BTC Chapter 83 : New Directions

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Tencent Computer Systems, Inc., Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Tencent Games, Ning Shaozhen.

He has the most dealings with the Red Letter game and knows the situation of the Red Letter, so this talk is represented by him.

Ning Shaozhen is in his thirties and should be regarded as a young and promising representative. Since he was responsible for the Tencent game, the market size and profitability of Tencent games have increased year after year, so the weight of Tencent is not small.

In the reception room, Ning Shaozhen saw the CEO of Red Letter Games, Lu Zixin. This young man is also a legendary figure in the industry. He has established such a strong and powerful company in a short time, and the industry is spreading. He is a genius!

“General Lu, hello. The first time I met, General Lu really had a talent.”

“Hello, I have won the prize.” The two men shook hands and casually greeted with a few words.

Next, just enter the theme. Ning Shaozhen said: “I came here on behalf of Tencent to develop a deeper level of cooperation with your company.”

Liu Tong is next to Lu Zixin. He is now a vice president of Red Letter. He asked: “We welcome the cooperation. I don’t know what kind of cooperation you are referring to?”

Ning Shaozhen said: “Of course it is all-round cooperation!”

“The scope of your company’s business, and where we have overlap, no matter which project can cooperate.”

The next step is a detailed discussion. Without Lu Zixin’s expectation, Ning Shaozhen’s first proposal is still an intentional acquisition.

This time they paid a lot more than before, reaching tens of billions of yuan, including a series of preferential terms for the management of Red Letters such as Lu Zixin, but they were immediately rejected.

Ning Shaozhen has been psychologically prepared, and Red Letter is now in full swing and certainly not willing to be acquired. And the most important thing is that their company is doing the game industry, and the funds are back.

Unlike other industries that they invest in, such as online car, online finance, and webcasting, startups can only sell shares or seek financing because of lack of development funds.

“General Lu don’t rush to refuse, we have other plans.” Ning Shaoxuan said, “Tencent Holdings is willing to purchase 30% shares of Red Letter Game Co., Ltd. with the same amount of funds, and develop together with you.”

He said that Liu Tong is no longer speaking. This is not something he can decide, but he has some thoughts in his heart. This proposal is mixed with good and bad.

The advantage is that with Tencent’s capital injection, Red Letter’s development will definitely be smoother, and Tencent’s strong resource mutual assistance will be obtained.

But the downside is that once Tencent controls 30% of the shares, it will definitely propose resource sharing, requiring several technologies to share Red Letter.

Lu Zixin stressed: “My position is very clear and I will not sell any shares. Cooperation can only be done in other ways, such as connecting the ports of the Red Letter game to the Tencent platform.”

No one can deny this time period. Tencent’s users are still ranked first in the country, QQ program, two instant messaging software, users can crush any opponent!

Ning Shaozhen did not give up, continued to make some requests, demanded fewer shares, and even purchased technology patents, were rejected.

He has some helplessness in his heart, Lu Zixin, this is ironhearted to do it alone!

Ning Shaozhen said: “Since the above scheme General Lu does not agree, I can’t be alone. This era is an era of cooperation and win-win, then we will talk about the issue of resource cooperation.”

“The main business of Red Letter is games, and the whole country, even in Asia, we have the most game users in Tencent. Whether it is the game of Red Letter, our platform, or the platform of our game to access Red Letter, are all win-win situations.”

He talked timidly, and he was ready to say these words before he came.

In general, the idea is that the software of Red Letter can be logged in using the Tencent account. Under this premise, the game of Red Letter can access Tencent’s resource platform for promotion.

In addition, Tencent’s games can also be placed on the platform of Red Letter, such as the red letter online game login platform, accelerator, computer housekeeper and so on.

On the surface, Red Letter can indeed get a lot of resources to promote in a short time. But after careful consideration, you will find that it is greasy.

For example, in the game of Red Letter, the user logs in with the Tencent account. Is it the user of Tencent or the user of Red Letter?

The answer is that he has become a Tencent user! Because a user can’t just play one game, some will play a few at the same time, sometimes they will choose other games if they are tired.

At this time, his account still belongs to the Tencent account, obviously the game on the Tencent platform is more suitable for him.

This is a hidden user resource plunder, and other game operators have long recognized this problem. Like Net One, they refused to let the Tencent account log in to their game.

Negotiations cannot be done once, and the two sides will test each other and develop the most suitable plan for themselves.

Therefore, Ning Shaozhen stayed in the Red Letter game for a few more days and was responsible for negotiating cooperation matters.

After several days of discussions between the two sides, an agreement was finally reached. The Red Letter platform will support Tencent’s recharge channels. The games on the Red Letter platform can also log in to Tencent’s live and video platforms, but they cannot log in to their gaming platforms.

Similarly, the Red Letter online game accelerator will provide a comprehensive acceleration service for Tencent games, and no additional “upgrade service fees” will be charged.

In addition, there are some small projects and details of cooperation, do not have to elaborate.

In general, Lu Zixin is quite satisfied, and the company’s development has taken another step forward. The Tencent side did not get the results they wanted.

This agreement, for them, only reduced some of the losses and increased some financial income. In comparison, Red Letter is more profitable.

In the office, Lu Zixin is thinking about the future direction of the company. Games and computer housekeepers have all gone to formality and started to make profits. These do not require him to solve the trouble and solve the problem, so that the rest of the company’s management is responsible.

He opened the Ten Thousand Realms Chat Group and asked Red Queen for advice. Red Queen is umbrella company core, but in her world, dominates the world’s super-Science and Technology business!

Red Queen sent him a piece of information, a brief history of the development of Umbrella (protective umbrella company).

Lu Zixin took a quick look and got a rough idea.

Like Stark Industries, Umbrella started with the high-tech military Science and Technology. After making a lot of money in the arms business, he began to study high-Science and Technology medical equipment, and then life engineering.

At the same time, relying on the military and science of Science and Technology’s high-end Science and Technology, research artificial intelligence, open up the market in the computer field, and then financial means to annex and acquire other companies, and eventually become the Science and Technology giant.

The development direction of Umbrella is from high-end to the public. The military industry, the defense industry, medical equipment, and then to the computer, daily necessities and other aspects.

Although the order of development is different, the core development of Umbrella is high-tech Science and Technology technology and strong industrial support capabilities.

Red Letter company, the most lacking now is this. Several games were developed by Red Queen, and the main support point is still from the supercomputer.

And supercomputer, Red Letter itself can not be made. This means that once you leave Red Queen’s hardware support, Red Letter has no follow-up development capabilities.

So Lu Zixin’s next development direction should be to temporarily slow down software development to develop hardware devices. Only the industrial improvement of hardware manufacturing can create more black Science and Technology products, such as supercomputer, Tony Stark’s virtual projection equipment.

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