BTC Chapter 303 : This wave does not lose

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“Okay, the rest is left to you, keep the first, I want to start playing!” Lu Zixin put down the phone, no longer brushing gifts.

Just a wave of crazy brushing gifts, it seems to cost a lot, in fact, the real cost is less than 10%, when the live platform will return the money to them, the money is advertising costs.

The live broadcast platform, in addition to getting the advertising fee, can also use this wave of advertising to make the company data look better and easier to get financing.

Now that the number of followers in live broadcast room has reached its peak, it is beginning to promote Red Letter games and virtual projection game consoles, turning traffic into real profits.

In the live room, the audience attracted by the huge rewards are watching the so-called virtual game battle curiously.

In the empty game experience hall, the virtual projection image is projected, and a world of light and shadow appears instantly.

The mountains and rivers of the whole world appear in the air through a certain proportion. There are rolling mountains, rippling lakes, the silver dragon-like Yangtze River, city buildings, and soldiers …

All kinds of scenes flashed one by one, and finally divided into several areas, which are the battle sites of “Battle of Red Cliffs”.

It’s just that Su Xiaomeng’s live broadcast room can’t fully reflect that kind of picture, so there are five live broadcast rooms next to it, and different battlefield areas are broadcast live.

“My God, what is this stuff?” Some viewers who have never seen a virtual projection game are amazed at the barrage, as if a virtual world is coming to their eyes.

Because of production costs and visual limitations, virtual projections behave in the same way as movie vision, with details in important places, and clouds and shadows in other places.

Close to the player, the character appeared, there are generals who guard the city, there are commanders who command three armed forces, the strategists of formations, etc., appear in various battlefield areas.

With the passionate music, the drums are high and the flags are swaying, the battle officially begins!

Lu Zixin controls his character to fight. Zhou Yu’s character model is naturally tall and handsome, and his hero skills are also very good. The military and strategic values ​​are high. In short, the individual output is high and the team skills are strong.

Seen from the visuals of the audience, it is a heroic role to kill four directions on the battlefield, fighting each other, having a personal PK, teamwork, and a battle of soldiers!

If these pictures are just ordinary flat screens, the audience may not be surprised, but when they become a projection screen like a real scene, the feeling is completely different!

“It’s so good to watch this scene, it’s better than watching a movie!”

“Lying trough, what kind of hero is that? The action is so handsome!”

“Zhuge Liang’s skills are too bullish? Eight arrays of pendulums, directly tens of thousands of soldiers!”

“This is the legendary virtual projection game? A little bit interesting!”

“I am going, who is playing Zhang Fei? So soon it was smashed? It’s too garbage!”


The spit sounds a full screen, and the more audience vomits, the more they represent that they have “entered” into this virtual projection campaign to enjoy these wonderful pictures and gaming experiences.

To this end, the flow of viewers who advertised by brushing gifts has not only declined, but has steadily increased.

On the barrage, there are already many viewers who can’t help but ask how to buy the virtual projection game console!

On the official website of Red Letter Games, the virtual projection game console has been opened for pre-sale. Since the opening, the booking volume has been rising. In just ten minutes, it has reached 8,000 units!

The virtual projection campaign is still continuing, and the war scene is getting more and more exciting. Because of the limitations of bloody scene, the death of the character does not appear bloody, but broken like a phantom.

The characters on the scene and the passers-by are fewer and fewer, but one is more cool than a one.

On the mighty Yangtze River, the mighty warships were intertwined, and the lineup of two sides was killed on the warships.

Zhou Yu controlled by Lu Zixin is still playing hard. Xu Huang, controlled by Zhu An, led a group of small soldiers to rush to kill, and another master controlled Zhang Wei, cut and slash to kill, invincible.

“I am a dark arrow! Quick milk!” Lu Zixin shouted, not knowing who sneaked him, and the blood strip went halfway.

“Come on!” Su Xiaomeng controlled Xiao Qiao fingering Guqin, due to the sound of the piano, Zhou Yu’s body shimmered, the wound healed, and the blood volume came back.

“Metamorphosis, all of a sudden back so much blood!” Zhu An shouted, and killed.

The sword shadow appeared on the river surface, and the realistic picture made the audience seem to return to epic era. The heroes and soldier came forth in a big way, and the four sides fought in the world!

“God! This game is really cool!” Someone excitedly brushed the screen, and at the same time sent out their accumulated gifts, expressing their happy mood.

“I want to play, I want to play, I want to play, and I say three important things!”

“Decision, I am going to buy a virtual projection game console!”

The special effects of the flat game are doing well. At first glance, you can only see the local part. There is always a layer of separation.

While the projection game knows that it is virtual, the visual experience is more exciting, lifelike characters and realistic scenes make it easier for players and viewers to have a sense of substitution.

The magnificent scene can drive their emotions, and the gorgeous operation is full of blood, this is the successful game!

In the office, Liu Tong has been staring at real-time data feedback. From the beginning of the event, the popularity of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” game and virtual projection game consoles began to soar.

Not only is it a live broadcast platform, but on other live platforms, the performance of this virtual battle is also rising.

The most intuitive performance is the pre-sales of virtual projection game consoles on the official website, from ten thousand units in ten minutes, to one hour later, it has become 3.8 million units! Sales exceed 100 million!

You know, this is a gaming machine, not a smartphone that everyone needs! And this is just the current pre-sale volume, and the subsequent sale may set a higher sales record.

In the past, in the live sales activities of Taobao or other e-commerce platforms, the sales record of the first net red, which is known as the whole network, was only tens of millions. However, just today, the Red Letter game broke this record again!

It can be said that the investment in the previous gift is too cost-effective! Such a cheap advertising fee is hard to find with a lantern.

The virtual battle ended in an hour and a few minutes, and the final outcome was actually the failure of Sun Liu camp, Cao Jun victory.

However, Lu Zixin was not disappointed, the game lost, but the company won! The virtual projection game console won!

Su Xiaomeng’s live broadcast is not over yet, she also wants to show the function of virtual projection game console more fully, and guide the netizens to buy.

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