BTC Chapter 180 : The future of home appliances?

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After dinner, Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong went out for a walk and talked about Thunderstorm Appliances.

Lu Zixin said: “The smart speakers I am giving them now have a moderate level of voice interaction, and the main sensors are also made with our Red Letter products.”

“To be honest, if you let their own Xiaoyu smart speakers get on the market to sell, the competitiveness is certainly not very high, can only be said to be an ordinary smart home appliances.”

“For my dad, this is enough.” Su Zhirong took his hand and said: “What he wants is to prove to others that his business philosophy and direction are not wrong.”

“You have helped a lot, thank you.”

“Don’t say thank you.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “Your dad has promised me, when I want to take you away, he has no opinion at all.”

Su Zhirong smiled and said: “He is this character!”

Lu Zixin said: “In fact, I think that smart home is also an important channel for the development of our Red Letter company in the future.”

“You want to enter?” Su Zhirong immediately understood what he meant.

She then analyzed it, “This is indeed the case. The foreign smart home market is increasing every year. Although our Chinese market has not yet reached a large-scale growth period, this trend should be similar.”

“Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon and other companies are investing in this direction. Our domestic, large-scale home appliance companies, the United States, the various forces, Haier, etc., Internet Science and Technology companies can Li, Jingdong, Lianxiang, Rice, etc. They have all entered the game. Red letter can indeed expand its business scope in this point.”

Lu Zixin nodded, “I think so. What is the ultimate goal of our Red Letter Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System? It is Science and Technology that serves humanity.”

“Home appliances are an indispensable part of people’s lives. Smart home appliances are an essential element in future home life!”

“What do you want to do?” Su Zhirong looked at him and asked.

“From scratch, and on the basis of the original development, naturally, there is a foundation for faster development.” Lu Zixin paved the way, then said: “I see, can we invest in a smart home appliance business, specifically to develop this direction. ”

“You mean, my dad, their thunderstorm appliances?” Su Zhirong suddenly understood the meaning of Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin said calmly: “It seems that Thunderstorm home appliances are a good choice. First of all, their company is not big. Like big brands like Haier and Gree, we are investing. They may not agree, and they can’t get the right to speak.”

“Then they have a certain foundation in the field of home appliances, and they are also developing smart home appliances. The most important thing is that you have a relationship with your dad, and it is more convenient to have a master who is familiar with the industry.”

In the past two days, he observed it at Thunderstorm Appliances Co., Ltd., and the company is still okay.

And if Lu Zixin invests in thunderstorm appliances, it is definitely not a bad thing for Thunderstorm Appliances, but a good thing for them.

They are not a company that can’t go up, it is very difficult to pull investment. The capital and technical strength of Red Letter can be much stronger than them.

Su Zhirong nodded, “This program is feasible. But I don’t know what my dad thinks, and other shareholders of their company may not agree.”

Su Zhirong knows that Lu Zixin’s so-called investment is definitely to take the bulk of the shares and control the right to speak. The company’s shareholders may not agree, even her father, she is not sure.

Lu Zixin said: “So I asked you, Red Letter is a thunderstorm, and their assets are definitely growing. I don’t know anything else.”

Su Zhirong thought about it and said, “Well, I will go back to talk to my dad and ask him what he thinks.”

“If you can’t do it,” Lu Zixin said, “We can develop smart appliances ourselves, it’s a little trouble.”

What Lu Zixin is doing now is not only to develop more new Science and Technology products, but also to lay out. Just like Tencent and Kerry, the ontology company is strong enough, but if you look closely, you will find that many well-known companies and applications have their shares.

This will maximize the use of their resources, not open the new profit channel, and reduce the risk of a single market.

After the two of them exchanged, the next day, Su Zhirong went to Su Shi to talk about this and asked him what he thought.

“Red letter want to invest in thunderstorm?” Su Shi heard Su Zhirong’s proposal, first, and then asked: “How much is the stock?”

“Controlling the big head!” Su Zhirong said, Su Shi was surprised: “Big head? This heart is too big? Our thunderstorm home appliances are also listed companies, and now the market value can rank more than 20th in the national appliance industry. More than 5 billion!”

Su Zhirong smiled and said: “Dad, this is only a small matter for Red Letter. If you let Red Letter hold it, don’t say more than 50 billion. After that, thunderstorm is worth tens of billions or even more than 100 billion yuan. It’s possible!”

“You are empty talk!” When it comes to business, Su Shi is also serious. “Now the domestic appliance industry has a hand with a market value of over 100 billion.”

“Red letter is investing in thunderstorms. How much can you invest? In addition, will the company’s shareholders agree to let Red Letter control the right to speak?”

“So I asked you!” Su Zhirong said. “The key is to see what you think. If you think so, then this can be done.”

“Dad, this is a good thing! You are now in the company, you have 12.3% of the shares, how much can you value? The valuation is hundreds of millions, it is not necessary to buy someone. But if you let the red letter into the thunderstorm Even if you only have 5% of the shares, the value is several times higher than the current one!”

“And I am sure that by the time the company’s stock will be sought after by the stock market!”

“Your father, I can make this money in my life. It is enough. I just want to develop the enterprise well.” Su Shi still shakes his head. If the ordinary investment he and the company can accept, directly let Red Letter control, this is disguised to sell the company to the company as a subsidiary, he can not accept it.

“From the perspective of enterprise development, Red Letter shareholding in thunderstorms is also the best result!” Su Zhirong continued to persuade, “Your opinion is to try to develop smart homes? But the other shareholders of the company are different from yours, they want to continue to develop traditional home appliances.”

“With the strength of thunderstorms, the development of smart homes, research and development capabilities and financial capabilities are not enough, your dreams can only be dreams.”

“But if you have the help of Red Letter? Now in the field of intelligence, Red Letter is definitely one of the best! From the perspective of smart speakers, you should see it? The problem you encountered, Lu Zixin, he can solve it in two days. ”

“If there is a red letter behind the thunderstorm, maybe thunderstorms can become a well-known and even world-famous smart home appliance company!”

Su Zhirong said that Su Shi did not directly deny it, but fell into meditation. After improving the Xiaoyu smart speaker by Lu Zixin, he asked Xia Ankang to understand what they said about Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant.

The more you know the more you are surprised, the smart technology of Red Letter has actually developed to this point! If used in the field of home appliances, it is very likely to reach the point he envisioned, all home appliances, can be intelligently operated, bringing users the best living experience.

These are the current Thunderstorm appliances, which are difficult to achieve for the time being or for the next few years.

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