MST Chapter 25 : Visiting Old Liu

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In fact, about marriage things, Ye Guang also have a lot of doubts, supposedly, Liu Chiyan but China entertainment Heavenly Queen. Is there a high self esteem of Heavenly Queen? Ye Guang also understand, but she is not Ye Guang. She does not enter the dream world like Ye Guang. Ye Guang in the dream world has already had an extremely deep emotion with her, and Ye Guang loves her, this is beyond doubt.

But for Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang is just a person who she has just met and can only see two sides are almost strangers. It is really because two people slept on a bed at night, and Ye Guang took advantage of her so he was not married her. Please, what time is this? Also, Liu Chiyan came to Ye Guang and waited for him at the entrance of Radio station for a night, saying that there was something, but she didn’t say anything the next day, Ye Guang estimated that it was a marriage. Also, she carries the household register book that she must use to get married. Who is okay to put the household register book on her body every day? The most important thing is that the marriage agreement was prepared in advance! Obviously it is ready! Also this time Weibo, the front plan is married, the second action is she sent Weibo post, and seems to be eager to let people know.

In fact, Ye Guang had a doubt at the time of marriage, but he refused to ask, she did not tell him, he did not want to ask, some things may not be good to say.

I don’t understand.

Ye Guang suddenly found that he did not understand Liu Chiyan. It seems that she is somewhat different from his dream wife.

Turning off Weibo, Ye Guang took out the cellphone and wanted to call Liu Chiyan. One wanted to ask her about Weibo, and the other was Ye Guang thought about her.

“Sorry, the call you made has been turned off.”

Liu Chiyan phone is off.


In the afternoon, Ye Guang had a lunch break and went out for a while. He had to go to the hospital to visit Liu Bayi.

In the middle of the road, Ye Guang went to buy some fruit, went to see the patient, could not go empty handed. In fact, the most indispensable part of the patients living in the hospital is fruit, because it seems that everyone will mention a little fruit when they go to the hospital.

Ye Guang also had an episode when buying fruit.

After weighing the fruit, Ye Guang took out the wallet from the system storage and then opened it.

Whoops! There is only 5 yuan in the wallet.

It doesn’t matter, swipe your card!

Whoops! The cards were taken away by Liu Chiyan!

It doesn’t matter, I have one left.

Therefore, Ye Guang handed Liu Chiyan credit card in sad and complicated mood. Alas, I feel like I am being raised, and I actually brush the woman’s card… shameful!

However, the hawker who sells fruit gave him a sentence: “Do you see here has a place to swipe?”

Ye Guang had to look for a place to withdraw money.

It took a long time for Ye Guang to find a cash machine, and no matter whether the bank was right or not. No commission was charged and went directly to the cash machine to withdraw the money.

Humph! Anyway, it is not your own money, regardless the charges fees! Not bad money!

Big Brother, you wake up, you have to use all your nets worth to get this card.

Insert the card.

Enter the password that Liu Chiyan told him.

Choose to withdraw money.

Choose to withdraw the amount of 1000 yuan.

The page shows: Your balance is insufficient.

Whoops! Ye Guang is dumbfounded, 1,000 yuan is actually insufficient balance? what’s the situation? Liu Chiyan forgot to charge the money in it?

Go back and check the balance. The balance shows 800 yuan.

Ye Guang looked with black line, the balance is 800 yuan, which means that he can only spend 800 pieces per month in the future?

800 yuan, tightly and barely enough to spend. But is Ye Guang the kind of person who is tight? Well, he is, Ye Guang doesn’t spend much money in peacetime, but the place to spend is still spent, don’t you have money to eat? Do you want to refuel your car? Do you usually drink a drink to buy a drink? 800 yuan, If you have a meal, you will spend it. I wanna bought 120 yuan for fruits today!

Take 700 yuan out of the box, you ask why not take 800? Because the bank has to charge 5 yuan fee! There are only 95 left after taking 700, the change can’t be taken out, and looking at the five-yuan service fee for the withdrawal receipt, Ye Guang is a bit of a pain, the evil bank has swallowed him a huge sum!

Ye Guang was mad, called Liu Chiyan cell phone, but the other party was shut down, and Ye Guang angrily closed the phone.

“Let’s find her next time!”

When I returned to the fruit stand, Ye Guang was afraid of losing his face and resisted the urge to retire some fruits and paid, then go to hospital.


Ye Guang found Old Liu ward, glanced inside and pushed the door in.

Old Liu is resting on the bed, next to his is his wife.

Ye Guang said hello: “Teacher Liu.”

Old Liu turned to see Ye Guang and smiled: “Little Ye, how come you are.”

Ye Guang: “Come to see you, how are you better?”

Old Liu: “It’s much better, nothing, it’s getting older, I have to lie in bed for a few days.”

Ye Guang: “It’s okay, I wish you a speedy recovery.” Say, Ye Guang put the bought fruit on the table.

Old Liu: “Come here, come with something.”

Ye Guang: “Just a fruit, don’t know if you like it, just buy some.”

Old Liu’s wife called Ye Guang to sit down. “You talk, I’ll go and wash some fruit for you.”

Old Liu: “Little Ye, you are very good. I have heard from Ma Tao about the Radio station. It is very good! Actually, the listening rate in the station ranks first.”

Ye Guang: “It’s all you teach well.”

Old Liu waved his hand: “I didn’t teach you much, or you know how to be smart, smart, and give you the show. I am relieved.”

I talked to Old Liu in the hospital for a while, and Ye Guang went back after not staying for too long.

Looking at the time, Ye Guang did not go home and went directly to the Radio station.

Ye Guang called Liu Chiyan before work, but Liu Chiyan still shut down, Ye Guang is a little helpless.

“Is there something? or really mad at me, deliberately blacked me?”

Hum, ignore me, I don’t care about you! Ye Guang angrily closed his cellphone.

Working in the evening, Ye Guang is still doing the exam information for Host exam. He has already seen it almost. He feels that he can go to the exam at any time.

Turning on the system again, the prestige points have been growing. I haven’t seen it for two days. Today, I found that there are more than 70,000 prestige points. Ghost Blows Out The Light this show is good, and on average these two days can bring him more than 20,000 prestige points.

Ye Guang opened the lottery panel and even won two awards. The luck is not good, not bad. The raffle was once in the middle, and the blank was drawn once.

This is Ye Guang’s first lottery did not draw anything, the instantaneous 30,000 prestige points hit the water to make him a good pain.

Click on the treasure chest.

“Congratulations, you obtain Good Fortune Pledge – 1”

The item is a consumables. When the system sound reminds me, Ye Guang remembers that there are still several consumable items in the storage. He have been reluctant to use them and they are forgotten.

“I have to find a chance to experiment with the effects of these props.”

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