BTC Chapter 227 : One day is stronger than three days

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In any case, the electric motorcycle has already been bought, and he can’t go back now, he can only use it first.

On the same day, Tian Zhuang learned about the electric motorcycle according to the instructions. In fact, the Pengyun electric motorcycle is very easy to operate. As long as electric motorcycle connected to the mobile phone, what functions can be controlled by the mobile phone APP, and with just a voice.

The next morning, at 6 o’clock, Tian Zhuang rode his own Pengyun electric motorcycle, tied the plastic basket, and went to the express sorting station.

When he got to the place, everyone naturally commented on his electric motorcycle. The boss said while smoking: “How come you brat? I have a few second-hand electric motorcycles here. You want me to give you eight hundred pieces. Don’t want to buy a 10,000. This will send 10,000 copies to earn. come back!”

After sorting, they were each delivered. If there are no special circumstances, the express delivery of the day must be delivered on the same day. Today, the number of parcels is more than usual, so the couriers filled the plastic baskets out of the door early.

Usually after sending a basket and then returning to install a basket to continue to send, Tian Zhuang is responsible for the farthest area, generally the latest back.

However, when Tian Zhuang went out today, the situation was very different. The first is the speed of electric motorcycle. After filling a whole basket of packages in the past, the speed of the electric motorcycle will drop, but today, the speed does not drop at all, whether it is moving forward or uphill, it is full of power!

Not only that, when he encounters a pedestrian or a vehicle, he starts the brakes and can stop smoothly. The electromagnetic brakes are like the brakes of the moving train and the subway, giving people a different feeling.

The most intelligent thing is that after Tian Zhuang connects the electric motorcycle to the intelligent management system, it will help you plan the route for sending the courier, calculate the most time-saving route, and then automatically navigate!

At the beginning, Tian Zhuang just thought that this function was a bit powerful. When he first returned to the express delivery point, he was pleasantly surprised. Every time he came back at the latest to send a second, this time actually first!

The boss was very surprised and asked: “Is it so fast today?”

“This electric motorcycle is so good!” Tian Zhuang said, “I am going to send a second!”

He set off again, this time, the use time is shorter than the last time. When he returned, the other couriers were loading the second package.

“Tian Zhuang, you can’t do this, change the new electric motorcycle, came the slowest!” The old courier tweeted.

“Who said that I am the slowest, I have finished the second one!” Tian Zhuang said.

“What? The second one is finished? Who are you cheating!” Several couriers are not convinced, the boss said: “Tian Zhuang is really sending more than you today, only half an hour ago. Tian, are you sending the courier to someone else?”

“Every package is sent by myself? You see, these pieces are brought back cause no one at home.” Tian Zhuang pointed at a few pieces in the box.

“The second one is finished!” The couriers all widened their eyes, really so fast? A bit unscientific! However, they clearly saw that there was a lot of lost in the courier of Tian Zhuang delivery!

“Good, good!” The boss is naturally very satisfied. The faster the courier delivers, the better. As before, his courier often has a backlog of express delivery, facing customer complaints and company fines.

What kind of double eleven, double twelve when you have to ask for part-time to help send, if other couriers have this efficiency, then there is no such problem.

“What about your electric motorcycle charger? I have to charge the electricity, which cost me a third of the electricity!” A courier said, charging at rest is a common practice.

However, Tian Zhuang, who has already ran two times, has no rest, and continues to run the third, fourth!

When the fourth ran was finished, it was time to eat lunch. The couriers are charging electric motorcycle, and Tian Zhuang is still not charging.

“Tian Zhuang, are you not charging? You will have no electricity in the afternoon.” The companion kindly reminded.

“No, recharge at night, now one quarter is not used up.” Tian Zhuang said.

“Hey? A quarter is useless?” The companion was surprised to see his electric motorcycle’s electricity meter, and it really only consumed a little.

“Running for a long time to consume just this, this battery is too strong?” The old courier tsk tsk is amazing, “This electric motorcycle is a little way!”

By the end of the day at the end of the day, they were completely shocked by the efficiency of Tian Zhuang. Tian Zhuang today sent three times the package! In addition to today’s parcels, He also helped send a lot of other people’s couriers.

The most important thing is that his electric motorcycle has not been charged all day, and it is still fully charged.

“Cow fork! Tian Zhuang, how do you send it so fast? You have three days of salary on this day!” The companion envied.

Their wages are calculated on a piece-by-piece basis, and the more they are sent, the more they are paid.

“Of course this car!” Tian Zhuang now does not like the Pengyun electric motorcycle. He said: “I didn’t know it before. It turned out that I was charging and routing, and I wasted a lot of time!”

“This car is not bought in white! Ten thousand pieces, the value of flowers!”

“Brother, steady!” The other couriers looked at him enviously and asked to experience his electric motorcycle. Tian Zhuang also generously let them try.

After some experience, several couriers sighed: “It’s so good! The high-powered Science and Technology electric motorcycle is different. If we have this motorcycle, the speed of sending the courier can be more than doubled!”

The old courier nodded: “This money is really no white flowers! Ten thousand yuan worth, what to buy? Waiting for my salary this month, I also change one!”

“It is to buy Pengyun electric motorcycles.” Tian Zhuang said.

“Pengyun’s?” the boss wondered. “This brand has not been heard before.”

“New,” Tian Zhuang explained. “It was designed by Red Letter.”

“Red letter? That is amazing!” The boss also uses the red letter mobile phone, naturally know. He looked at Tian Zhuang’s electric motorcycle and said: “This is a good thing, I am also going to buy a few.”

Endurance, power, safety and reliability do not say, for the boss, this motorcycle has a great use, is to help the courier to recognize the road!

The courier line, the personnel change is very fast, every time there is a new courier or part-time, often there will be no understanding of the road, resulting in low efficiency. If you have such an electric motorcycle, are these problems solved?

In the next few days, Tian Zhuang’s new electric motorcycle made him stand out among the couriers, and the delivery efficiency is the first in the day!

The courier runs in every district, and there are many other couriers or take-offs encountered by the couriers. Soon, those couriers and take-offs know this Pengyun electric motorcycle.

There was also a well-off take-out who was on hand and bought one. On the same day, his delivery volume doubled directly, and the amount of money earned was doubled, making other takeaways blushing. Everyone is ready to buy one.

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