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In the next few days, Lu Zixin was very busy, the company started, and there were many complicated things. Lu Zixin was fortunate to find Liu Tong, an experienced professional elite, and he could ask him some questions.

After all the preparations are in place, it is ready to be released.

In the office, Lu Zixin, Liu Tong and Zhu An discuss the specific details.

Zhu An took out the research data he made and said: “At present, there are a lot of hand-made mobile games in the APP market, and the quality of the mobile games is eliminated. There are also the same models launched by big companies such as Net One, Rice, and Tencent. Mobile games, players are basically divided by them.”

“Now the “Desolate Battlegrounds”, it is necessary to face huge competition. And Tencent game has been advertised, they will soon launch several similar mobile games, and we are ready to release very close.”

Liu Tong nodded and said: ” this is Tencent usual style game if there is any fire, and they will launch several similar games, and other game companies not only compete within their own companies are competitive survival of the fittest, plus Tencent huge user base can be said to be invincible!”

“I think the time we released should be slower, than Tencent game was released.”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said: “No. Now it is  chicken game. hot period of time, if missed, is to give the market heat. ”

“Furthermore, the strength of Tencent you know. If you let them A solid group of players, we think competition is difficult. Better to have put on the market, allowing the player to speak! ”

Lu Zixin is made up note to be released quickly, even if in the future so will hate Tencent. One is because he has confidence in the game, and the other is because the company is in urgent need of profit and is on the right track.

Liu Tong pondered for a while and said: “It can be released as soon as possible. It is only a publicity, and it is inherently weak.”

The millions of publicity fees in the early days can only be said to be a family in the era of big capital of the Internet.

“This is the case. At 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, officially released “Desolate Battlegrounds”!” Lu Zixin decided.

Everyone at Red Letter Game Company is busy and busy. This will be the first game they launched, which determines the life and death of their company!

Zhu An was busy going home at 10 o’clock in the evening. When he got home, he heard his girlfriend Xu Bing complaining. “You are going home more and more late, and it is more troublesome than playing in the game of death!”

“Company’s game It will be released tomorrow, and there are many things!” said Zhu An.

Xu Bing shook his head and said: “I am not hitting you! I think your company is not far from being closed.”

“How do you say this?” Zhu An was not happy, so it was his own struggle, and his girlfriend splashed cold water.

“See for yourself.” Xu Bing said, “this news. The major game companies have launched their own hand chicken, there is just a network of four, Tencent is incredible.”

“Agency official hand There are five models for your own research and development! There is a special training version that crosses the fire line, and two boutiques launched by the Tencent big studio. Tencent so much eat chickens and bombs, your game can grab To the market?”

Zhu An is silent, the market situation is indeed not optimistic. He whispered: “Let’s see it.”

The next day, “Desolate Battlegrounds” was launched on the major mobile game APP platform, but it did not cause any sensation. It is really too little publicity, and there is no visibility.

Death Game Company, Qin Zhijie office.

“The mobile games they launched are online?” Qin Zhijie also got the news.

Both companies are in the same office building, and they are doing the same product. Qin Zhijie will of course pay attention to the progress of the Red Letter game.

“Well, this is the “Desolate Battlegrounds”, you can download the demo.” Ding Yu nodded.

“In a few days, their games have been released?” Qin Zhijie shook his head. “It must be a crude version.”

“The Lu Zixin, who made some money, wanted to learn to play games? It was naive! His game, will definitely lose money!”

Ding Yu nodded, she is also very happy to see this result.

“Download and try.” Say so much, Qin Zhijie still wants to see, Lu Zixin company, how to develop the game.

Red Letter Game Company, employees are nervously staying at their own workstations. Data from the backstage of each platform, timely feedback to them.

An hour has passed since the release, but the situation is very pessimistic. The download volume of each platform is extremely limited. Described in two words, that is – fluttering the street!

The atmosphere of the whole company was a bit dull, the employees were silent, and they didn’t know what they were thinking.

Liu Tong frowned and went into the office of Lu Zixin. He thought that Lu Zixin was also worried. Who knows that Lu Zixin is playing games in the office and he is very embarrassed.

“On the right, there is someone on the right side!” Lu Zixin shouted.

“Cough, Lu total!” Liu Tong coughed twice, relieved convulsions.

“Manager Liu? What is it?” Lu Zixin asked.

Liu Tong said: “The data in the background is not very optimistic. I think that the propaganda is not enough. The remaining publicity funds are only used for a few days. And the channel promotion is basically not.”

“Don’t worry, this is only an hour. After two days, I will definitely have a leap!” Lu Zixin said comfortably. “You don’t need to be nervous. Anyway, there is nothing to do now, you can relax. Or, let’s play two black games?”

“No.” Liu Tong did not. Lu Zixin relaxed mindset, “I haven’t finished yet.”

He walked out of the office and showed new news on WeChat: “How is the situation?”

This was his old friend who had previously working in game, Liu Tong I returned three words “not very good.”

The old friend replied: “Normal. Now the players have been divided up by several major game companies, and even the players who eat chicken games on our website are much less.”

“Do you see Tencent recent promo yet? There are two similar games! People are spending a lot of money!”

“One is produced by Tianmei Studio, which is made of “King of King” and so on. There is also a photonic studio. There are more than two hundred people in the R&D team. The strong people are gathered, and the small studio can’t survive!”

Liu Tong also understands this truth, but he still thinks this is Red Letter Mobile games are more high-end. He has experienced it himself, and his technical level is far above those big studios.

In Qin Zhijie office, he has already registered the account of “Desolate Battlegrounds” and started to try it out. The time to match teammates is a bit long, proving that there are very few gamers.

And Qin Zhijie estimates that most of them are still “robots”, and there are certainly not many real players.

Waiting for him to formally play the game, only to find that things are very different from what he expected.

“This production? Is it really what they can do?” Qin Zhijie is very surprised and has a good picture. All items can be physically destroyed, maps perfect, vehicles, weapons, gyroscopes… Qin Zhijie can hardly find a little.

If there is a flaw, it is caused by the performance limitations of the phone itself. If this game is made to travel, it is possible to go beyond the “Jesus Survival: Great Escape”.

As a person in the industry, Qin Zhijie suddenly saw the huge potential of this game.

“How is it possible? I’m not surprised that Tencent is doing this level. How did they make it in a small studio?”

He hurriedly let the company’s mobile game project leader come in and experience the game. Then he asked: “How is it better than what we made?”

The person in charge looked sly and whispered: “Compared with them, we made it, we can’t take it!”

“The gap is so far?” Qin Zhijie asked.

“In fact, it is farther than you think!” The person in charge said helplessly.

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