BTC Chapter 82 : Public apology

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As soon as the event of the Ferris wheel occurred, the management of the amusement park got the news and rushed to deal with it.

No casualties, which makes them relaxed. If there are casualties, then this matter can’t be covered. If you don’t, the top executives will resign.

“The most important thing now is to minimize the bad influence!” the amusement park general manager Chu Hao commanded, “Do a good job in public relations and let the media not report. Those tourists can’t let them spread negative news online and give them a refund to Soothe them.”

“Chu, what about the tourists who were just on the Ferris wheel? They chased us for the words!” asked the operations manager.

“One person and two thousand pieces were sent. Remember, you can’t give them the opportunity to discuss each other. As long as they take the money, they must sign a confidentiality clause!” Chu Hao said.

“In short, don’t let this thing spread!”


“What? Two thousand pieces want us not to pursue it?” Su Zhirong got the news, still angry, said to the manager: “Do you think we will care about this money? The amusement park must make a public apology, right All equipment in the amusement park is inspected for safety and replaced with unqualified equipment!”

“Your agreement is clearly meant to hold this up!”

“This lady, we apologize for the incident just now. The two thousand is not a sealing fee, just a mental compensation for you, and it is two thousand for one person! We will also check the equipment, please calm down.” The manager said in an official tone.

Lu Zixin knows that this is purely perfunctory. He asked: “How do you guarantee? Is there a formal institution to check?”

“Please rest assured, we will deal with it.” The manager said, “This gentleman, given the behavior you just did, we will give you an extra bonus! 30,000 yuan!”

He reminded: “Everyone has only two thousand yuan in compensation.” Listening to his tone, everyone else should agree to this confidential clause.

Lu Zixin said seriously: “We will not sign the agreement. A public apology is a must, and you must also check under the supervision of a formal institution.”

The manager couldn’t convince them and said, “Let’s wait, I will ask the boss.”

The manager went to call Chu Hao, and in the waiting room, Su Xiaomeng whispered with her friends.

“I think that’s it?” Zhang Hui said cautiously. “We have nothing to do anyway.”

Su Xiaomeng was uncomfortable: “If it weren’t for my brother-in-law, it must have happened! It can’t be said!”

“But, do people give compensation?” Zhang Hui whispered, “We can’t do anything with them.”

Feng Lele nodded: “I just sent Weibo, it was deleted directly! The name of this playground can’t be sent out!”

“That’s awful!” Su Xiaomeng dissatisfied. “They are not willing to apologize publicly!”

“Wei Ming, is your father not an official? Tell your dad!” Su Xiaomeng looked at Wei Ming. Wei Ming’s performance was too bad. He has not been very fond of talking.

“Well, I will call him and tell him.” Wei Ming took out his mobile phone and called his father to tell the situation.

His father hesitated for a while and said: “Nothing happens, people apologize, and give compensation, just like this, you come back soon, don’t make trouble.”

After that, Wei Ming and his dad hung up the phone. Wei Ming is not saying: “My dad said let us go back soon, don’t worry so much.”

“Your dad don’t want to manage it?” Su Xiaomeng disappointed. “I know, adults are like this!”

Wei Ming had no choice, and several other students were even ignorant. He said, “Well, is that right? Let’s go back?”

“You wait, I will let them apologize today!” Lu Zixin said.

“Brother-in-law?” Su Xiaomeng looked at him. Lu Zixin saved her just now, and she has completely reversed her impression of Lu Zixin. Now Lu Zixin is standing out again!

The manager and Chu Hao are still communicating, Chu Hao said: “These people are not enough money, you give them an extra 20,000.”

“Sir, please come over.” The manager had to communicate with Lu Zixin alone. He euphemistically said the condition, Lu Zixin said directly: “You let your boss come over, I personally talk to him.”

“Sir, our boss is very busy, he is dealing with the incident just…”

Lu Zixin interrupted him and said: “He will not come, my company’s legal department will contact you.”

“You wait a moment, I will contact you.” The manager saw him with a firm attitude, not like a joke, and quickly called.

Chu Hao asked on the phone: “Are you stupid? He was scared you? Which company is he?”

“You tell him, Red Letter Game,” Lu Zixin shouted.

“Red Letter Game?”


Ten minutes later, Chu Hao came over and apologized and said, “Mister Lu, I am really sorry. I have apologized to you and your friends for such a bad influence.”

He and Lu Zixin talked in the office, outside, Su Xiaomeng and others waited for the results.

“Xiaomeng, what is your brother-in-law doing? Why are the bosses of the playground personally coming to pay for the crime?” Zhang Hui asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” Su Xiaomeng was not sure. She wanted to ask her sister, and Su Zhirong didn’t tell her.

A few minutes later, Chu Hao’s face was ugly, came out of the office and said to Su Zhirong and others: “We will publicly apologize to you and accept the security inspections of relevant departments.”

Look at his face, completely unwilling to look like. Chu Hao does not want to do this, but who knows that the other party’s energy is not small, if it is really a lawsuit, the impact will be even worse, he can only compromise.


On the way back, a group of students gave a thank you to Lu Zixin.

Su Xiaomeng sincerely said: “Brother-in-laws, thank you for saving me today, you save my life, let my sister get along!”

“Are you itchy?” Su Zhirong groaned, trying to screw her ears.

“Brother help me!” Su Xiaomeng hides behind Lu Zixin, Lu Zixin said with a smile: “If you really appreciate, just be honest at school, don’t let your sister worry.”

“Yeah.” Su Xiaomeng nodded in a serious way, raising her hand and swearing: “I swear, if the class teacher calls my sister again, I will punish me for not spending a day and night!”

“There is no point of repentance!” Su Zhirong scolded. “The next time your class teacher gives the call, I will tell Dad directly to let him reduce your pocket money!”

“Don’t, sister, I am wrong, I swear again!”

“It doesn’t work!”

After they were sent back, Lu Zixin went to the company again. In the playground, many people took videos and photos, and he needs to deal with them.

As usual, the company’s public relations department is still in contact with the media, not to report his personal affairs. Also delete photos and videos about Lu Zixin saving people.

On the playground side, an apology message was also issued, but it was a bit ambiguous. It was like a small incident, and it showed that no one was killed or injured. Naturally, there were not many netizens concerned. However, the relevant departments have conducted an investigation, and the purpose of Lu Zixin is reached.

The storm soon ended, and Lu Zixin returned to the right track.

The number of users of Red Letter Computer Manager is still rising, has exceeded 1,000 degrees, ranking the top three. What makes Lu Zixin speechless is that the representative of Tencent has come to the door again. This time, the weight is not small, it is a vice president.

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