BTC Chapter 225 : Refund?

Edited: XiaXue

“Boss Zeng, did you still say that you want to purchase the goods yesterday? Why don’t you want it today?” In an electric vehicles sales shop, Xu Xiuying asked the middle-aged man in front of her.

The boss once shook his head and said: “Sorry, our store can’t enter your goods for the time being. The funds are tight recently!”

“That can reduce a part of the volume.” Xu Xiuying said, “Our Pengyun electric motorcycle performance is very good, it must be hot!”

Boss Zeng still shook his head and said: “Let’s talk about it.”

He didn’t plan to buy the goods. His shop was the biggest store on the street. Before that, he promised to order Pengyun’s electric motorcycle trial sale. Now he doesn’t want it anymore. He still wants to buy the goods from Xu Xiuying, and now he refuses to buy the goods. Xu Xiuying is puzzled.

Xu Xiuying also visited two big stores, but also prepared to place orders, but now they have all been canceled.

At the fourth place, the store is smaller, and the boss is a dark-skinned man.

“Boss Liu, how many motorcycles do you want, we will arrange logistics for you tomorrow.” Xu Xiuying took the list.

“Little girl, you are too expensive to buy!” Boss Liu said hesitantly, “Let’s drop again, it’s too expensive! Other people’s electric motorcycles, the purchase price is much cheaper than you!”

Xu Xiuying said with a slight smile: “Boss Liu, we are high-Science and Technology products. You also saw that our motors and batteries are several times better than other products! There are smart locks, intelligent control, this is Advanced electric motorcycle, there is no second motorcycle on the market!”

“It’s worth the price! This is our grade. Besides, you sell it according to our official price, and the difference is more than one thousand higher than other electric motorcycles!”

“The purchase price is too expensive!” Boss Liu stressed, “If I can’t sell it, I am not losing more?”

“Absolutely sell out!” Xu Xiuying assured, “This motorcycle is placed here, if it can’t be sold, our factory package will be fully refunded!”

She has absolute confidence in the product. The motorcycle she has seen, the electric motorcycle does not know how many, but the performance is as good as Pengyun is the first time!


“Absolutely true, we can write clearly in black and white!”

“That’s it!” Boss Liu assured that it would not be able to sell and return, that is, there is no loss.

“I can’t enter this small shop, and I have advanced 10 regular models.” Liu said.

“Do you want other models? You see, these performances are better than ordinary models. This model is so beautiful, I personally designed it!” Xu Xiuying did not forget to sell her work, but Boss Liu shook his head: “First ten unit Let me see the situation.”

“That line, I will send it to you tomorrow.” Xu Xiuying handled the purchase receipt with him.

At the end, Xu Xiuying also asked: “Boss Liu, I have a question I would like to consult you.”

“You said.” Seeing Xu Xiuying’s beauty, Liu’s attitude is also very good.

“I just went to the company. Doesn’t this run? I have been working hard on a few orders, and I am counting on this month to get some salary and pay the rent. But other bosses have cancelled the order. Do you know why?” Xu Xiuying did was humbly asking for advice, and she was originally a young and beautiful girl.

Boss Liu does not mind to say a few more words. He said: “Of course there are reasons. It is hard to say.”

Xu Xiuying said: “You will tell me about it.”

Boss Liu is still because Xu Xiuying said: “There are some gifts in the factory, which will be sent to you when I send the motorcycle tomorrow.”

Listening to her, Boss Liu said this with a smile: “Give me more points! Tell you that there is nothing, the few you said, the store is much more than me.”

“They are all taking the brand agent. What Emma, ​​Yadi, and so on.”

“I heard that these manufacturers suddenly checked in the past few days and said that they are checking agents and dealers that are not standardized. If they put your motorcycle in the store, it is fine, and the penalty is very heavy. They are afraid of being Penalty, so they will return the order.”

“A small store like me doesn’t have to worry about this.”

“It turned out to be like this, thank you!” Xu Xiuying suddenly realized.

After she went back, she also asked other colleagues about these things, and they were all similar. Many of the big stores have returned their orders, and they don’t sell Pengyun’s electric motorcycles. Small shop is willing to try, but the small shop has a small amount of goods, and even some stores are only willing to enter two or three motorcycles to see the effect, it seems to be ready to return at any time.

Xu Xiuying reported this situation and immediately received the leadership award.

This situation was also reported by Jiang Xunmei to Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin not only did not feel the distress, but was a little happy, laughing in the office.

“General Lu, what are you laughing at?” Jiang Xunmei was bored.

“These electric motorcycle brands suddenly made a surprise check to boycott our products. What does this mean? Explain that they are afraid!” Lu Zixin said, “Now red letter is a gold sign, we have not shot, the opponent is already afraid.”

Jiang Xunmei has not been accustomed to the thinking of Lu Zixin. When she was in the previous company, if she encountered the boycott of other companies, it would definitely be the management of the whole company convened to meet and consider countermeasures, but Lu Zixin was completely unconcerned.

“General Lu, they are very bad for us. I heard that friends in the industry said that almost all electric motorcycle manufacturers are strict with agents selling our products in the store.”

“We have lost more than half of our pre-orders in Pengcheng. We don’t have a dedicated agent or physical store yet, which is very detrimental.”

“Don’t worry, continue to keep production and advertising up, I don’t believe, good things can’t be sold!” Lu Zixin self-channel, although Pengyun electric motorcycle sells expensive, but the price is not lower than any similar products Consumers will naturally see it.


Electric motorcycle sales and repair street, Boss Liu is playing with the new goods sent by Pengyun electric motorcycle factory.

Streamlined body, full of Science and Technology induction lights, ergonomic seats and curved pedals. The smart lock is inside the body, which means that the thief can’t find the keyhole that can be smashed from the outside. Unless the electric motorcycle is carried away, it will never be opened.

Even if it is forcibly removed, a security alert is activated and sent directly to the user’s mobile device via an electrical signal!

“Old Liu, is this thing really the same as the advertisement?” Several store owners next to them curiously asked, and those who retired Pengyun products, such as Boss Zeng and others.

“It seems that it is still the case, but this motorcycle, you have to run more to know that the new motorcycle is good.” Boss Liu said that he also took a ride and experienced it.

“Oh, that’s great. The motorcycle is very powerful. I rode around and the meter didn’t reduce much. The brakes are also very sensitive!”

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