BTC Chapter 226 : You’re an impulse consumer

Edited: XiaXue

Boss Liu also used the mobile phone to operate, and found that directly using the mobile phone, you can view all the conditions of the electric motorcycle, power, fault detection, parking position and so on.

He was surprised and said: “Hey, you said, this Pengyun electric motorcycle is really a bit high Science and Technology, much better than other electric motorcycles in my store.”

“It’s too expensive, this one wants 9888 yuan, who buys it?” said the boss on the onlookers. “It’s still best to sell three or four thousand electric motorcycles!”

“Yeah.” Other bosses did not enter Pengyun electric motorcycle, they comforted themselves. “The price is expensive, not worthwhile! And if something goes wrong, then bad luck, when customers have to find a door.”

Boss Liu said: “Take me, I will enter a few motorcycles. If it is not easy to sell, I will return it. I will not enter it later.”


The situation of Pengyun motorcycle shipped these days has also been closely watched by those of the peers. Seeing that their shipments are so small, many people are sighed in relief, but fortunately, their actions are still somewhat useful.

In Liu’s electric motorcycle shop, a customer come in. He was a young guy and pushed an old electric motorcycle.

He came in and shouted: “Boss.”

“Come.” Boss Liu hurriedly greeted the guests. The boy said, “Do you recycle old electric motorcycles?”

“Receive, this one? Look.”

Boss Liu took his old electric motorcycle at a low price, and the young man said, “You have any good electric motorcycles, and with strong battery life.”

He is a courier named Tian Zhuang. The old electric car used by him was used before. Because the battery life is too bad, it is not enough to send a battery every time, so it is sold for a new one.

“Strong battery life, you look at several here.” Boss Liu recommended several models to him.

Tian Zhuang is still dissatisfied and said: “You are all a few brands! I have not used ten kinds of electric motorcycles, but there are also eight kinds! These motorcycles are just fine at first, and they will not work in one or two months, all kinds of problems, the battery is not used.”

Liu’s shop is small. When he saw around, he saw the electric motorcycles of Pengyun. Pengyun’s electric motorcycle design has a sense of Science and Technology, and there is a small display on the front of motorcycle!

“What brand is this?” Tian Zhuang asked.

“That is Pengyun electric motorcycle, just a new brand.”

“Is this display dry?”

“That is the map navigation display, this motorcycle comes with navigation.” Boss Liu saw him interested in this motorcycle, and quickly said, “This is the latest smart electric motorcycle, you do not have to continue the long-term?”

“The battery of this electric motorcycle is definitely the longest in our store! You run express, you just run a day and night, take Pengcheng two circles, I guarantee that it will not power off!”

“Boss, you are blowing this cowhide!” Tian Zhuang did not believe, said: “I send the courier, go out early in the morning, charge once at noon, charge once in the afternoon, and charge at night. You electric motorcycle if it is such a cow, how big is the battery?”

“This is high Science and Technology!” Boss Liu did not know how to explain, said: “Look, there is a charging socket here! This electric motorcycle can not only supply power by itself, but also as a mobile charging treasure! The power is very much!”

“Is there a charging socket?” Tian Zhuang was joyfully said, “This function is good, you can charge your phone!”

When sending a courier, because you have to make a phone call, the power consumption of the mobile phone is also very large. If you can charge on the road, you can save a lot of trouble.

“Come and try, let me open and let you see and see High Science and Technology!” Boss Liu saw him interested and continued to promote.

He turned on the phone and shouted directly: “Unlock.”

With one order, the electric motorcycle lock opened itself.

“Go to Wanda Plaza.” Boss Liu entered the instructions on the mobile phone, and the route navigation appeared on the map of the electric vehicle.

Not only that, but also the functions of security monitoring, music playback, remote control lock, etc., all can be operated by mobile phone.

“Great!” Tian Zhuang was really interested and asked: “Boss, how much is this motorcycle?”

“Tian Zhuang, this car is priced at 12,000!” said Liu Boss.

“So expensive?” Tian Zhuang’s eyes widened. “The electric motorcycle I used before was only three thousand when I bought it!”

“This is high Science and Technology! The grade is different!” said Boss Liu. “When you look at other motorcycles, how can you have such a multi-function? The battery life is strong, you can charge the phone, play songs, navigate…”

“I told you that if you have other brands, one of the functions will sell eight or nine thousand!”

“I see that you are also good, the accent is also a local person? I don’t want to pit you, if you really want, I will give you two thousand cheaper, how?”

Tian Zhuang has some heartbeats, but the price is too expensive. His psychological expectation is to buy a four or five thousand electric motorcycle, which is twice the price.

Boss Liu carefully watched Tian Zhuang using the mobile phone of Red Letter and immediately said: “Do you use the mobile phone of Red Letter? I tell you, this electric motorcycle is produced by Red Letter Company. It is very easy to use.”

“Red letter produced electric motorcycle?” Tian Zhuang was surprised that he used HX2. After HX2S came out, HX2 dropped a few hundred pieces. He heard that he bought it with him and found it particularly useful. Become the mobile phone powder of Red Letter.

Now I hear that this is an electric motorcycle made by Red Letter. Inexplicably, it has a little trust. He checked on Net One and found that this is really the case. The electric motorcycle factory was invested and produced by Red Letter Company, and it can intelligently connect to Red Letter mobile phone.

Tian Zhuang hesitated for a long time, biting his teeth: “I take this motorcycle, say good deals, and what the warranty is.”

“There are everything!” Boss Liu was overjoyed. He seemed to see a marketing method. Anyone who took a red letter mobile phone would later tell him that this is a red letter electric motorcycle, and it costs himself for a long time.

Tian Zhuang drove the newly bought Pengyun electric motorcycle back to his own express delivery point. The others heard that he spent 10,000 yuan to buy this electric motorcycle, and other couriers were shocked.

“Old Tian, are you crazy? Buy 10,000 electric motorcycles, it will take us more than a month to earn back!”

“So expensive electric motorcycle, what if it is stolen?”

“You must have been cheated by the boss. What is high and Science and Technology, isn’t it just adding a glass plate?”

“Walk away, my buddy takes you back!”

Tian Zhuang hesitated for a while and said: “Just buy it and retreat, not good, let’s say it again in a day, if it’s not good, go back!”

“Young people are impulsive! If I am, I must buy a second-hand electric motorcycle, I can buy it in a thousand.” An older courier said with a smile, “When you spend so much money, when can you get enough for your wife?” “

Tian Zhuang also regretted a bit and said: “I just watched the motorcycle is produced by Red Letter, I want to try.”

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