at him!

Mother crossed her waist and pointed at Ye Guang’s nose and said, “You kid, what do you want to do? Painting? You draw a ball! As for your two brushes, you still learn painting!”

Father also helped: “Yes, that is, you still learn to paint. When you were young, you said that you painted a tiger, and you made a hello kitty. You said that you are not good at choosing a major? Performance, film and television, even if you learn a dance, I will recognize it, but you will choose a painting! You are going to turn the sky!”

“What? Do you still want to be a painter? I don’t know that the painters are famous for their immortals. Do you see a few living artist’s works famous?”

“Well, even if there is, but it is also an old painter. You are a young, you have to be poor and stumbled to the seven old and eighty?”

“Do you still expect me and your dad to feed you forever?”

“That is, just rushing to your unreliable strength, your mother and I may have been mad at you someday.”

“What do you think in your head? You said! You don’t give me a perfect explanation today, you don’t want to reveal this!”

“Yes, give us a perfect explanation!”



My parents had a long-term slogan on Ye Guang for half an hour. Power is comparable to nuclear bombs. Ye Guang’s brain is wet, not sweat, but the spit of father and mother.

“Right, baby, can you change your mind?”

Father’s eyes are full of light, excited: “Yes, right. Can change, can change!”

Mother is busy: “That’s still waiting, let your uneasy son change his mind!”

“What my son, not your son!” Father shouted.

Mother glaring at father: “You are still jealous of me at this time!”


Ye Guang wiped the sweat and saliva mixture on his forehead and looked up at the wall clock, 18:43. Weakly said: “Now it is 18:43, as of today’s 18:30, that is, when you are the most refreshing of me, the national college entrance examination volunteer system has been officially closed…”


“I killed you!”


So, after the college entrance examination, Ye Guang became the national college entrance examination champion with an amazing total score of 720, and then admitted to Nanchang University …Art class…painting professional…

The principal of Nanchang University is as happy as the lottery. The national champion, did not go to Tsinghua, did not go to Peking, came to Nanchang University. In the end, it’s still a child in my hometown. It’s really a long face. It is the profession chosen by this child… Regardless of him, what profession does not matter, are students of Nanchang University! So, a big wave, tuition? Free, free! Incentives give, according to the highest specifications!

The headmasters of other major universities are also crazy, what a ghost? The national college entrance examination champion, do not come to us Tsinghua or Peking, not to Fudan or Jiaotong, so many famous universities you do not choose, but chose a Nanchang University? This bastard is not scientific! Also, what is the major in the college entrance examination? Art class…painting professional. OMG! It must be somewhere that the way to open is wrong…

As for Ye Guang father and mother, Ye Guang won the national college entrance examination, which was supposed to raise their eyebrows, but Ye Guang’s parents didn’t go out. Show off? It’s pretty good to say that the college entrance examination champion is going out, but what neighbors in your neighborhood asks which school is your child? Tsinghua or Peking? how to answer? Ye Guang has already reported to Nanchang University painting, and he has made a boat. You said that Ye Guang’s parents are not saying good? Still not saying good? Still not saying good? Can’t afford to lose this person! That’s it.

Ye Guang’s teacher and high school classmates were also very surprised and asked him why. When asked by more people, Ye Guang was annoyed. Finally, as long as someone asked, Ye Guang answered two sentences: Nanjing University is close to home, and there are many professional girls.

Very capricious answer, but no problem.

As a result, Ye Guang was willing to spend his college career at Nanchang University, which is known as being close to home and has a lot of sisters. Finally, the university has passed four years, but Ye Guang has never handed over a girlfriend… But Ye Guang’s professional skills are advancing by leaps and bounds! Staggering! The painted tiger is finally not like hello kitty. Like a coffee cat! Don’t laugh, this is already a huge improvement.

After graduating from college, Ye Guang’s parents are worrying about Ye Guang’s future work.

Ye Guang said with a look of pride and parents: “Dad, Mom, don’t worry about your second life, I have already thought about what work, and it is a very decent job.”

Mother looks surprised: “Son, what job? Just talk about it.”

Father has a bad feeling.

Ye Guang confidently took out a small book “Teacher qualifications certificate” from his pocket and said proudly: “Be a teacher! Look, my cards are all tested! How good the teacher is, selfless dedication, teaching and educating people, lofty and great! If they know your son in the future, they have to respect your son and say: Teacher Ye! Think about it, there is still a little excitement.”

Mother : “…”

Father was on the spot: “Not allowed!”

Ye Guang certainly should not: “I am going! I have passed the test.”

“Not allowed to go!”

“I just want to go!”

“You are not professional! Mistaken children!”

“I am going!”

“When the teacher’s salary is low!”

“I’m going!”

“When the teacher has no future!”

“I will go!”

“You dare to go, I will interrupt your legs!”

Fuck that, man.

“You dare to swear with me!”


In the end, Ye Guang’s parents still haven’t twisted Ye Guang.

Ye Guang was successfully applied to a local elementary school and became a glorious contractual elementary school teacher…

After few months Ye Guang resigned…

Father mother is going crazy, what are you doing? Are you a grandson? So can toss, you are going to turn the sky! The college entrance examination is not good choice, the professional profession is not good to choose, the work does not let you go to be a teacher. You have to be a teacher. The teacher has been away for a few days and said that he resigned after resigning. What are you doing? Just ask you what to do?

After the neighbours knew about it, Ye Guang was also shaking his head secretly. Hey, how many well-behaved children when I was young, how can I be so tossed now, so uneasy, so rebellious? This child is ruined.

Father mother, this is awkward. Ah, how can gave birth to such an uneasy son, helpless!

Ye Guang is also very helpless. A son-of-a-bitch is not tolerance, what is this for? What toss? Your ancestor was stubborn …broken! system!

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