MST Chapter 26 : Lost contact

Edited: XiaXue

The live broadcast was very smooth and the waves were not good.

The next day, Ye Guang woke up after three afternoon.

Before going to bed last night, he turned off the cell phone, so that no one would not call him to wake up. For a lazy person who has not gotten up, it is simply an unbearable thing to wake up in the morning.

When the cellphone was opened, the communication company did not send a message that there was a missed call.

Ye Guang is a little unhappy, huh! This is the next day, there is no phone call, is there such a person to be a wife?

Then, Ye Guang, who was not feeling well all day, gave Liu Chiyan a few phone calls in the afternoon and evening, thinking about how to count Liu Chiyan and teach her how to be a good wife, but Liu Chiyan’s phone is still off.

Fortunately, he is a public-private person who is relatively clear, and it is quite normal when he broadcasts live at night.

Before going to bed at night, Ye Guang still wanted to shut down, hesitated, or not, in case Liu Chiyan called in the evening or tomorrow morning? I have to pick up her first time.

As it turned out, Liu Chiyan didn’t call Ye Guang all day until the next day.

Ye Guang was anxious. On the same day, he dialed Liu Chiyan for more than a dozen calls, but they were all turned off.

“It has been the third day… shouldn’t  you forget to save my phone?” Ye Guang thought, “No, it’s obviously a number that is stored in front of each other.”

Is there something wrong? No! No way!! It must be angry to pull me black. Relative to Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang prefers her to blacken himself because she is angry with him.

On this day, Ye Guang became more and more unhappy, and on the face was unhappy, and Old Wang and the staff of program group did not dare to approach him. Ye Guang was also a little sluggish when the live broadcast start, Old Wang see the situation is not right, hurry to communicate with him during the intermission. This is for the smooth completion of live show for one night.

On the fourth day, Ye Guang got up early, and mother looked at the window with a special surprise, thinking that the sun was coming out from the west.

From the morning to noon meal, Ye Guang has been nesting on the Sofa, holding a cellphone in his hand, not seeing him playing with the cellphone, or occasionally dialing a number, then gnashing his teeth, then held the cell phone for a long time. Mother thought that he had run into evil spirits and almost didn’t go to the temple to find a monk.

Father is a discerning person, and has stopped mother. “Okay, don’t mess up, son is a matter of heart.”

Mother is puzzled, “What is wrong? Anything to say? It’s look scary.”

Father snorted. “There can be anecdote. In this way, 80% is related to emotional things. Didn’t you say that there was a girl in the house a few days ago? In my opinion… The girl estimates With my son…” Father said while making a sly gesture.

Mother suddenly realized, “Is this a lovelorn?” she patted her thigh, “Is that my grandson is not gone? Nope. I have to find my son and say it!”

Father hurry to hold her, “Okay, son will solve it by himself, say, do you want to get involved in this kind of thing?”

Mother is not reconciled, but is dragged by father. Can only give up.

Oh, poor grandson, no more…


In the afternoon, Ye Guang only took a few meals and sat down on the sofa to continue like before. At about three o’clock, the phone suddenly rang.

Ye Guang suddenly became alive, and his eyes filled with a look.

But it quickly dimmed.

The caller is Li Delong.

“Hey, Uncle Li, it’s you.” Ye Guang listless.

“What is me? Why, are you not happy to pick up my phone?” Li Delong is angry.

Ye Guang quickly made a mental explanation: “No, no, no. Uncle Li, don’t get me wrong, I just waited for the call.”

Li Delong is not really angry. “Oh, don’t explain, I am not angry. I don’t know your youngster. Are you  all right at home?”

Ye Guang: “It’s all right.”

Li Delong: “It’s okay, if you have nothing, you feel like coming to station now. I have to open a meeting today. The thing about your program Host is going to be a tone today. You are the protagonist, you have to be there.”

Ye Guang: “Good! Uncle Li, I am coming soon.”

Hanging up Li Delong’s phone, Ye Guang thought about it for a while on the Sofa, then bit his teeth and patted his thigh, “Okay! Resign! Here goes nothing.”

He is ready to resign, Will Liu Chiyan always ignore him after he resigns? Ye Guang found a comforting excuse for himself.

Don’t just resign, for your wife, resign!

Don’t just go to Beijing, for my wife, go!

Our slogan is: Everything for my wife!


Company meeting room.

Many of the people attending the meeting were seated, most of them were from the last meeting, and there were several faces that Ye Guang had not seen in the last meeting. One of them was the editor Xu Rui who had always been dedicated to Old Liu.

Xu Rui met him, and looked at him with a hostile look. He snorted and turned his head.

Ye Guang didn’t care about him. It was not worthwhile to care about kind of careful person, and he was too lazy to care about it, in his current mood.

Hum, don’t want to see me, I still don’t want to see you, don’t commit it on my head.

Start the conference.

Li Delong first read the ranking of yesterday’s program listening rate:

Late night story will be the first.

Voice of traffic, second place.

Entertainment new broadcast, third place.

In the music list, fourth place.


The Late night story will be firmly placed in the first place, and the original three ace programs in Radio station will be postponed.

“The results of all of you are very good, there are progress, everyone will make persistent efforts!” Li Delong said, “In particular, the Late night story program hosted by our comrade Ye Guang has made great progress, since Comrade Yeguang took over the program. He have achieved good results in the past few days. The listening rate of late night story actually exceeded our main focus. The three key programs. It is gratifying.”

Everyone looked down and said nothing.

“At the same time, this is also a wake-up call for everyone. The quality of the show is not depends on what time the program is broadcast, the golden file is good, the late night story is also good, as long as the program is done well, it will certainly achieve results! I hope that everyone can align with Comrade Ye Guang and work hard to get the content of the program and put the results up! I hope that Ye Guang’s top-ranking program in the late-night program will also give you a spur…”

In the main seat, Li Delong talked a lot,, and Ye Guang was a little sleepy. I don’t know why, Ye Guang was easy to get into trouble when he was in the meeting, when the leader was talking about the sky.

I don’t know how long Li Delong has spoken, and how long it has been discussed with several key leaders to discuss the business in station. Anyway, Ye Guang has been confused and has not heard anything.

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