MST Chapter 02 : The system is on!

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Ye Guang had a serious illness when +he was a child and fell asleep for three days. After the illness, Little Ye Guang always felt that there was a female voice in his head.

“Ding, system integration, convergence progress 5%”

“Ding, system integration, convergence progress is 20%”

“Ding, system integration, convergence progress is 50%”


Little Ye Guang was still very young, he didn’t care, and didn’t talk to his parents. After a while, finally one day, Little Ye Guang heard another voice in his mind. This time the voice is different from “system fusion” that has been repeated.

“Ding, system is integrated, 100% convergence”

“Ding, system is starting… Please Wait”

“Ding, system is enabled, the activation condition has not been reached, the current system is in initial state, please ask the host to complete the system publishing task to activate the system.”

“Ding, system is used for the first time, and random rewards are being extracted.”

“Ding, randomly extracted skill : Highly Retentive Memory, system is in initial state, and the skill is automatically used.”

“Ding, Release activation task : Please host to recite an ancient poem today. Mission reward : increase system activation progress; Task punishment: the host is very likely to be bitten by a dog.”

Little Ye Guang, who is working on Kindergarten, is sneaking secretly trying to pull the little girl Douer little hand. Where can there is the series of strange sounds in the mind?

Day 2

“Ding, the mission failed.”

On this day, Douer family puppy saw Little Ye Guang and went crazy to chasing up and wanted to bite him. Fortunately, Little Ye Guang was clever and ran fast. After being chased for a few streets, he finally left the puppy.

Little Ye Guang is very angry! Humph! Isn’t it just secretly pulling a small hand, as for putting a dog to bite a baby? Don’t worry about such a girlfriend!

Breakup! Decisive break up!

Little Ye Guang’s first love is over, Little Ye Guang is still saddened for one morning, only had a bowl of rice at noon, and usually eat two bowls.

“Well, the remaining bowl of rice should be used to sacrifice to the baby’s dead love.” Little Ye Guang looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle.

“Ding, Release activation task : please host…” Little Ye Guang, who is remembering his love, did not understand what the female voice in his mind said.


And the next day.

“Ding, mission failed.”

On the same day, Little Ye Guang fell into stinking ditch.

Day 4th.

“Ding, mission failed.”

On the same day, Little Ye Guang’s new female friend was taken away by Li Taotao of the neighbor class with a bag of spicy strips.

Day 5th

“Ding, mission failed.”

On the same day, Little Ye Guang was bullied by several boys in big class.

Day 6th.

Day 7th.

Day 8th.

Little Ye Guang is still small, but he is not stupid. Little Ye Guang feels wrong, recalling the sound that has always appeared in his mind. He was a little scared, but he didn’t know how to tell his father and mother.

On 9th day. “Ding, activate the task release : Please host to learn 5 new words. Mission reward : increase system activation progress; Task punishment : host stomach pain. ”

On the same day, Little Ye Guang, who has always been mischievous, became surprisingly well-behaved. The ten new characters taught to little Ye Guang, were learned after a while, and Kindergarten teacher was amazed.

The next day, Little Ye Guang had no stomachache. Little Ye Guang is very happy. It turns out that as long as the task is completed, it will not be punished. Complete the task carefully in the future!

“Ding, Release activation task : please host to learn 15 words…”

“Ding, Release activation task : please host 2 ancient poems…”

“Ding, Release activation task : please host to add and subtract within 10…”

So Little Ye Guang’s mission life began. He also has a skill : Highly Retentive Memory for various system mission, plus system rewards. Become a child of the legendary family.

System grew up with Little Ye Guang, and Ye Guang gradually adapted to the life of system. In fact, the task released by system has always been related to Ye Guang’s study. For example, memorizing the text, the mid-term exam is the first in the class, the final exam at the end of the year, the mathematics exam scores, and so on.

Ye Guang Because of Highly Retentive Memory skill, it seems that he is a genius learner, and the  system mission is easy to complete.

This situation continued until senior year of Ye Guang high school life.

“Ding, system activation progress is 100%, system is about to be upgraded, and system upgrade time is 4 years. During the period, the host should not perform excessive mental activity. In order to cooperate with the system upgrade, the task is released : please apply for Nanchang University painting professional. Mission reward : system activation; Task punishment : system upgrade failed, host cerebral palsy”

Ye Guang has a face-lifting face. In order not to be cerebral palsy,  he reluctantly gave up his great dream of applying to Tsinghua University and became a national leader in the future, hiding from his parents about application for the painting major of Nanchang University Art Department.

During university, Ye Guang became probably extremely sleepy because of the system upgrade. Sleep in class, sleep after class, go home and continue to sleep. In the four years of university, Ye Guang also won the honorable title given by many alumni : Nanjing God of Sleep!

However, Ye Guang did not give up for the four years in University. Although he has been asleep, Ye Guang has been dreaming the same dream for four years in his sleep.

In the dream, Ye Guang came to a parallel world (our world) that is almost exactly the same as his world. In this world, Ye Guang is an ordinary office worker, and he walked away with a gentle, virtuous, beautiful wife like a fairy. The two of them play and sing, love and live happily together.

The dreams world is strikingly consistent with the world in which he lives, almost exactly the same. But there are also different places.

In dreams world, the most popular cellphone is called Apple. In his world, there are hundreds of cell phone industry contending, there are oranges, there are pears, but no apples, no three stars, no Huawei, no millet.

In the dream, China already has its own aircraft carrier. In his world, China does not have an aircraft carrier.

In the dream, China successfully held the world-famous Olympic Games as early as 2008. And in his world, the Olympics will be held next year.

In the dream, BAT and Weibo occupy half of the Internet. And in his world, BAT and Weibo are also amazingly similar in this world. Baidu is still Baidu, but Baidu in this world is more successful, a big one. Ali is still Ali, but there is no such thing as Ali in the dream, his world Ali is relatively superior to other people in the same industry, although he is in the position of the big brother. Far from the scenery of Dream World. Tencent QQ is not called QQ, but is called Tencent TT. Weibo is collectively referred to as China Weibo. There is no Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Netease Weibo, and Sohu Weibo.

In the dream, various variety shows, movies and TV, poetry and literature, and even online novels are popular in the north and south. And his world, this world, songs, there! Movie, there! Novel, there are! Poetry, there are! Nothing is missing, but it is not a star or a half compared to Dream World. It’s simply the difference between clouds and mud!!

Ye Guang has a Highly Retentive Memory skill. He remembers what he saw and heard in the dream, and made him feel very real. Even for a while, Ye Guang couldn’t tell which dream was and which one was the real world. After a long time, Ye Guang got used to it.

However, there is one thing, Ye Guang feels very confused, because of the highly retentive memory skill, Ye Guang can clearly remember what he saw in his dreams, but his dream wife and the person he spends day and night in the dream. He couldn’t remember what she looked like. When he entered the dream, Ye Guang could clearly see his wife’s appearance, and he was generally in the real world. But every time he woke up, when he recalled his wife’s appearance, it was like a cloud of fog, and he couldn’t remember his wife’s appearance.

Ye Guang has not been in love, but suddenly married in a dream, and lived together. Even though his wife is beautiful and gentle, but Ye Guang’s subconscious mind is always standing outside the world. Depending on the sense of sight, I can’t say much to my wife. But after a while, Ye Guang was conquered by this gentle and pleasant wife, and fell down under her skirt. Many times, the sober Ye Guang will hold his head, smirking, remembering the sweet bitterness of being with his dream wife. Sometimes I don’t even want to wake up from my dreams, just to stay with the people in my dreams for a while.

Finally, the university has ended in four years and the system upgrade mission has been successful. This is a message that makes Ye Guang happy and somewhat regrettable. After the system is activated, Ye Guang has not entering Dream World. He didn’t have much disappointment with Dream World, but Ye Guang was really reluctant to his dream wife. He was really in love. Otherwise, for the four years in university, why hasn’t Ye Guang, who is not bad, didn’t even have a girlfriend?

“Ding, system upgrade is 100% and system upgrade is complete.”

“Ding, the host discrimination points have not yet reached the system use minimum requirements, the task is released : please host be primary school teacher, reach the use of system requirements within six months. Mission reward : the host can use the system in all directions; Task punishment : if the host can not reach the use of system requirements, the host is not suitable for System source, system is closed.”

As a result, Ye Guang began his tossing path again, and he went to test the Teacher qualifications certificate. Then he convinced his parents to become a glorious people’s teacher!

A few months of teaching career, in fact, Ye Guang really likes the profession of teachers, but also likes the students who are innocent and smiling at school. When the students called him Teacher Ye respectfully, Ye Guang felt a sense of pride in his heart.

However, it doesn’t matter if he is not a teacher. You have to look at this pothole system!

“Ding, the host discipline points have reached the system usage requirements.”

“Ding, system Mainline Task announcement : get the title Eternal Teacher Of All Eras!”

“Ding, it’s not convenient for the current job to complete the mainline task. Please resign the current work to accept the system task.”

“Ding, in system function update, it is expected that the system will be officially open in 8 hours.”

So Ye Guang resigned. . .

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